Taking Risks

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Chapter 3 Part 2

Warning: This chapter contains sex scenes so if you’re sensitive to this or underage don’t read.

I woke up from the alarm from my phone. I quickly stopped it and tried to sleep again. Then, I felt hands on my waist, my eyes fluttered open and stared at the muscular arms wrapped around me. What the hell?

Then suddenly, memories began to spew out in my mind.

We were drinking last night and then went home to his place to fuck. We fucked all through the night. After the first round, we slept for an hour and I woke up to him thrusting inside me sideways. We fucked two more times after that. It’s like we can’t get enough of each other.

Ugh. What was I thinking? I just met Luke and I let him fuck me already. Clearly, I wasn’t on my right mind because I’m not normally like this. Hell, I didn’t even let my ex touch me because I wasn’t ready. Yet I fucked Luke after a day of meeting him.

I should be regretting it yet I don’t. This is so not me. The only regret that I feel is that my body is so sore especially down there. It feels like a baseball bat was shoved inside me. I knew I needed a wheelchair.

I removed his arms and made a beeline to his bathroom because nature was calling me. My legs were shaking when I tried to walk since I can still feel the soreness on my crotch, he really did a number on me. I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped at my reflection. There were so many love bites on my chest and my neck. I turned around and I saw more of them. I sighed, it’s a good thing I brought some of my makeup with me. I took a shower and used his towel.

I showered pretty fast because my legs kept shaking. When I finished, I noticed that Luke was awake and busy with his phone. I grabbed the change of clothes from my bag and wore it. I grabbed my clothes from last night on the floor and put it inside of my bag. I saw him put his phone on his bed and then stared at the ceiling in concentration. It was so silent between us and it’s making me feel awkward. This is like a walk of shame, I wish I didn’t drink so much last night. Is he regretting it? Because I don’t.

“You want to eat?” He broke the silence and looked at me. I nodded at him. He stood up and I saw his morning glory. He didn’t make an effort to cover himself up and I just stood there gawking at him. I saw him smirk at my reaction and I blushed.

“Okay, I’ll just shower in a bit. Wait for me here.” He grabbed his change of clothing on his drawer and I just stared at his ass. His ass was so built, I feel like I can live there forever. I’m pretty sure he knows that I’m just staring at him. Right now, I can feel that I’m getting wet again, I was remembering how he felt inside me and how he fucked me thoroughly last night that I clenched my thighs together.

He turned around and smiled smugly at me. I looked at the floor as I avoided his gaze. He just knows that he’s hot and that I can’t help it. He nudged his shoulder into mine and I looked at him again and saw him licked his lips and gave me a smile. He went inside the bathroom and I heard the shower running. I released a deep breath when he got inside. I just want to jump at him again and try to convince him to do me again like how he did last night.

I heard a text message from my phone and I saw that it was from Alex.

How was the PARTY??? wink face

I grumbled. I knew he was not gonna fall for my excuse. Ugh whatever.

It’s fun. Can you make up an excuse if your mother looks for me?

I texted. I heard a reply from him immediately.

Sure. Gotchu.

I closed my phone and put it in my bag. I lay on the bed whilst closing my eyes. I was thinking of last night again and I can’t stop replaying it again and again. I touched my nipples and I can remember how he sucked it so much. I was getting wet from thinking that I stopped. Jesus Lauren, I just showered.

I sighed again for the nth time. I’m not that kind of person who gets attached so easily just because he took my virginity. It’s just a hymen anyway. I don’t fall in love by having sex. I fall in love when I get to know more about the person that’s why I was not skeptical to hook up with Luke if there is another chance to do it again. I just know that I won’t fall in love with him, I mean I just met the guy. Besides, this is just a summer fling, I’m gonna forget about him sometime.

I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t hear that Luke was already done showering. I felt his hands shaking my legs. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“Let’s eat.”

“Yeah sure.”

We hailed a cab and Luke told the driver to go to McDonald’s. Nice, I was craving for some fries this morning. I know it’s not healthy but who cares? We arrived quickly to our destination since it was near. He was just insistent on taking a cab because he was worried if my body is still sore that I can’t walk that long.

I let him order mine, while I sat near the window. I let out a big exhale, and closed my eyes for a second. I put my head on my hands. All I’ve been doing is sighing these days. Why did I let myself be dragged into this mess?

My mind keeps on replaying how he touched me last night.

“I love fucking your pussy!” He gasped as he repeatedly slammed his cock inside me.

