Destiny of inseparable souls.

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The CEOs

Writer’s pov

Breaking news*

Rajveer Goenka to be the next CEO of Goenka group.

"Everyone knows that Goenka Groups is one of the most prestigious business company in the entire Asia. So do you think you will be able to do justice to the position you are holding? “, a reporter asked

“As you said our company is not a new name in the business circle. And being the new CEO I realise there are so much responsibilities on my shoulder and there will be more challenges that need to be faced in the future. But I am not a person who will give up easily. I will try to make the Goenka group the best in the world. ” , Rajveer said will full confidence.

“We would like to appreciate your confidence Mr Rajveer. It is said that the Rathod Groups are also competing for the same tender for the big construction project you are eying on. What do have to say about it? “, some other reporter asked.

“Business is not business if there is no competitions. Who does the best business is that all matters. Whether it’s Rathods or any other group. “, he said.

“Today Ms Tapasya Singh Rathod is taking over as the CEO of the Rathod group. We heard that you are old classmates. What do you have to say to her.“, reporter asked.

“I think she is capable enough to handle Rathod groups and I wish all the best to her. “, he said gracefully perfectly hiding his disdain towards her.

Ok that’s all for today.

He left the press conference followed by a number of reporters. Rajveer being the eldest son of the Goenkas had that charismatic aura that any girl will fall for. He always used his brains more than his heart. In his heart there’s only his family.

Even before stepping in as the CEO he was labeled as the most eligible bachelor among girls. But it was a known truth that he was never interested in anyone except his girlfriend Tanya Singhania.

He was resting in his cabin thinking about the coming meeting.

“Hey baby, I am back after the shoot. Did you miss me baby? “, Tanya’s voice brought him back from his deep thoughts.

“Welcome dear... I just forgot to pick you up. “, he said hugging her.

“It’s ok dear. I know for you your work is your first priority. My friends picked me up. “, she said with a little unhappiness.

“Ok get ready for todays party. I will pick you up. “, he said.

“Ok then, bye baby. I know as it’s your first day you got a lot to do. I won’t disturb you then “, she stood up and kissed his cheeks and left.

He stood there with lot of things in his mind. When he first fell in love with her, there was a feeling of undieying feeling in him. But now everything feels like a mirage. Is she really the one he fell in love with?

Rajveer’s pov

I know I am not giving much into this relationship but there is something missing. Is it a problem with me? Do I have a big commitment issue. But I don’t think so. I will be happy to marry her some day.

I always wanted to have a family just like my parents. But will she be willing to spent the rest of life with me?

I just turned on the tv to watch something to just relax my mind.

I saw people interviewing Tapasya Singh Rathod, the Ice princess of the Rathods.

She was seated on the dias with a number of mics infront. She had the same arrogance and stubbornness in her eyes. She was the only woman that dared to compete with me in everything and to some extend she won too. But I just hate her looks. She always consider me as her biggest rival. Her fearless look is the things that I hate the most. Is there something in this world that she is afraid of?

"We all expected that the the son of Mr Rudra Singh rathod will be the one to be the next CEO? But what made you to step in as the next CEO. Why is his identity always kept a secret?" , a reporter asked curiously

"Let me ask you a question first. Why didn’t you expect me to be the next CEO? Did we anywhere anounce that he will be the CEO.I am the eldest. Its just logical that I will be the next CEO. Is it because I am just a girl? And about my brother. My brother just like to keep a low key. What’s the problem with the world? And he is still studying. When he finishes we will think about his position if he is interested”, she just spitted her words without thinking twice.

"Sorry mam. We really didn’t intent to offend you.“, reporter said with a weak voice.

"Oh dear. You can’t even if you try to“, Tapasya said.

"Mam, we heard that Rathod groups will be trying its best to win the tender for the premium construction project by competing against The Goenka group, what do you have to say about that?“, reporter asked.

"Yup we will be trying our best. As we all know business is not business without competition . And I appreciate all type of competition from all groups not just Goenkas.“, she said with full confidence.

I just switched of the TV hearing this.

She always get on my nerves when she open her mouth. This time also she didn’t fail to do so. Hearing her words made my blood boil. She is just the same. Arrogant and intolerable. She is just filled with confidence that it will be fun to watch the whole Rathod Empire fall into pieces.








Randeep’s pov

When I went to buy medicines for my scares, I never expected that I would be meeting her. Even though I had anger in my mind for her behaving so cozy with that boy, her innocent face made me forget all that.

She was busily searching for some sprays when my eyes caught her sight. Then she was trying to run into the rains when I pulled her back. I wanted to share my umbrella with her. Thankgod I took one today. Otherwise I might have missed this chance.

We talked a lot on the way. I found her too adorable but clumsy at the same time. When I confronted her about her confession, her expressions were the funniest. I also found that she is afraid of thunder. I don’t know she manages to keep calm on rainy days.

Seeing her nail mark on my wrist, I chuckled to myself. I don’t know why but I am getting a feeling to protect her. It’s more of a feeling like she is some sort of naughty doll and I should keep her safe from the whole world.

With each day the urge to see her again increased.

I don’t even know her number. Will she be having a mobile. She might have one, after all, all school students do have a mobile phones these days. I forgot to give her my number.

Did she just forget me after that night?

Why is she not coming to visit me?

