Destiny of inseparable souls.

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Pro Show

Next day

Randeep’s pov

It was the second day of the fest.

We reached the college around evening. There was no much events of our liking in the morning. After reaching the campus my eyes were searching for someone. I was curious actually. Will I be witnessing her fall today also?

Everyone was excited for Pro Show for god knows whywhy? I was never interested in loud noisy places so I was not that keen to go for it. But my friend dragged me into it saying some of their favorites are performing. How will I bear with this loud screaming for around three hours. Only god knows!

When we reached the venue of the Pro Show, the program was all set to begin. My friend bought the ticket for us and we headed inside. As the program was only for college students I never thought about the chance of seeing that girl here.

But there was a gut feeling inside me that I saw someone familiar. I squinted my eyes towards that direction. It was the glorious falling girl in a knee length glittery dress. She was accompanied by her two other friends. The funniest thing was that they were carrying pluckards as if they are going for some protest. But why should they protest here? That’s when I saw a number of heart symbols and kiss emojies? That too with light sticks and cheer balloons. Oh god its not a concert girl! Its just a Proshow.

When will this girls grow up? But the main question is Isn’t she a school girl?

How did she manage to enter then?

Where did she manage to get the ticket from?

“Hey, isn’t that the girl that had a fall at the canteen yesterday? “, one of my friends asked.

“Hmmm....I think so. “, I replied.

“Isn’t she a school girl? How did she manage to get the tickets? “, he asked curiously. Its the same question that is making rounds in my mind. How did she manage?

“Ok let’s have some fun then. How about a small ragging session with them? “, he smiled wickedly.





When we approached them, they were not even sensing our presence. They were in some other world. Screaming some names.. Maybe for the artist performing..

“Hey little girls! Come here” One of my friends said. Its hard to hear his voice due to the music but still they managed to hear them. They were giving a confused look asking as if they were unsure if we were calling out to them.

They were startled and perplexed at the same time. He asked them to come to the less noisy area. The three of them silently followed us.

Thats when she noticed me. Her lips widened to give a small smile with a shoked expression.

Was that smile for me? The perplexed look on her face was really fun to watch. Suddenly an urge came in me to talk to her.

“You falling girl, come here. ” I said pointing to her direction. She was hesistant at first to take her steps towards me. But she somehow managed to take two.

“Aren’t you a school girl? Why are you here? “, I asked with a harsh tone.

She didn’t answer my question but her face showed an expression when thieves get caught in the act of stealing. This is going to be fun.

“Thaaatt... is... the ticket... .. Haaa our seniors bought the ticket but they got sick. So they couldn’t come. So they gave the tickets to us. So we thought why waste the ticket of such a good show? “, she was literally struggling for words to frame a good story within minutes. I am sure she must have bribed the security for tickets.

“Oh really? Don’t tell me you don’t know school students are not allowed to attend this event? Still you dared to come? I think I should let the authorities know. What do you say Rishi? “,I asked looking towards my friend. I literally wanted to scare them a bit.

“Hey hey don’t do that. ” she was pleading and I was happy that this ragging session was finally going the way I wanted.

" What the hell is happening here? Huh? Who the hell are you to scare her? “, some unknown person came questioning my actions.. Who is he?

" What are you doing here? Go watch the show. I told you to not roam around here”, that person angrily spat his words to her as if he is some controlling authority. Her looks showed that she was terrified and she ran away from there with her friends without giving me a second glance.

“Hey, mind your own business. Do you get that?“, he hatefully spat those words gently patting my shoulders.

Soon he left there giving me a death glare...

Who is he to command me? Who the hell is he to control her?

“Who is that? “, I doubtfully asked Rishi.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know him? He is Samarth Goenka. The son of the owner of this college. And he is also the President of the Sports council. “, he said.

“He is also the captain of the Volleyball team. We will be competing against them in the finals. And news says that his team is the champion for all these years and he is not a person to be offended. “, he continued.

