Taking Risks

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Chapter 3 Part 1

Warning: This chapter contains sex scenes so if you’re sensitive to this or underage don’t read.

“You still want to do this?” He asked, looking at me in the eyes. We were both breathing heavily. I nodded at him and kissed him hard. I grabbed at his shorts and pulled him closely. I felt his dick lined on my crotch and I moaned at how big it was. Jesus. I’m gonna be in a wheelchair tomorrow. I began to grind my pussy on his dick and he groaned. His hands traveled down to my back, to my ass and then he squeezed them hard with his big hands. He massaged my ass cheeks while shoving his tongue down my throat.

I lifted my head and stared into his eyes with lust. This feels so good, why did I wait 21 years to experience this? He lifted me on the table and we began locking lips again. He cupped my breasts and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He stopped kissing at me and looked at my chest, we were both heavily breathing. His hands suddenly grabbed a handful of my covered tits through my shirt. I took off his hands and removed my top, he groaned at the sight of my tits and groped it so hard. He shoved his head into my chest and began sucking my nipples and I shivered in excitement.

“Fuck, you have big tits. I just want to suck and fuck it all night.” He said eagerly. I groaned and my pussy squeezed hard because of his words. He grabbed me by my waist and promptly sucked my nipples again. I grabbed his enormous dick from his shorts and began to rub it through his clothes.

He sucked my neck while I ran my fingers through his abs. His abs felt hard to touch through his shirt. He removed his shorts and grabbed my hands to let me fondle his dick. I was getting wet from what he’s doing to my breasts. He keeps on nibbling, sucking and kissing every inch of it that my panties were so soaked.

My pussy keeps on throbbing begging to be touched so I put his hands on my crotch and let him rub it. Then he suddenly stopped, leaving me wanting for more. I looked at him pleadingly and said, “Please.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I don’t know. This is the first time I’m doing this.” I looked away at him and felt his hands touch my chin and made me look at him. I saw his eyes light up in satisfaction and he sensually touched my cheeks and began to kiss me in a soft manner.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.” He said and then he made me stand up and he removed my shorts and bikini until it fell down to my legs. He turned me around and grabbed my boobs from behind and started to pinch it while his other hand moved slowly to touch my clit. He kissed the side of my neck while massaging my breast that I can’t help but arch back. Then, he slowly pushed me forward, bending me over to the table. I parted my thighs and felt him tracing my wet slit, his fingers teasing me making me want more.

“Please!” I was desperate for him to touch me.

“Tell me. What do you want me to do with you.”

“Make me feel good!! Put your fingers inside me!” I begged, he pushed one finger inside me and I whimpered. It feels so good.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.”

He bit the soft flesh of my ass and felt his tongue run down my wet slit from behind. He starts to thrust his finger inside me.

“You taste so good, I could eat you for hours.”

“Oh God!”

I was in euphoria feeling all this sensation building up inside me. He kept on licking and sucking my pussy while thrusting his fingers inside me. I was thrusting my pussy in his mouth enjoying the tongue and finger fucking that I was receiving. My breathing was getting more labored now, he stopped licking me then he pushed his two fingers inside my cunt. It hurts a little bit but it feels so amazing. Three fingers went in, and he was finger fucking me furiously while rubbing my clit. Fuck this feels so good. I can feel my orgasm building up.

“I’m going to cum!” I panted.

“Cum for me baby.” He said and he continues on fucking me with his fingers while playing with my clit.

“I’m cumming!!! Oh God!!” I screamed

My body started shaking, and shivering from the pleasure. I can feel the pleasure and euphoria from my body as I still tremble from orgasm that ripped through me. This is the first time that I’ve felt this.

I closed my eyes and panted trying to calm myself. It’s a good thing that I was lying on this table because I can’t stand anymore.

“You taste so fucking good. Here, taste yourself.” He put his fingers on my lips and I sucked it into my mouth tasting my juice.

