Destiny of inseparable souls.

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A fake confession

Anu’s pov

Today I have to confess to him at any cost. Will it be too sudden? Will he belive me if I say I am in love with him which I actually am not. I should somehow make my confession realistic. But how?

“Aishu please tell me how to confess to a guy”, I asked curiously.

“What the ... You fell in love ? When? How? With whom? “, she gave me a surprised look.

“I didn’t fall in love. It’s just that I have to confess to someone. That Vrinda’s crush will be my boyfriend from tomorrow. You just teach me how to confess. “, I asked proudly.

“Ok... as per my knowledge cold boys usually like meek and naive girls. So obviously don’t show your real character there. Got it? Don’t show your rash behavior there. Be gentle. And boys usually like girls those who put too much effort into the relationship. “, Aishu recited her love lessons.

“So should I carry roses and cards.? “, I asked.

“Is that a question? Of course you should carry a bunch of roses. And to show some sincerity just say that you plucked it yourself from some garden. “, I never knew Aishu had this much knowledge in these things.

“Ok don’t forget chocolates. Heart shaped ones will be better. “, she continued.

Even if the confession goes failure, I was sure my this month’s pocket money is gonna vanish soon. Roses, cards and now chocolates. Are confessions this costly?

Aishu helped me by lending a beautiful dress of hers. I soon went to a shop to buy a bunch of red roses,a chocolate box and a card. What should I write? I will ask Aishu. Even after so many rings she didn’t pick. It’s true that nobody will be there for ideas when you truly needed them. Now I should scribble something that comes in my mind.

After managing a lot of self confidence and braveness, I went to his college. I thought about waiting for him in the gates.

Will he outright reject me? So what? I can confess again. Be cool Anu.. Be cool. I somehow managed to soothen my nervous mind. But the most frightening thing was something else. If my bhai finds me doing these stunds, he will surely send me back home. Oh god! please save me from their eyes.



I noticed that the timing was not correct. I came a bit early.

When I enquired about the timing the security said that there’s around two hours more for students to leave. So I thought about resting a while at the waiting area. I didn’t know when I fell asleep there.

When I opened my eyes what I saw was the most heart wrenching scene.

Some idiotic boys were eating my chocolates. How could they? Do they know how costly they are? When they noticed that I woke up, they started running with my chocolates.

“Hey! Idiots give my chocolates back”, I ran behind them. I wanted to chase that terrible boys who stole my chocolates.

“You thieves give it back. I will complaint. “, I said panting.

“Oh really! Go complaint dear. Lets see which police arrest us for stealing chocolates. “, one of them stopped running and said looking me.

“You can’t do this. I prepared everything for my confession and you ruined everything. How could you? “, I couldn’t control my tears as my whole plan was spilled by water. Now with what am I gonna confess?

Seeing me sobbing that guy came towards me.

" Ok ok little girl. Stop crying. We are ready to compensate for chocolates. Tell me what we should do. We will do anything ..Promise “, he said. His eyes showed a genuine concern.

“Just find someone for me. I want to meet Randeep. I don’t know his surname. I can’t find him. You know him right? “, I asked.

" Hmmmm... Randeep. Oh Randeep without a surname. I know him. He didn’t come to class today. He might be in the hostel “, he said.

“Then take me there”, I wanted to complete this task today itself. Boys hostel then boys hostel, I should find him and confess to him.

“Are you nuts little girl? Seriously? Boys hostel?Any sane person knows that girls are not allowed in the boys hostel. “, he said taunting me.

“You said you will compensate. Now are you changing your words. Just let me enter without anyone noticing na...please? I will just confess and go “, I threatened him with his promise.

“Hmmm... let me see. Come..“, he said.

He somehow managed to get me inside the hostel. There was no security there. So the task was much easy. But when that boy enquired he found that Randeep was in the bathroom.

Who takes a bath at this hour?

Anyways it’s somehow better that he is bathing. I could easily confess from outside. And most importantly I don’t have to face him. So I went towards the bathroom and knocked the door to assure he was there. I heard a noise coming from inside so I cleared my thought and I started my confession that I made myself.

"Randeep... . When I first saw you , my heart skipped a beat. I know you only for three days and it’s the shortest of the shortest time to fall in love. It will be true to say I fell for how you look because I never got a chance to get to know you. So can’t you give me a chance to know you? Can it be me? I will always be sincere to you. Please accept these roses that I plucked with my own hand. I even brought chocolates but some stupid boys stole them. You can’t find someone sincere as me.........Will you be my boyfriend?

