Taking Risks

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Chapter 1

“We need to leave you here Lauren, I hope you understand that.” My mom said looking at me with regret.

“But why? You’re only here for two days and you’re going to leave me alone here?” I shouted at them. Anger coursed through my veins and I clenched my fists. What the hell are my parents thinking? Leaving me here alone? Okay, so my aunt and cousins are still here but I’m not even close to them,especially my aunt. I just want to spend my vacation with my parents before I go back to the university. I know it’s weird but I love my parents to death.

“Your aunt and cousin are still going to stay okay? We trust you with them.” Dad said. My parents held my hands and looked me in the eye begging me to let them go. I know that they need to go back to work but this is the only time I’m going to spend time with them.

“We’re sorry Lauren, we’re going to make it up to you okay? When we get back we’ll spend time with you.” Mom said. I nodded at them and muttered in agreement. It’s not like I have a choice. Whether I like it or not, they’re still going to leave.

I kicked the stones on the shore while gazing at the beach in front of me. I wish Callie was here but she’s in Europe having the time of her life now while I’m stuck here on an island where my parents brought me and left me on my own. Stupid parents. I don’t even want to spend my time with my aunt and cousins, they’re just too much. If I have to hear one more time about Violet’s achievement, I’m gonna kill myself.

I heaved a sigh of frustration, and continued to roam the beach. I only saw a few people here seeing as this is a private island. I sighed as I sat down on the sand with the water cascading down my feet.

“Three more weeks to go” I whispered. I lay my head on my knees as I continue to gaze at the sunset trying to distract myself from the loneliness that I feel. And I thought, this would be the greatest summer ever, jokes on me.

I jerked when I heard some ruffling around me. I glanced and found a man drunkenly walking and laughing near me. I stood up and walked away from him. Better be safe than sorry.

“Hey girlie” I ignored him and still continue to walk away from him.

“Hey! Don’t run away from me. I just want to talk.”

I snorted, as if that’s gonna happen. Seriously? When will this guy take a hint that I don’t want to talk.

I jolted when I felt a hand wrap against my wrist and turned me around. What the fuck? The audacity of this guy. Does he even know the word consent?

“Can you release my hands?” I glared at him and tried to pull my wrist from him. The guy laughed and released it. I looked at my wrist and saw red marks from them.

He put his hands up and said, “Look I was talking to you and you’re just ignoring me. You’re just too pretty so I can’t help it.” He smirks

“Look if a girl ignores you, take a hint that she does not want to be bothered by bonehead guys like you.” I glared at him and tried to walk away from him but he grabbed my wrist again so I trashed around and shouted at him to let me go. We were causing a commotion so few people looked at our way but didn’t bother to help. Stupid people.

“Get the fuck off me, you fucking dick!” I tried to slap his face but he caught my arms and sneered at me. Anger burst through me so I spit on his face because he deserves it. This fucking dick thinking that he can touch me without my consent. I wished I enrolled in that stupid karate class that Callie told me because right now I want to kick the shit out of him.

“You fucking bitch!” He shouted and I was seconds away before getting punched by him when suddenly I was pulled away from him and a man punched my attacker in front of me. I gasped in shock as the guy continued to blow punches to the guy.

“Stop!” I try to pry them apart because it is causing a big commotion here and guards were near. I pulled the guy who saved me, I looked at him in the eyes and muttered, “That’s enough. I don’t want you to get in jail for assaulting that bastard. But thank you.” I looked at him with sincerity and held his hands. He nodded at me.

“Are you okay?” He began to inspect my wrist and saw red marks from them. I saw him clenched his jaw in anger. “I should have punched him harder.“, he said.

I shook my head, “You should but he’s not worth it.”

“What’s going on here?” the guard asked. My attacker was still sitting on the sand holding his wounds that he got. I explained to the guard what happened and they asked me if I wanted to press charges against him. I agreed so we went to the police station to report. I reported to the police what happened and they detained him in jail. The guy who saved me came with us because he is a witness to what happened and did blow punches to the attacker. After that the police officers released us and told me that they’re going to update me with what’s gonna happen.

“Do you want me to walk back with you?” The guy asked. It was getting dark now so I agreed besides it’s much safer than going back alone. The police station was just near the resort so we just walked. We walked back in silence as I put my hands inside the pocket of my jeans. It was awkward because I still didn’t know his name and I never had the chance to ask him or heard it in the police station.

“Uhmm.. Thank you for saving me Mr.???” I whispered. The night air was getting chilly, I should have brought my jacket with me.

“The name’s Luke and no problem. I just hate it when I see something like that.”

“I’m Lauren. I’m really really thankful for what you did. The other people were just staring at me and not helping me yet you did.”

He suddenly stopped and looked me in the eye, “Like I said it’s no problem, it’s the right thing to do besides, assaulting a person has never been right in my book so I just can’t stand there and do nothing.” I was stunned by what he said because I can hear the sincerity from his voice. The wind became strong and I got goosebumps from the coldness of it. I hugged myself to ease the cold wind and try to blow air on my hands.

Luke took off his jacket and gave it to me, “Here, use this”. I muttered a thank you and wore it. We walked back again in silence and as we approached the front steps of the beach house, I noticed my aunt standing there. I sighed, I know she’s gonna make a fuss about why I came back late.

“So, this is my place. Thank you again.” I stopped walking and took off his jacket and gave it to him. He grabbed it and wore it again.

“So you okay now?”

