Taking Risks

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Chapter 2 Part 1


I groaned and slapped the hand shaking my legs. I really hate when someone wakes me up. Can’t they just leave me alone?

“Ughh..” I hugged my pillow again and changed my position into a comfortable one.

“LAURENNNN!!!” Sometimes I just hate my cousins. They always like to bother me in the morning just to mess with me. They’re only two years younger than me yet they still act like a child. I groaned loudly and sat up on my bed.

I opened my eyes and saw Andrew, smiling at me and his twin Alex, just sitting on my bed busy playing on his phone. I glared at the both of them and threw my pillow at Andrew.

“What do you want? You always do that!!?” I shouted. I’m so pissed at him, I just want to sleep all day. Andrew laughed and threw the pillow right back at me and sat on my bed. Alex closed his phone and put it in his pocket and looked at me with concern.

“So I heard what happened to you yesterday, you okay?” Alex asked. He held my hand and I was touched because they never act like this. I looked at Andrew and saw his jaw clenched and he looked angry. Well, this is a shocking moment. I never thought that they’re that concerned about me.

“Yeah, I’m alright. I’ve already reported it to the authorities. Good thing that someone saved me.” I assured them and put my hands atop of Alex’ hand. I patted Andrew’s head and smiled at him. They’re really good people unlike their mother.

“That’s good. We’re here if you want us to accompany you okay? We don’t want to leave you alone. I mean if you want to go outside or something.” Andrew blushed. I laughed at him and hugged him.

“You’re really nice you know. Your girlfriend is gonna be lucky if you ever have one.”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean??” He grumbled. I laughed and shrugged at him. I grabbed my pillow again to hug it. I looked at them curiously and asked, “So why are you both still here though?”

“Oh yeah almost forgot, we already cooked lunch so you need to eat.” I nodded at him. I grabbed my phone from my nightstand to check the time and was surprised that it was 10 am already. There’s also texts from my parents, Carrie and surprisingly Luke.

“Yeah okay, I’ll be downstairs. Just let me shower.” I shooed them away so they left my room. I opened my phone to check my messages. My parents just texted me to ask how I’m doing and what are my plans for today. I replied to them quickly and then checked Callie’s text. She only texted, “Call me ASAP when you wake up!!“. So I called her soon after. She picked up after two rings and answered.

“Hey! So your parents filled me in on what happened to you yesterday. I’m sorry girl, I wish I was there to help you.” She said. Callie has been my best friend since I was in elementary and my parents know her well. She’s really an outgoing person that’s why my parents are close with her too, treating her like a daughter.

“No it’s okay. I’m fine.” I closed my eyes for a second and thought about what happened yesterday. If it weren’t for Luke, my face would be smashed. The nerve of that guy, I sighed.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Don’t worry about me okay? Anyway how are you?” I asked, changing the subject. She told me all about her adventures in Europe. She told me that the guys there were really handsome and that she fell in love with the cities, especially Venice.

“So what about you? Did you meet any guys there?”

“Well I only met one guy.”

“Who?” Callie asked curiously.

“His name is Luke. The guy who saved me.”

“Oh. So is he handsome?”

“Yeah I guess.” I thought about Luke again, okay so he is handsome. His looks remind me of Henry Cavill, maybe if I met him in a normal circumstance I would probably over him. He is that attractive, like his jaw man, there’s just no words to explain. He looks masculine yet soft and his eyes, his green eyes, yep he is drool worthy. And his muscles, well he does look like Henry Cavill with the body except that he’s leaner.

“Hello??? Earth to Lauren?? I’ve been calling your name for the past minute. I assumed that he is beyond hot because you’re spacing out.” I blushed, okay she got me there.

“Okay he is hot. He reminds me of Henry Cavill.” I said. I went to my closet and grabbed some clothes for my shower. I went to the bathroom and put it there while getting some towels. I heard her squealing in excitement when I told her about this.

“WOW!! If you describe him like that, then he really is. As your best friend Lau, you should make a move on him.”

“What? Why?? I just met the guy” I asked curiously. She always likes to push me to date or have a fling just because it’s been years since I’ve had a relationship. I just don’t like rushing things, and I don’t want to get hurt again so I’ve been skeptical about pursuing dates with guys.

“Look, you’re just there for three more weeks or so, think of it as a summer fling okay? It’s been years since I saw you date a guy. You need to move on and start dating.” She sighed. I know that she gets frustrated when I’m like this, it’s just that I got traumatized from my ex when he cheated on me. It just made my self-esteem zero, like I wasn’t enough for him, that maybe I was lacking some things because he went to some other girl.

