Taking Risks

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Chapter 4 Part 1

Warning: This chapter contains sex scenes so if you’re sensitive to this or underage don’t read.

He lifted my legs and I wrapped it on his waist. His kisses went down to my neck and began to lick my collarbone. I lift my head and closed my eyes because of the excitement that I feel. He put his hands inside my top and began groping my boobs hard behind my bra. I moaned in his mouth.

“I can’t get enough of you.” He said while removing my shirt and bra. Then he brought his head down and sucked my nipples. His other hand was busy holding my waist while the other was trying to remove my shorts. Wait, this is a women’s restroom right?

I pushed him off me, “Wait, people might come in.” He grabbed me again and began kissing me deeply. I can’t fight him when he always do this to me. I tried to push him off again, and grabbed my clothes that was on the floor.

He lifted me again and move us inside the cubicle. He locked the door and pushed me on it. I was rubbing his erection through his shorts. I took off my shorts and undies until it reaches my ankle. He did the same with his bottoms and then he pressed his dick on mine. I groaned at the contact. I was dripping wet for him. I want to taste him again.

“I want to taste you again.” I said

“On your knees.”

I bent down on my knees and grabbed his dick on my right hand. I put his cock inside my mouth and began sucking on it. I put my hands on his legs for my balance while shoving his cock in my mouth. He is so big. I can only shove a quarter of his dick because of how enormous it is. I lick his dick up and down and looked up to me. He was staring at me with so much lust on his eyes.

“Yeah suck that cock Lauren.” He put his hands on my head and began to guide me. He caressed my tit with his other hand. I played with his balls while sucking on his dick.

“Use a little bit of your hands.” My mouth went down and I tried to lick and suck his balls while stroking his cock. Then he grabbed my hair and made me suck his cock again. I stroke his cock with my hands whilst sucking it. I licked the cock head and began kissing it. I heard a groan from him, so I sucked him even harder. His hands went to my hair and he pushed my head down, I tried not to gag and relax my throat when he was shoving it deeper inside my mouth.

“Fuck, your throat feels good. Keep doing that and I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” He starts to thrust faster in my mouth and I can feel the saliva running through my chin. He’s going even deeper and I can’t help but gag. I can feel his orgasm building up because his dick is getting bigger.

“I want to cum inside you.” He stopped fucking my face and then made me stand up. He turned me around and his hands went to my hips. He suddenly thrust in me and felt him shooting his load inside me. If it weren’t for the pill, I’m sure I’m gonna get pregnant with all his sperm released inside me.

He caress my boobs from behind and pinched my nipples harder. I screamed a little bit from the pleasure and his hands cover my mouth trying to muffle my cries.

“Sshh. Keep quiet or someone is gonna hear us.” He slowly thrust inside me and I can feel his seed pouring out. I was whimpering quietly, afraid that someone might come in yet I was getting more wet from the possibility that someone might discover us. He began to slide harder in me. I can hear his balls slapping my ass. This guy is crazy, he just cummed yet he’s still hard.

“Ugh!” I moaned. I was holding on to the door while he rubbed my clit with his other hand. I can feel that I’m about to cum. Suddenly, I heard the door open and we both stop. I heard footsteps coming in. Luke then began rubbing my clit furiously, I almost screamed in delight but he covered my mouth again.

“Stop it!” I whispered at him but he just smirked right back at me and pinched my nipples hard. I can hear the water running from the sink and then heard footsteps going inside the cubicle beside us. I was so afraid that she will discover us but this was turning me on even more. I was getting wetter than before. My pussy tightens on his dick and I can hear him groan.

Luke keeps rubbing my clit furiously and I was muffling my screams when I orgasm on his dick. My pussy was contracting on his cock. I heard the toilet flush and the faded footsteps of the person when the door closed. My legs were still shaking because of my orgasm.

“I hate you! The person might have heard us!”

“You know you love it when someone might catch us. You’re a dirty girl Lauren. Tell me how dirty you are or I won’t let you cum again.” Then, I feel him pushing himself inside me again.

“No!!” He stopped thrusting in me altogether. Why the hell did he stop?

“Why did you stop?” I tried to move my hips but he grabbed my hips and stopped me. This is making me crazy, I just want him to fuck me again.

“Tell me you’re a dirty girl Lauren.” He was rubbing my clit and making me feel frustrated.

“I’m a dirty girl!”

“Tell me how badly you want my cock.”

“I want your cock! I love fucking your cock! Please just fuck me.” I cried. Then he was thrusting faster and harder. He was pumping in me mercilessly while kneading my breasts in his hands and rubbing my clit furiously. I can feel the sensation on my stomach again, I’m gonna cum.

“I’m gonna cum again!” He said while thrusting in me.

“Cum inside me!” I was panting so hard then I felt my orgasm ripped through me. I moaned loudly that I had to muffle my own cries on my hands. I felt him slam hard and felt him release his load deep inside me again.

He pulled out his dick. We were both breathing heavily and he turned me around to lock his lips with mine. He rested his forehead against mine and I closed my eyes.

“I thought we were gonna stop doing this?” I asked. He suddenly hugged me and rested his head on my shoulder. I can feel him breathe on my neck, and it send a shiver down on my spine because that is one of my sensitive spots.

