Taking Risks

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Chapter 5 Part 2

I groaned at the sunlight hitting my face. I still want to sleep, ugh. I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and looked at the time. 7:45 am. Shit. I’m gonna be late. I quickly dressed up and grabbed my things from my bedroom. I went to the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth. I didn’t see Callie so she might still be sleeping. She doesn’t have a morning class unlike me.

I made a run so that I can come in time for my first class. I’ll just take a shower after I finish since I have a two-hour break after this. It’s really a good thing that my apartment is just five minutes away from the university.

I made it to class just in time. I was panting so hard when I took my seat. I was searching my bag if I brought my water bottle cause I’m thirsty as hell. Shit! I forgot my water bottle and I’m so thirsty as hell. I must have looked like a dog because of my panting. Man, I need some water.

Someone was poking my shoulder and I looked to my right. I looked at him curiously and raised my eyebrow. I didn’t know the guy so I was waiting for him to talk. He handed me a water bottle and I looked at him wide-eyed. I accepted it and grabbed it from him. I took a big swig of the water and felt refreshed.

“Thank you. Sorry I drank it all.” I said with a sheepish smile.

“No it’s fine. I’m Dylan Floyd.” He held out his hands and I shook it.

“I’m Lauren Walters.” The professor went in and we didn’t talk afterwards. The class was interesting if I may say because I love the subject and the professor really explains the lecture well. Time passed so fast that the class ended. I stretched my body because of the soreness that I feel from sitting for two hours.

“Hey, what time is your next class?” Dylan asked. He didn’t leave the class yet and was waiting for me.

“My next class will be in two hours so I have a lot of free time.” I said.

“Good for you. I have class in an hour.” He pouted. We grabbed our things and left the room. We walked side by side in the hallway.

“If you want, we can grab some food before I go to class. I haven’t had any breakfast yet.” He said with a sheepish smile.

“Sure, I haven’t had my breakfast too. I woke up late.”

“Yeah looks like it. You were panting so hard when you went in.” He teased. I laughed and slapped his hand. Dylan was really a nice guy and so fun to hang out with. I just met the guy but I can say that we’re going to be good friends.

I learned that he’s taking up a business course and that he only attended this class as an elective course. We were on our way to get some food when I felt a gaze on my back. I looked back and was surprised to see Luke. He had a dark look on his face. It sent a shiver on my skin and I immediately broke eye contact with him.

I looked at Dylan, “Let’s eat!” I said with a small smile, completely forgetting about Luke.

I went back to my apartment to take a shower after eating with Dylan. I tried to forget the gaze that Luke gave me. I was nervous the whole day that I don’t want to attend his class but I need to learn so I ditched the idea of cutting.

The classroom became quiet when he entered the room. He never glanced at me even once. I felt dejected but I know it’s for the best. I just don’t understand why he would have looked at me like that before then just went back to ignoring me. Whatever, I’m not gonna dwell so much on this. There’s too many things to stress about rather than overthink this.

The weeks passed by so fast and I already felt tired from all the stress. Luke didn’t talk or glance at me the whole week. I don’t know if I should be relieved or sad about this. Sometimes, I would pass by him in the hallways when I’m with Dylan and that’s the time he would only look at me. I tried not to think about it too much but it always distracted me from my studying.

Speaking of studying, it’s been two weeks and I only slept for four hours a day because of the requirements that I need to finish. I know I shouldn’t be stressing so much about my grades but I do. I’ve always been like this ever since high school. I know college is not all about the grades but I want to maintain my position on the Dean’s List so I just have to suck it up.

“Ugh!” I groaned, lying my head on the desk.

“Are you still alive?” Callie asked. She’s been studying on her desk. We both wake each other up if one of us gets sleepy.

“Yeah. I want to sleep now, I’m so tired.” I cried. My back already hurts from sitting too long, I just want to lay on my bed and take a nap. I didn’t dare do it because I know I’m not gonna wake up after that even after I set up my alarm many times.

“Go sleep. I’ll wake you up.” She suggested. I’m so tempted to take up her offer but I declined. I know myself, once I take a nap it’s hard for me to wake up and study again. I would just go back to sleep.

“No it’s okay. I’ll just finish this then I’ll sleep.”

“Okay. I’m gonna head to bed. I’ll just finish this when I wake up.”

“Goodnight.” I said. She walked sleepily on her bed and lay down. She was asleep in a minute. I guess she was so tired. I just wish it’s Friday because I want to catch up on my sleep since I don’t have any class on Saturday. I went back to studying and continued reading my books.

Next thing I knew it was already morning. Shit! I fell asleep while studying. I didn’t even notice that I fell asleep. I yawned and stretched my back, my back was really hurting so much. I shouldn’t have slept on the chair. I checked the time and it was 5:32 in the morning.

I tried to wake Callie but she just swatted my hands away. She said that she already finished studying and was about to sleep. I said my apologies to her and let her sleep. I grabbed my clothes in the cabinet so that I could take a bath. After that I began studying again.

It’s already eight in the morning when I finished so I decided to take a nap since my first class today is at 11. I’ll just wake up when it’s 10 so I can still have my breakfast. I felt really refreshed when I woke up from my nap. I was on my way to my class when I bumped into Dylan.

“Hey!” I greeted

“Hey! You look tired.” He said.