I sighed, “Okay fine, I’ll try okay? If he’s interested in me maybe I’ll go for it.” She squealed in excitement again and I had to put away my phone because it hurts my ear.

“Okay I need to go now, my dad is looking for me. Call me okay? Give me updates girl. Byeeee!!” I said my goodbyes then hung up my phone. I turned on the music and put my phone on the sink as I undressed my clothes. After showering, I went downstairs to see my cousins still in the dining room not yet finished with their lunch. I ruffled Andrew’s hair and took a seat beside him.

“You shower too long cuz, you’re such a girl” Alex exclaimed, I put bacon and eggs on my plate and looked at him.

“Men take long showers too you know” I said. Andrew laughed at me and took another bite of his bacon. He was scrolling through his phone while eating. While Alex is too busy munching on his food.

“So where’s your mom? Didn’t see her this morning” I bit a piece of the bacon and shoved an egg after. This bacon is heavenly, the person who invented this must be in heaven right now because I’m on cloud nine.

Alex snorted when he heard me ask the question, “Probably looking for some guy”, he shrugged. The boys and their mom didn’t really have a good relationship per se, ever since their dad caught their mom cheating on their own house, well you know what happens afterwards. Their parents got divorced, the twins stayed with their dad and Violet stayed with her mom. They’re only with her because it’s vacation, while Violet is still staying in her dorm because she’s too busy with her thesis and internship.

“So what do you wanna do today?” Andrew asked, I shrugged at him. I still haven’t thought about it yet, I wanna swim at the beach today though but I’m too scared to go alone, and I do want to be alone.

“Do you want us to accompany you? We have nothing to do here and we’re bored” Alex suggested.

“Yeah sure, just let me get my things then let’s go to the beach” We finished our breakfast and I washed the plates afterwards. The twins went to their room to change and take a shower first. I went to my room and grabbed a small bag to put some of my clothes, sunblock and wallet. I heard a ding on my phone and checked it.

It was a text from Luke, I opened my phone to see it.

Hey! You wanna hang out today?

I smiled at the text. I typed in my reply, ”Sure. My cousins are accompanying me at the beach today. Is it okay?“.

I closed my phone first and changed my clothes, trying not to be impatient while waiting for his reply. I wore my bikini under a see through shirt and cut-offs, I grabbed my hat from the closet and wore it. I checked my phone again if he replied.

Yeah no problem. See you in 10.

I’m really excited to see him again, I know that I only met him but there’s just something about him that I can’t explain. Or maybe I’m just getting carried away because he saved me. Or he’s just too hot and I want to try him. I don’t even know.

I sighed and plopped myself into the bed. This is just not what I envision myself during my vacation. Man, I just think too much, I hate it but I can’t help it.

I sat up on my bed and rummaged through my suitcase trying to look for my makeup. Who wears makeup at the beach right? Well, me. I mean you gotta look good all the time, besides I love doing my makeup so who cares what everybody thought. I put on some sunblock first, then I try to do my eyebrows because eyebrows are life. I don’t bother to put on a foundation cause that’s over the top even for me. So I just put on some blush and highlighter and lipstick, of course.

I put on some perfume because you gotta smell good girl. I put it in my bag afterwards, you don’t know when you need it but better bring it. Why am I doing this to myself anyway? It’s not like I’m going on a date, well Luke is gonna be there but we’re just friends. Friends? I don’t even know, more like an acquaintance. I really should stop talking to myself.

I heard a knock on my door so I opened it and saw Andrew. He was topless and wearing board shorts.

“Let’s go, We’re finished dressing up. Alex is waiting outside.” I grabbed my bag and then left my room. I saw Alex wearing board shorts too, kinda the same with Andrew but different color. They’re really grown up because they are built.

The beach house that we’re staying in was near the beach so we just walked.

“My friend is gonna join us today. Is it okay?” I asked.

“Yeah it’s fine, the more the merrier” Alex said. I texted Luke that we’re near and instantly received a reply from him that he’s already there. I was getting nervous, I don’t even know why I’m getting nervous. I should calm down and be myself or else I’m gonna look stupid in front of him. I heaved a big sigh and walked faster.

“You walked to fast Lau, are you that excited to see your friend?” Andrew teased. I blushed and he wiggled his eyebrows at me as I turned my back on him and walked faster than before. They both laughed at me but I ignored them. As I nearly approached our meeting place, I spotted Luke talking to some girl. I was stunned because he didn’t say that he was going to be with someone. Maybe he has a girlfriend, and he forgot to tell me that she’s going to be here as well. My heart sank because I thought this is gonna be my chance to date a guy but if he’s taken better not flirt with him.

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