I just gave my jacket to her with the hope that she might come to visit me to return my jacket back. Yeah, I wanted to create an opportunity to meet her again.

I hope we will meet each other soon...






One day when I was about to leave, I saw the little girl waiting at my college gate.

Finally! this stubborn girl came to visit me.

Should I say I was surprised or this was expected. She was carrying two bags. If I am not wrong one bag may be having my jacket. But what was in the other one?

She didn’t notice me. She was busy in some thoughts. That’s when Dhruv came waving to her. She gave a shy smile towards him. I know why she is giving that look perhaps she is still embarrased about that incident.

“Hey little girl, you are here again for a confession? “, he asked wickedly.

“No, no I am just here to meet Deep “, she replied. Hearing her calling me Deep made my eyes sparkle. How sweet does my short name sound from her mouth.

" Deep aah,so intimate huh, don’t let him hear that ok ,little girl. He will get too angry if he hear someone calling him that. He just hate it. “, Dhruv said .

Who is he to instruct her what to call me? Bloody jerk. Go to hell.

I walked towards them when Dhruv greeted me with a Hi.

“Hey, your little girl was waiting for you. I think she bought something to eat too. ”

He started grabbing the bag from her hands when he sensed my death glare. Why is this fellow crossing limits with her.

“Ok ok bhai. I am going now. You two love birds have your time. I am not in as a third wheel”, he said.

“It’s not a problem you can stay.. ... . “, I suddenly cut her sentence by replying him with

" Bye..see you later. ”

“So, why are you here? “, offcourse I know she was here to return the jacket but I can only act unknown to things.

“Oh I came to return your jacket. “, she said forwarding me the two bags.

“There was no need to come here to return it too fastly by coming here”, I said in a cold tone. The cold tone was necessary. Maybe she fell for my coldness?

“Oohh “, she didn’t say anything but just looked down. She looks disappointed i guess.

Changing the topic I asked “Oh what’s in the other bag”.

“That I bought you some gulab jamuns. You can have it. Actually I bought them to repay your favour for lending your umbrella yesterday. ”

“Oohh. Thankyou. ”

Thats when my phone started ringing. I attended the call. It was some spam call. Thats when the idea struck. It will be too cheesy to ask her number. I will just use another trick.

“Hello... Helloo... . I can’t hear you.. Oh shit this phone. “,

“Hey can you lend me your phone? “, I asked turning to her.

“Yeah why not. Take it.”

She forwarded an I phone. She might be from a rich family. But the main part is that she does have a phone. I confirmed.

I acted like calling someone.

Before returning I saved my number on her phone... Deep . Also gave a missed call to my number.

“So you are ashamed to ask her number but not that ashamed to save your number in her phone. How shameless can one become in love?“, I thought to myself.

“Hey, I just saved my number. Just in case you can call me. “, I said casually forwarding her phone to her.Oh how shameless have I become.

“Ooh. ..Thankyou so much “, she was so happy that I gave her my number. She searched for my saved contact in her phone.

" Dhruv said you don’t like others calling you Deep”, she asked curiously

“Yes, I don’t like others calling me Deep but that doesn’t include you. You can call me Deep” , I said looking straight to her eyes.

Million dollar smile... that was thing that showed up on her face when I said those words.

“So, you accept me as your girlfriend? “, she asked.

“I didn’t say that...See we don’t know much about each other. And you are young? We can first know about each other and then think about relationship . What do you say? “, I replied in a calm way. I wanted her to understand me. I am already broken inside and broken in love is something I want the least in life.

Anu’s pov

" What’s wrong in me being young? I am not a minor? “, seriously why is he so afraid of starting a relationship.

I know I am being desperate now. Because I think things have changed. I am afraid. I am somewhere afraid that Vrinda might steal him away from me. I don’t know what this feeling is? But since that rainy day, I wanted things to be more than a game. I don’t know if I have feelings for him. But the only thing I know is that he is a nice fellow and I can’t lose him to someone else. Thats it.

“It’s not a problem that you are young. But are you sure about your feelings. I mean it can be just an infatuation. You know? “, he said.

“No its not. “, I don’t know whether I am truthful now. But I need to convince him. But somewhere I know I have something deeper for him.

“Ok. Fine.. Let’s get to know each other first. “, I answered too stubbornly.

“I am leaving now. Bye” , I was damn angry at him for questioning my feelings. I suddenly walked back to the bustop without giving him a second glance. I quickly grabbed the bus that passed bye. I just wanted to escape from there.

What is happening to me?

Is this the guilt that is consuming me creating all the ruckus in my mind?

Or am I angry at him because he questioned my feelings which already exist in me?

What the hell am I thinking? How can I love him in this short span. It only happens in romance novels. This man is making my mind crazy.

When I reached my room, I quickly jumped to my bed. That’s when my phone beeped.

Deep : Hey, are you angry? 🤨

I didn’t give any reply because It was a truth that I was damn angry.

Deep : Don’t be angry ok?

How can he ask me not to be angry when he is the one who made me angry?

Me : Do you like someone else?

Deep : No

Me : Then like me.

Deep : Ok will do. Gudnyt.

Me : Gudnyt

What does he mean by will do?

Why is he always confusing me. Can he either accept me fully or reject me.

But anyway my mind is at ease now. I should say I am relieved that he don’t have someone else he loves. This completely cooled my mind.

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