I really should stop thinking about it but I can’t. Do you ever have those times you can’t forget that you keep repeating it in your head, thinking if this is gonna happen again? Yeah, well I’m having one of those moments.

I blushed in embarrassment when I remembered how I gave him a blowjob.

I woke up suddenly, and I looked at Luke again. I noticed that his dick was erect and was pointing upwards. I wanted to touch it, so I did. It was hard yet it felt soft to touch. How does it taste like anyway? I licked my lips and looked at him. He was still sleeping. I stuck my tongue out and I licked the cock head. It tastes a bit weird, sweet yet salty at the same time, probably because of me. I traced my slit with my fingers and felt that it was wet again. I kept pumping my hands on his dick and at the same time sucking it whole. Then I felt hands on my hips, he was moving me to align my pussy on his mouth. I moaned when his tongue reached my pussy. I sucked his dick deeper than before until it reached my throat and..

Stop Lauren. I’m getting wet again. Shit. I heard him placing the tray on the table and sat in front of me. I avoided his gaze and grabbed my food and began to eat it. I was munching on my burger when I moaned at the taste. I heard him grunt and looked at him. His eyes began to darken and I remembered how he looked at me with those eyes. I gulped.

I cleared my throat, “Thanks for the meal.” I whispered. He nodded at me and he started to eat his food. We ate in silence. There’s still so much sexual tension between us.

“About last night it’s...” He started to say and I looked at him urging him to continue.

“It was a fun night. You were great and it shouldn’t happen again. We’re friends right?” He said. I was disappointed because I wanted it to happen again, I was not expecting a relationship with him but I want to do it again.

“Yeah we just had too many drinks last night. We didn’t know what we’re doing. Friends shouldn’t do that.” I convinced myself.

“So what’s your plan for today?” He asked, changing the subject.

“I might buy some things around the area, and I’ve been wanting to watch IT so I might head to the cinema after.”

“I can accompany you if you want. I mean we’re friends right?” Why does he keep on asking that?

“Yeah sure.”

We finished eating our food and headed towards the marketplace. I was planning to buy some souvenirs and clothes. Luke was patient when he was waiting for me to finish shopping. After that we headed to the nearest movie theater. He insisted on buying the tickets so in return I bought our food and drinks.

There’s not much people watching, I think there’s only twelve of us probably because it’s the last week of showing and it’s still early. We headed to our seats at the back of the theater. I just like sitting at the back so there’s not much noise.

“You like horror movies?” He asked

“Not really. I watched the first chapter of IT and I thought it was scary but it wasn’t. I don’t hate clowns so it’s tolerable besides I read the book so I’m not scared to watch it anyway.”

The movie began to start and put my left hand on the side of the seat. I was so busy watching it and eating my popcorn when I felt his hands grazing with mine. I looked at him and he looked like he wasn’t bothered by it. I removed my hand from the side and put it on my thighs. I tried to be nonchalant about it and just continue watching.

Then, I felt a touch on my thighs and I saw him brushing his fingers on it. I gasped silently, and just let him be. I want to know how far he’ll go. His hands began to trace circles from it. He drummed his fingers along my thighs. His hands were so soft and warm on my skin that I felt goosebumps from it. I glanced at Luke who was focused on watching the movie, his expression unchanging.

Should I remove his hands?

You know you want it. My brain argued.

His hands began to move a little higher until it reached the hem of my shorts. My eyes nearly pop out of my head.

What the hell is he doing? I thought he said we shouldn’t do this anymore?

I want to remove his hands but at the same time I don’t. His hands continued to move, caressing my inner thighs until it reached inside my shorts and on the edge of my panties.

“I’m just gonna go to the restroom.” He removed his hands and I quickly made a dash to get away from him. I closed the door behind me and made a big sigh. Why did I chicken out? I knew that I wanted him again, I blew all my chances again. Sucks for me.

I washed my face and looked at my reflection on the mirror. My face was still red probably because it’s hot. Yeah right, hot from Luke.

I heard the restroom door open and I looked at it. I was shocked when I saw Luke entering the room. He was taking big steps with a hard look on his face. I was moving away from him until my back reached the sink. I looked at the hard floor trying to avoid his gaze. I saw his feet stopped in front of me and saw him put his hands on the sink then pushed himself to me. I can feel his erection on my stomach. I was too shocked to move.

He grabbed my chin and made me look at me. He was staring at me again with lust while licking his lips.

“I thought we shouldn’t do this anymore?” I asked. He grabbed my waist and pushed me to him.

“Forget what I said before. I want to feel you again.” He greedily grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat.

This guy is just really confusing and I thought women were more confusing than men.

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