“I just can’t control myself around you.” He said. His hands began to travel down to my back, down to my ass. He kneaded my ass in his hands and I whimpered. I’m so sore, I need a break from him. His stamina is crazy.

“Stop. I’m so sore all over my body.” He picked up all our clothes on the floor and I leaned back on the door. He tries to dressed me with my clothes. I can still feel his semen leaking out on my panties. I sighed, I read that it’s hard to clean it when it dries out. I was listening through the door if there is a person outside. I heard nothing so I opened the door and made a dash to leave the restroom.

When I went back to my seat, I noticed that the movie was about to end. I groaned, I really want to watch this movie but I got too preoccupied with Luke. That man has no boundaries. I saw him taking a seat beside me. I’m not even focused on watching the movie because of him because all I could feel is his semen leaking out off me.

When the movie was finished, we headed to a restaurant to eat our lunch. We ordered our food and was enveloped in silence. Again. I looked around the place and was fascinated with the interior design of this restaurant. I was so amazed by it that I began to take pictures of it.

“Why aren’t you taking a picture of me?” He teased me.

“Can I?” I asked. He nodded. I took a picture of him and blushed. He was just so hot at the moment. After that, I saw him pulled out his phone and stole a shot of me.

“Hey!” I was grabbing his phone from him but he was keeping it out of reach. I glared at him. I just don’t like when someone took a picture of me when I’m not ready.

“Why are you mad? You look pretty here.” I blushed at his words and showed me the picture. I was looking at him smiling, wow I never thought that I’m photogenic but it’s embarrassing.

“Whatever, delete that picture.”

“No way. It’s mine.” I scoffed at him and looked elsewhere. Right now, I’m just so hungry. Just then, the waiter served our food. I was drooling because of how delicious it looks.

I was the first one to dig in. He laughed at my antics and I just glared at him. This food is just too good. I feel like I’m in heaven right now.

“Be careful, you might choke on your food. I’d rather you choke when you’re on your knees.” He blatantly said. I nearly choked on my food when he said that. I grabbed the glass of water and drank from it. He laughed at me and just ate on his food.

“Luke! We’re eating! Save that for later.” Why the hell did I say that? Now he’s gonna assume something is gonna happen to us again.

“Later? So you want go at it again?” I got tongue tied from what he said and ignored him. I continued eating my food while he was just staring at me.

“You can’t keep ignoring me Lau. We should talk about this.” I looked at him and stared.

“What do you want me to say? I don’t even know what I want.” I sighed. I stopped eating for a while and just urge him to talk cause right now I don’t even know what we’re doing. We can’t keep our hands off each other but I’m not expecting a relationship with him. I’m sure that after this vacation, I’m not gonna see him anymore. I mean he’s familiar with this place so I assumed that he currently lives here.

“I just want us to be friends but I can’t just keep my hands off you.” He ruffled his hair in frustration. We’re clear that we both want each other but we want to be friends. What do you call this relationship anyway?? Friends with benefit? I snorted at that thought.

“How about we just continue what we’re doing? I’m only gonna stay here for only two weeks. Let’s just forget each other after that.” I suggested. I saw his jaw harden on my words. He was silent when I said that.

“Fine. If that’s what you want.” He grumbled slightly. If I had known better, he wants me to date him. I rolled my eyes at that thought. I wish. He’s my ideal guy but he lives far away from Cali. I don’t want to have that long-distance relationship.

(Note: Lauren is vacationing in Florida. She currently lives in California, studying in some university in Cali. Just to give you a heads up if you’re curious where she is at the moment.)

We left the restaurant after we finished eating. We took a cab to go home. He was gonna drop me off first before he goes home. I was so tired today that I wanna catch up on my sleep. I barely slept last night because of what we did and my body is so sore from all the fucking that we did. Right now, I really just to take a shower because I feel sticky especially down there.

We arrived near my place so we just walked after that. My hands were grazing his hands when we walked. I just want to hold his hands but I’m too shy to do it first. Why am I even thinking of this? He’s just a fling. Then I felt his hands hold mine.

You know those moments that you want to smile so much but you have to hold it back so the other person wouldn’t notice it. Yep this is the moment. I tried not too smile about what he did and just looked at my feet. He didn’t even say anything about it, like nothing happened.

Maybe I’m just overthinking too much? Right? I’m just overthinking this. It’s just holding hands for Christ’s sake. Even I do it with my male friends. But I didn’t have sex with them though. Stop thinking too much Lauren.

We arrived at the front of our beach house and I noticed that it was quiet. Maybe they went somewhere. It’s a good thing they’re not here or else my cousins are gonna tease me. Let’s not forget about their mother, I’m pretty sure she’s gonna hit on Luke and I don’t want that happening in front of me or anytime for that matter.

“Thank you for today.” I said shyly. I tuck my hair behind my ear while looking at him.

“It’s no problem. I enjoyed today as well.” He grins at me. I blushed because I know what he’s talking about.

“Well, I gotta go now. Text me if you want to hang out again.”

“Okay. Bye.” Then he bent down and peck my lips. He said his goodbye and went off. I was still standing there where he left me, holding my lips that he kissed. I can’t contain my smile. Today is just too great.

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