“Yeah. I stayed up late last night studying. Anyway, I’ve got to go. I’m gonna be late for class. Don’t forget about tonight!”

I waved goodbye at him and left. We only have classes together every Tuesday and Friday since we both have the same schedule in two subjects.

The day went by pretty fast and it’s already four in the afternoon. I was finished with my last class. I was waiting for Dylan since we’re gonna study together in the cafe. I saw him walking towards me and I waved at him.


“Let’s go!” I linked my arms with him and we walked together. I’m really comfortable with him, that’s why it was easy for me to be touchy-feely with him. Besides, I’m a clingy person to everyone I’m close with.

We arrived inside the cafe and noticed that there’s a lot of people. “You can order mine, and I’ll look for a seat.” I said. He nodded and lined up to order our drinks.

I was looking for some vacant seats when I spotted two unoccupied chairs on the cafe table against the wall. The three seats on the right were already occupied so I’m just gonna ask the person next to it if it’s still available.

I walked over towards it and I scrunched my eyebrows. The guy looked familiar even though I can only see his back. Maybe I’m just overthinking things. It’s impossible that he would be here. I shook my head and was about to tap the guy’s shoulder when he looked at me.

I groaned internally, of all people, why him? He removed his earphones and looked at me with a raised eyebrow waiting for me to say something.

“Oh, um. Is the seat available?” I asked timidly. He nodded at me and went back to his studying. I took a seat on the left side so that I won’t be beside him. I placed my things on the table and I took a peek at Luke. He still looks good as always. I know that he’s still taking up his doctoral degree, maybe that’s why he looks so busy. I was so busy looking at him that I didn’t notice that Dylan was already here.

“Here’s your drink.” He placed our coffee on the table and took a seat on the chair.

“Thanks.” I took a sip on my frappe and sighed. It tastes so good. I forgot all about Luke and began studying. We both have an exam tomorrow for our subject. That’s why I offered Dylan to study with me today since he is having a hard time with it. I’ve been teaching him for an hour already and I already feel tired from all the sitting and talking.

“I need to go to the restroom.” I said. He nodded and went back to his work. I stretched my arms and shoulders while walking. I can still feel the tension between my neck and I can’t help but massage it. I sighed in frustration because I want to have a massage right now. My body feels so stiff these days because of sitting too long. I didn’t exercise at least once this week and I’m already missing it.

I went inside the toilet and did my business. When I was finished, I saw Luke leaning against the wall. I avoided looking at him and walked out of his way. He grabbed me by my arms and I looked at him with question.

“What now?” I asked. He removed his hands on my arms. I rubbed my hands where he grabbed me and looked at him curiously.

“Who’s that guy you’re with?” He asked. I was taken aback at his question because why does he care. It’s not like we’re friends now. He’s been ignoring me for two weeks and now he wants to talk to me just to ask that.

“Why do you care?” I rolled my eyes at him and was about to leave when he grabbed me again.

“What?!” I hissed. I tried to pull my hands off him but he won’t let me.

“Who’s that guy?” I flinched at his harsh voice. He saw me squirm under his gaze and let go of my hand. He looked at me apologetically and I rubbed my wrist that he grasped so hard.

“He’s just a friend. Now can you leave me alone?” I murmured. He looked at me with so many emotions and nodded at me. Then, he left me standing there while he went back to his seat.

I was confused the whole time because why would he bother me after weeks of ignoring me. Why the hell did I answer him anyway? Is he jealous or what? I was so lost in my thoughts that I forgot that I’m taking too long here.

I went back and caught sight of Dylan using his phone now. I noticed Luke was busy typing away on his laptop, and saw that he’s not wearing any earphones.

“Hey. You took too long.” He said.

“Sorry.” I said with a sheepish smile.

“Anyway let’s study. We should finish this up because it’s getting late.” I said, looking at my watch. We’ve been studying for three hours already. Wow.

“WaitI need to ask you something first.” He said. I looked at him and saw him getting nervous. He was clasping at his hands and then he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Yeah what is it?” I smiled at him.

“Are you free this Saturday?” He asked nervously.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Is it okay if you want to hang out with me this Saturday?” He asked in a small tone. I was stunned at his question because I didn’t expect that he would ask me out. I mean, I like him as a friend.

I heard a loud noise behind Dylan. I turned my head to Luke and saw him drop his phone on the floor. He picked it up and I saw him throw me a dirty look. Is he listening in on our conversation? I stopped looking at him and glanced at Dylan. He was still waiting for my answer.

“Um... you mean on a date?” I stuttered.

“Yeah. If you don’t mind but if you don’t want to, it’s fine.”

I don’t know what to answer him. I mean I like him as a friend, yeah he’s good-looking but I just don’t feel the attraction. On the other hand, I want to try because it’s been a while since I’ve dated. I mean it’s just one date right? Not all relationships start with attraction. It’s normal not to be attracted to the person. I was having second thoughts because I know deep inside I still love Luke but I know that I should stop going after him because he’s my professor. Besides, he’s been ignoring me for weeks, why would I chase someone that doesn’t want me?

“Yeah okay.” I agreed. I saw him beam a big smile at me. He fist bumps the air and I laughed at him.

I can see Luke in the corner of my eyes looking at me. I ignored him and just talked to Dylan. Why does he care now? Besides, it’s time for me to forget all about him because we’re not meant for each other. It was just a physical relationship that all happened before. We both should forget about it.

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