Destiny of inseparable souls.

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Summer rain

Randeep’s pov

All the following days I wanted to see her but I never got a chance. I wished I studied in that college. I didn’t even get a chance to confront her about her confession.

Did she just dropped the idea of courting me just because she got embarassed by that incident? .

I wanted her to make a move first. I know what I was thinking was a bit bossy but I really thought she would come to my college again to find me. Even after waiting for her these all days, she never came. But now I think, I have to make the move first.

After thinking a lot I decided to go meet her at her school gate. Like that stupid girl I don’t have the guts to broke into some girl’s hostel.

I ride my Ducati to her school. Even after waiting for an hour, I couldn’t find her.

The scene I saw when I started my bike to depart made my blood boil. She was giggling and laughing over something a boy said. When I looked closer it was Samarth. Why is she acting too close with this fellow. He is even patting on her hair showing his care. She was acting like an obedient girl listening to all the nonsense that brat was telling. Her hands were filled with a number of giftss which included gummy bears. He definitely knows her tastes. What’s their relationship? I hate this fellow. Is he trying to court her with all those gifts? Dream on Mr Samarth because she is never gonna be yours.

Seeing their happy conversation I dropped the idea of meeting her that day. I rode my way back to college. Let she find me. Why should I make her task easy?

Writer’s pov

Anu was really ashamed by her failed confession. She was thankful that no one in her college knew about her flop confession story.

Even though she felt that all her efforts went vain, she was not ready to stop. It was her character to not stop fighting. Failures were not a fear for her. She thought about visiting him again but dropped the idea thinking about seeing those guys at hostel there. While she was busy mending plan for her next confession, she heard her friends discuss about the sports meet. Hearing about it made her day because she was sure that Randeep will definitely come to participate in the events. But she was confused. How is she gonna face him? Did he see the vedio of her confession?

Anu’s pov

“Hey, hey don’t touch, its stinking”, Aishu cried. I can imagine her pain.

It happened to me when I sprained my ankle. And who knew Aishu will slip on the toilet floor. It will be really painfull. We took her to infirmary for dressing but still her pain didn’t fade that easily.

“Aishu is it still painful dear? Did the doctor give any instant relief spray? “, I asked.

“No she said that spray is out of stock. That idiotic doctor only gave me some pills. I think I will have to bear this pain whole night. “, Aishu replied with a sad face.

" Don’t worry baby. I will buy it from the adjacent medicine shop. You just wait for me here Ok. I think Ira will come soon. “,

“No Anu. Its ok. It’s around six in the evening. Soon it will get dark. I think its going to rain also. And if you don’t manage to come back before eight, it will a big scene. So just leave it yaar. “, she insisted. But I could understand that she was literally biting her teeths due to the pain.

“Don’t act too selfless ok...Its ok yaar.. Mein yoon gayi aur yoon ayi. And rain, it summer girl. How will it rain now? “, I soon changed to my hoodies and took my bicycle key and went outside.

I started my bicycle and started riding. But what a luck. The chain went loose!

Totally expected in my case.

Whenever I am in a hurry this cycle plays its worst tricks on me. Wait till I buy a scooty. I won’t forget to sent you to some scraphouse.

So I had no other option than walking towards the medical shop. It was just a kilometer away from the hostel.

The whole sky was dark when I reached the shop, not to mention the indication of rain.

Is this called the summer rain?

My grandma used to say if you share the umbrella with someone during the first rain of summer, they are bound to be together till eternity. I wished I had someone to share umbrella with. I don’t know why the thought of loving someone till eternity brought smile to my lips.

Oh shit! I forgot to bring umbrella. Aishu warned me to take umbrella with me. But I guess I was too stubborn to take her advice seriously. I think I should buy paracetamol too for my tomorrow’s fever.

I soon ran to the shop to buy the medicines fastly. But as I finished my purchase and looked outside it already started raining.

I am doomed again. ....

I think I should run without caring about the rain so that I can reach before eight.

Just as I was about to step my foot into the rain, there was a heavy pull on my hoodie on my back. As the pull was entirely unexpected I stumbled backwards. I was truly expecting for a fabulous fall.