Luke grabbed my hands and turned me around to him. He lifted me again and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

I felt his dick pointing at my pussy and I whimpered at the contact. I can’t help but press my crotch to his dick trying to put it inside me. He groaned at the contact and he pulled my head towards him and kissed me hungrily. I ran my fingers through his hair and bit his bottom lip while grinding myself on his cock.

“You’re such a bad girl Lauren. Do you like this? Fucking a guy you just met?” He spanked my ass and I moaned loudly.

He started caressing my tits and I moaned because I still feel sensitive from his touch. He looked at me with lust and began to walk us to his bedroom. He dropped me to his bed and took off his remaining clothes and I can’t help but admire his body. Although it’s dark in here, I can see him clearly through the moonlight shining on his window. My mouth water when I saw how muscular he is.

I wanted to make him feel good too. With that in mind, I tugged his hand and pulled him on the bed. I laid him on the bed and softly kissed his lips while rubbing my hands on his chest. I pulled away from him and brushed my lips over his abs. He stiffens, his abs contracting from the contact.

I gave his chest soft kisses, down to his navel. I caress his V-line, admiring his magnificent body while worshiping it with my mouth. His body is just breathtaking, the best one that I’ve ever seen. My kisses went down until it reached its destination. I heard him suck a breath when I held his cock in my hand.

I’ve only seen cocks from watching porn and I can say that this is the biggest from what I’ve seen so far. I slipped a hand between his thighs and cupped his balls while licking the tip with my tongue. I felt him relax under my touch, his hand softly touching my breast. I moaned from the taste of him.

I don’t know what I’m doing but I watched a lot of porn videos before. I spend a minute sucking him whole while playing with his testicle. I savored the way he tasted in my mouth. His cock brushed against my cheeks while I licked my way from the tip to his base, again and again. I heard him growl my name and felt him stiffen. I felt him tugging my hair hard while shoving his cock inside my mouth.

“Lauren, I’m gonna cum⁠—”

I bobbed my head faster, sucking him deeply in my mouth until it reached my throat. I can hear him panting while I keep stroking his balls. I heard him shout my name with every thrust of his cock. I can feel the saliva running down my chin, and tears leaking from my eyes. The cock was reaching all the way at the back of her mouth but I still can’t fit it all inside.

“Lauren ah—” He trailed off as his cock began to swell and he thrust into my mouth again and again. He shoved his dick one last time and a gush of cum burst inside my mouth. I swallowed every drop and licked his tip one last time. My jaw aches, and my mouth feels numb from his fast, deep thrusting.

I began to cough when I pulled my head back. I felt more sprays of cum hit my face and chest. Luke let out a huff, he sat on the bed and stared down at my breast. His eyes are stuck on my chest. I felt my core clench at his gaze.

He suddenly grabbed my tits, grasping them eagerly. I moaned, and he kissed me hard on my mouth. He laid me down on the bed and positioned himself on top of me. I brushed my hand on his cock, I was amazed that his dick is still hard. I felt his dick lined up to my pussy and I just wanted to feel him inside me. I can’t wait any longer.

“Are you ready for me? Do you want me inside of you?” My pussy clenched from his words and I feel myself getting wetter.

“Yes, fuck me.” I begged. He reached through his drawer and grabbed a condom. I grabbed his hand and shook my head.

“I want to feel you. I’m on a pill.” I whispered.

“Fuck I can’t wait any longer. You’re dripping wet Lauren. You’re so horny for me, aren’t you?”

“Fuck me please!”

“You are ready for me. I’m going to take your virginity and fuck you so hard. Do you want that?”

“Yes please!”

He moved on top of me, and sucked my nipples, then he did the same to my other tit. He parted my legs, then he pushed himself up to his knees opening my legs wider. I felt very exposed and vulnerable but the way he looks at me makes me so wet. He held his dick pointing it at my pussy. I can feel the head of his cock against my hole.

“This is going to hurt a bit.” I was a bit nervous but I want to experience this already. He slowly pushed himself as his cock head went inside me. He’s so fucking big, I think I’m going to break, yet it feels so good. I whimpered at the sensation, wrapping my legs around his waist. He began to push himself little by little, I tried relaxing myself so that it wouldn’t hurt so much.