“Ooohhh “,

So he is the great Samarth Goenka. Get ready to lose the title to us man. Now by offending me you have lost your hope for winning the trophy because to win, you will have to defeat me, Randeep Singh Rathod.

After the whole damn show I, along with my friends went back to our dorm. My mind was filled with only one question, Is he her boyfriend? If she already have a boyfriend then why is she giving me those looks? Anyway that man is too protective of her and definitely I didn’t like it.

Anu’s pov

When we reached the Pro Show venue I never expected him to show up there. The fact that it was open to all college students didn’t strike my mind. Anyway I was surprised at the same time happy to see him there. And the most shocking thing was that he called me forward. Among all those girls he called me ? Me? What does that mean? Is he interested in me? Obviously why would he not be? I am this pretty.

Even today we could have talked so many things if bhai hadn’t interrupted us. If I got some more time with him today I would really have made him go on his knees to propose me. And who knows, we would have started dating by now. Now how will I grab another opurtunity to talk to him and make him fall for me.

Anyway I should really mend a very good calculative plan to directly confess to him .

Writers pov

At Rathod mansion

“Dad, I got the admission letter to the International Academy of Dance, CA. I never thought that a mere dancer like me can get admitted to it. “, Tapasya told with wide smile across her face.

“Do you think dancing is something you should focus right now? How dumb are you. You are a Rathod. Do you realize that? Our business is is not going on the right path. “, her dad never wanted her to persue her dreams. As a person with a an orthodox mentality he never even tried to consider her choice or dreams of becoming a dancer. He was sure that dancer was last thing that he wished his daughter to become. Even if she was a girl, he was happy to handover his company to her. But none of his kids wanted it. But he can’t let his company and hardword of these long years to go into mud.

Tapasya got the same response she expected. She knew her father would never allow her to be a dancer. But all she wished for was an appreciation from her father that she never got. Anyway she can’t go now to states as she have something more important here that she can never leave behind... . .




Randeep was deep in his thoughts when his phone stated ringing. Seeing the caller Id a wide smile appeared on his face.

“Di how are you.....I missed you...Di, hows things there? “, he asked

“Guess yourself. I am not gonna tell you anything. You wont show yourself here but at the same time you want to know what’s happening here. Don’t you think you are just seeing me just as a news collector. “, she taunted him.

“Di... . You know right why I don’t like to come there. Why are you stick on the same topic. Just call me somewhere if you wish to see me. But I won’t step my foot on that place again. “, Randeep said.

“Ok babaa.. I won’t force. I don’t want to call people to clean all the broken stuffs at home after yours and dad’s fight,

Anyway...I have to inform you something. Don’t get angry ok? Promise me? “, she said.

“If you have to take assurance from me beforehand, then it will be exactly what I am thinking? Am I right? U decided to take over the company right? “, he questioned.

“Oh when did my little bro become this genius? “, she said realising that he was not pleased with the idea.

“Di why are you doing this? For whom? Let that company go to hell. I know you got the admission letter to International Dance Academy. Then what are you doing here? Business? Seriously di? Do you know anything about this ugly business world? “, he never wanted tosee his sister working day and night and fighting for business deals even though he was pretty sure that nobody can handle the company better than her.

“Hey don’t underestimate me ok? I was the topper. And you don’t teach me business. You are still studying. And if you are so worried you come fast and take over the position. I will happily give it to you. And by the way are you still checking my mails? How did you know about the admission letter? You better don’t complain if I change the password”, Tapasya said playfully.

“I don’t want that damn company. And I am your brother and I have the right to check you mails. Anyway are you sure? When are you taking over as CEO?“, he finally understood he can’t argue anymore with her.

“Next week. Maybe Monday”, she replied.

“Ok! Be stubborn. Anyway All the best di. If there’s something don’t forget to call me. “, he knew this was going to happen one day.

“Ok, I will hangup then. ”
. Small chappy...

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