“Yeah, I’m just gonna rest and not think of it again.” I smiled at him

“Well, if you wanna talk about it you can call me. Here’s my number” I don’t even know why I’m getting my phone and saving it. He then typed my number into his phone and saved it then gave back my phone to me. I just met the guy, but he saved me so I know he’s a nice person.

“If you want to hang out, you can still call me. I can show you around here.” He smiled.

My aunt noticed me when I got closer and I saw that she was holding her phone, probably contacting my parents. Man I just want to sleep.

“LAUREN! It’s late, where have you been? I told your parents that you’ve been gone for hours!” I snorted, why does she care? She just acts worried in front of other people or my parents because I know she hated my guts ever since I discovered her dirty secret.

“I was in the police station.” I muttered. Luke was still beside me, he wanted to make sure that I got inside the house before he left.

“Why?! What happened and who’s this guy with you?” she shouted. She put her hands on her hips and glared at me. She shifted her glance to Luke and I saw her eyes spark while checking him out. Ugh cougar alert. My aunt may have children but she still looks like she is in her late 30s.

Here I thought she changed for the better. I guess not. She acts like a doting mother yet she stole her daughter’s boyfriend, and her daughter didn’t know because I never told her. I caught her and the guy making out in their living room when I was gonna visit my cousin. I was shocked because she always bragged about her daughter’s achievements or whatever yet she did that. I was about to tell Violet what happened but decided not to when I heard that she broke up with him.

“Someone assaulted me near the beach. He’s the guy who saved me” I said. I looked at him and smiled as I walked towards the beach house. I waved back at him and I saw him walking away probably going home. I ignored my aunt as I entered the house and let out a big sigh. It was a tiring day and I just want to crawl back to my bed and sleep.

My aunt entered the room and I didn’t look back at her. I know she’s gonna mock me because she’s a bitch. I got a glass of water and drank from it, then I rummaged through the fridge looking for food because it’s really a tiring day and I’m hungry. I looked back at my aunt, and saw her arms crossed while glaring at me.

“You deserve whatever happened to you.” She smirks at me. I clenched my fists in anger trying not to walk towards her and punch her plastic face. I release a breath and try to calm myself before I do something I regret.

“Say that to my face again and I’ll punch you in the face. Don’t forget that I know what you did to Violet.” I smiled sweetly at her and gave her the finger. I just wished she wasn’t my dad’s sister. I feel like she’s adopted because she’s evil unlike my dad and my uncle. I just hate her, I don’t even know what I did to her and yet she’s been a bitch to me ever since.

“Don’t you dare. If you do that I’ll make you regret it” She hissed and stomped her feet and walked to her bedroom.

Can this day get any fucking worse?

I marched upstairs to get inside my bedroom, I plopped myself into the bed and hugged my pillow. I buried my head in the pillow and silently cried. I just hate this day, I hate the guy who assaulted me and I hate my aunt for telling me that I deserved that. I just wish Callie was here with me or my parents are here to comfort me.

I just want to forget what happened.

I don’t know how long I cried but the next thing I heard was my phone vibrating. I grabbed my phone and hastily answered without looking at the caller.

“Hello?” I sniffed trying to contain my tears.

“Lauren, it’s dad. I’ve been calling you for hours, I’ve been worried about you. Where have you been?” He said worriedly. I tried not to sob but the concern in my dad’s voice just broke me apart so I cried while telling him what happened. My dad was angry because of what happened and thankful to Luke because he saved me. I didn’t bother telling him what his sister said to me because I know it’s gonna start a fight between them and I don’t want that. I’ll just deal with her when she starts doing shit again.

They just started talking to each other months ago when my aunt apologized to my dad. My dad’s best friend was her ex-husband, he was really angry when he heard that his sister cheated on him. I know that blood is thicker than water but not my dad. He stood behind Uncle Malcolm because he knew that his sister was wrong. Besides, he only tolerated her because of family relations.

“Oh honey, I just wish we didn’t leave you there. Your mother and I are sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault that this happened to me. I just wish you and mom were here.” I said.

“Oh honey, don’t worry. We’re going to stay here until next week instead of three weeks so hang in there for us okay? We’re gonna spend your vacation together.” My dad said. I was too stunned by what he said and at the same time happy. My parents are always busy with their work but I know that they make efforts to spend time with me. I try not to hold it against them because I know it’s for my own good.

Some people would get weird when I say that I prefer spending time with my parents rather than partying. It’s just that I got a scare from them when they had an accident when I was in High School. I thought I was gonna lose them both, I was really scared at that time. So when they woke up, I was really bursting with happiness. After that, I just want to seize the day with them because you will never be sure when will be the last time you see your parents.

I said my goodbyes to my parents and hung up. My mood was lifted after that call and I heard a text on my phone. I checked my phone and saw a text message from Luke.

I hope you’re okay now. Sweet Dreams Lauren. :)

- Luke

I smiled as I read the message. I typed my reply, “Thank you. Sweet Dreams too. :))“, I pressed send. Just after a second of sending it, I received a reply from him containing a smiley face. I hugged my phone to my chest and stared at my ceiling. This day is just the worst.

My eyes started to blink and I released a yawn. I stood upright and changed my clothes into pajamas. I’m just too lazy to take a shower because I just want to crawl in my bed and sleep. After changing, I charge my phone near the nightstand and lay down on my bed.

As I was about to sleep, I heard a text on my phone and saw a text from an unknown number. I opened it and it just contained an angry face. I was confused with the text because who would send it? Maybe it’s just a wrong send to my number who had mistyped the number. I shrugged it off and lied back down again. I let sleep consume me forgetting all the bad things that happened today.

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