“You’re so fucking tight.” He whispered into my ear. He stopped and then he moved deep inside me with a hard thrust. It felt painful and pleasurable, I gripped the sheets tighter. We stayed there for a minute letting myself get used to the sensation.

The pain was gone, all I could feel is an incredible wave of pleasure inside me. He drew it out, then buried it again deep inside me. He gave me soft kisses all over my face while whispering comfort words.

“It’s okay, you can move now.” I mumbled. He slowly thrust into me hard, filling me with his cock. I was not getting satisfied with the slow thrusting that he’s giving me. I want more of him.

“Harder!!” I shouted, he looked into my eyes and I nodded. All of a sudden he became animalistic and started thrusting into me with abandon. I can hear the wet slap each time he slides his dick inside me. I can feel his balls slamming into me, then I raised my hips trying to suck his cock deeper inside me.

He grabbed my boobs and began groping it so hard that I felt that my nipples were about to fall off. He began rubbing my clit while fucking me hard. I moaned uncontrollably because my orgasm is about to come.

“I’m going to cum again!!!”

“Yes!! Cum on my cock!” Then he picked up his pace and began fucking me harder than ever before. He rubbed my clit furiously and began to suck on my nipples. He was stimulating all my erogenous spots, and I can’t help my screams of ecstasy. I can feel my pussy contracting around Luke’s still thrusting dick.

“You feels so good Lauren, I’m going to fuck you so good. You won’t remember your name.” He didn’t stop fucking me although I already cum. I was so sensitive that another orgasm ripped through me. I began convulsing from all the pleasure that I’ve been feeling.

“Please, no more. My pussy is still sensitive.” He kissed me torridly and began pulling my nipples whilst sliding his cock deep inside me. I moaned from all the sensation. Then he pulled his cock out and turned me around.

“Get on your hands and knees. Ass up and head down.” I put myself into that position and looked back at him. He was holding his penis and putting it inside me again.

“Ugh!” He gave a grunt and pushed himself inside me again. His cock sliding inside my wet sheath of vagina. I gave a small moan as he grabbed my hips and began thrusting from behind.

“You feel so good!” He gasped as he repeatedly slammed his cock inside me. I felt his abs on my back as he pinched my nipple and rubbed my clit again. I moaned endlessly on the pillow. I can feel the pleasure building up on my stomach again. He was sucking on my neck again as he thrust harder. He was hitting my g-spot on this angle.

He pushed my knees even wider and I can feel him deeper inside me. He held my hair into his fist and slammed his cock inside me. I was going to cum again.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum.”

I began to whimper with each thrust as he pounded even harder and fisted my hair in his hands. I can feel his dick getting bigger than before. He kept pumping inside me and I screamed when I cum again. He shoved deep inside me one last time and released his load inside me. His semen feels so hot. I can still feel his shaft throbbing. He grabbed my boobs for a second before he pulled out.

We stayed on the bed for a minute. Then, he stood up and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he was holding a tissue.

“Let me clean you up.” He opened my legs and I felt myself blush because of how exposed it was. I just fucked him. Why am I getting shy? He wiped the semen and blood leaking from my cunt and threw the dirty tissue in the bin.

I was panting on the bed trying to catch my breath. I can’t feel my vagina anymore, he really did fuck me so good. He lied down on the bed and we were just both quiet.

I don’t know how to talk to him now. After sex talk is just really awkward. I was no longer drunk or tipsy now so I don’t know how to start a conversation. Is this just a one-night stand? Am I supposed to go now? Million thoughts crossed my mind while lying on the bed.

“Whatever happened tonight. Let’s just talk about this tomorrow.” He said


We didn’t bother getting dressed or taking a shower because of how tired we both are. He turned on the air conditioner in his room. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him, hugging me from behind. I can still feel his dick on my ass but I try to ignore it because I want to sleep right now.

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