' I love her '

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" Love " in our journey we all crossed this word the only word which makes our emotions strong and the only word which destroys our strong emotions - l o v e - we all need to be pampered , this is not a. Fairytale story but a story of guy who loved a girl when I asked him what makes him to love her more he said ' loyal ' whatever' happens loyal is must in relationship may be a friend or more than a friend or lover or anyother relationship but without loyal relationships are no longer to be continued . When I asked him whats special about his love ; we all use to say more dhan love blah blah blah but the one sentence he said which made me fallen in love with his innersoul . The day I decided I have seen a gentleman in my life ' it's like a train friendship ' we all use to get down when our station comes like that our life also it's a journey which starts with birth and ends with death' I met a man in this journey . Beauty of his soul is he is so genuine and he loved her it's a feel which he can't even express in words love has no words to express it's a feel . He said " I love her without even needing to touch her " beauty of his love even though he can't express this one sentence is enough to know how much he loved her.loving someone with fullest is sexier than cuddle ! All he wished for to hold her hands till end of his last breath.

Romance / Fantasy
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I Love Her


I have never seen someone with easy past.i'm GOMATHI even I never thought that I could be a author.All I knew was my passion to be a advocate but somehow life has so many twist and turns which we can't even predicts before it possible only if we have supper powers to know about what's next in life . But life turns me to be a writer.As per my perception " life is a journey which starts from birth and ends with death " in the mid is our journey either it may be a sad or happy or whatever it's all about mixture of emotions. Emotion is the only word which connects feelings from our innersoul.

This story is about a boy who loves a girl but destiny seperates them , Thoug they got seperated he doesn't want to disturb her in anyways all he did was he cared for her only her.Everyone will fallen in love but somehow this love still remains in his heart forever

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