Glad that I bought the spray that I might have to use it later,

But, the fall I was eagerly waiting for didn’t happen. I think someone caught me. Just as I opened my eyes. I saw a familiar face. Should I say a handsome cold face. I saw Randeep. He was holding me in his hands. Just as I was trying to process the whole scene, he released me.

He pulled me towards himself and opened his umbrella. And started walking. I started walking with him. But why is he sharing it with me? Is his college in the opposite direction? I tried to read his expression. But as always his face is expressionless.

Is this called sharing the same umbrella with your loved one? No he is not my loved one. But why can’t he be? He is so handsome.

“Hey, “, he broke the silence. No he stopped me from drooling over his handsomeness.

" I heard you confessed to someone by entering our boys hostel? “, I was literally praying to god that he don’t mention my foolish act. But this devil wanted to mock me.

“Hmmm... I did”, I said without looking in his eyes.

“So you like Dhruv? I saw you giving roses and all. Not bad.It was a good proposal anyway “, he said.

Is he serious? Dhruv? Who is this Dhruv? Is he playing with me or did he not see the full vedio. I think I should give a smack to the ones who took the video. How could he only shoot half story.

“Hey, it was not for some Dhruv ok, and it was just a mistake. I think you didn’t see the full vedio. “, I said with an angry face.

“Should I see the full vedio? “he asked.

“Of course, you should, otherwise how will you know.”

“Why should I know whom you confessed to? Obviously it was not for me?“, he said.

Is he acting or mocking me. Both the way he is getting on my nerves.

“How do you know it was not for you. If you had seen the full vedio you would have known it was for you. Seriously how can you be so irresponsible?“, I was damn angry that he thought I confessed to someone else.

He started laughing hysterically by hearing what I said. Did I say something funny? Oh god... . I just said that the confessions was for him. So he was playing with me. He knew the truth. Such a jerk.

“So you like me? “, he asked suddenly. This question was too unexpected. Why is he asking something he already knows. Such a shameless man.

“Can’t I”, even I am not someone that you can expect to talk smoothly.

“Of course you can. Infact there are many girls who like me”, he said so proudly. Such a showoff

“Oh thats a new info. “, I said

“You can like me”, he said.

“Huh? ”

“I said I give you permission to like me”, he said.

“Oh really. Why should I need your permission to like you? ”

“Of course you need my permission to like me”, he said. Why the hell is he unnecessarily dragging this conversation. Cant he simply say he want me as his girlfriend?

“So do you mean, you approve me as your girlfriend? ”

“I didn’t say that. Ok...I will think about it”, he said with a smirk on his face. Such a devil.

I didn’t know that conversation with him can be so easy. I didn’t feel like talking to some stranger. His bickering was in fact nice.

We were walking in silence when suddenly a a loud thunder stricked with lightening. Since childhood I was afraid of thunder. I used to run to Sam and Neil bhais room when I used to get scared. And I would sleep holding them.

When the thunder sound came unexpectedly, I unconsciously grabbed Randeep’s hand too hardly. He made a small noise indicating that my nails gripped his hands tightly. I was still afraid, but I didn’t want to hurt him. So I started removing my hands when he gripped my hands tightly. I looked to his face.

“Its ok, don’t worry”, he assured me.

Rainy day and holding hands... . How romantic.. I thought. But this is just a game. That thought made me sad.

Just as we were about to reach hostel gate, a car dashed through the road, splashing the muddy rain water all over us. I was completely drenched in the front by the water.

“Hey rascel, why do you ride a car when you don’t know to ride a car. Bloody idiot”, he was cursing the driver and got angry immediately. That moment I knew about his bad temper.

Will he get angry at me like this once I become his girlfriend?

I was deep in thoughts when he made me wear his coat. I gave him a confused look.

“You are completely drenched. I can see through it. Wear it”, how could he say that without thinking twice.

“Its ok. We reached the hostel. There’s no need”, I insisted him to take back his coat.

“You take it. Return me back some other time. Get inside”, he commanded. He had the same attitude like Samarth bhai. He waited for me to get inside. Then he went back to his hostel.

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