I was kneeling down on the floor of his room in front of bathroom waiting for him to open the door and say Yes. Just then the door opened and two handsome legs popped out.

I was still being shy looking down remembering Aishu who told me cold boys like gentle girl. Thats when I heard some unfamiliar voice.

“Yes baby. Why not? I will surely be your boyfriend. Come dear let me give you a hug”, that unknown man took my roses and came towards me.

Its not Randeep. He is someone else.What the hell did I do? I was ready to scream when I heard a lot of boys whistling,mocking and taking vedios of my precious confession. I am doomed... Again. How can I be this unlucky?

I somehow ran away from the boy’s hostel. How can I embarrase myself like this. And that bloody boy. He didn’t even say anything when I started the confession. I became a laughing stock again. Will he see that vedio? I should just kill myself now than facing him again. Let confession go to hell.

Randeep’s pov

I thought about going to practice volleyball today morning itself. The only thing that calm my mind is playing. Everyone mocks me for not using a surname. But there mocking doesn’t hurt as much as truth that I am his son. A person who treats me like a punching bag. He destroyed my life but I can’t let that happen to my sister. I know she is stubborn but I should protect her by all means...

On my way to the volleyball court, when I was waiting for traffic signal my eyes caught someone buying roses. Yes, it was the same face I am searching everywhere these days. But she was buying red roses with a wide grin on her face. She was happily writing something? Will it be for her friends? No..who gives red roses to their friends? It must be for her boyfriend. Should I say I was not happy seeing her buying roses someone else?

After my practice I went straight to my room. On my way I could see everyone giving a wicked smile at me. Is there something on my face? As soon as I reached my room I confirmed that there is nothing on my face by looking on the mirror. Then what what that for? I was standing confused when Dhruv, one of my room mates came there laughing.

“Hey mahn how did you manage to woo such a witty girl huh? “, he said laughing. What girl?

“Which girl? What are you saying? I don’t even understand”, I said.

“Oh don’t act innoscent. She is such a cute girl. You managed to get a school girl and you never told us. Now I understood your reason behind yesterday’s ragging session. “, he said.

“Which girl is he referring? Is he talking about Anu”, I thought to myself. And yeah I noted her name when her friends called her when she had that fall that day.

But what did she do?

“Ok don’t get zoned out. I will explain everything. “, he said. Then he explained the whole incident. He also handed me the card and rosses that she left here. He also sent me the vedio showing her confession. I really couldn’t digest what he just said. She came to my room to confess. To boys hostel? Seriously? How did she manage to get in here? She is really unbelievable. Maybe that’s why I like her.

I took her card attatched with the roses and read it.

To Randeep

You can get a girl prettier than me

You can get a girl smarter than me

You can get a girl hotter than me.

You can get a girl funnier than me.

But you can’t get a girl like me

Because there is only one me.

So keep me as your girlfriend? Ok?


Anuradha.... So that’s her full name. Beautiful name. I don’t know why this confession letter was very different from what I received earlier from other girls. All would write about my qualities, my strenghts, ets... But this is the first time someone wrote about herself and not even a word about me. Its more like a warning as if keep me as your girlfriend otherwise you can’t get me. Hehe..

Then I noticed the vedio that Dhruv sent me. After seeing it I dont know why but I wanted to be there to hear those words coming from her mouth. I can’t believe she fell for me that too at the first meeting. Even I too felt the same feeling that day when our eyes locked. And the most beautiful thing in that vedio is when she said she wanted to know me. I wanted the same from someone. And I loved her honestly when she said she fell for my looks.

But the funniest part was the rose plucking thing. I definitely saw her buying them from shop. Such a lier.

But still I feel happy because those smiles which I got jealous for were for me. Those roses were for me. Am I special in her heart?....

I rewatched the vedio for around hundred times that day. Her expression when she find Dhruv in my place is priceless. My falling girl is too pretty. I could see Dhruv trying to hug. If he would have done that then I will definitely fracture his hand for forcefully laying hands on her.

Should I accept her confession tomorrow? No not so soon. I should play with her a little. It will be fun to watch her getting desperate to make me her boyfriend. But I promise you I won’t lose you to someone. You are mine from today onward Anu.....

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