Taking Risks

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Chapter 5 Part 1

Warning: There will be sex scenes in this chapter. Don’t read if you’re sensitive to this or is underage.

I stared at him in disbelief when he unbuckled his belt from his pants and folded the leather belt carefully, holding the buckle in his hand.

What? Is he gonna spank me with that? Inside the classroom? Where students might come in? Is he serious?

“What are you doing?” I asked, retreating from him. Maybe I should escape from him. I eyed the door and he caught my eyes and smirked at me. Shit.

“Come here.” He snapped the belt on the table and I flinched from the sound, I did what I was told. I stepped closer to him and was nervous for what’s gonna happen. “Bend over the desk.”

My eyes went wide at him, he must be joking right? “You’re kidding right? We’re still at school.” I laughed nervously and tucked my hair behind my ears. He spanked my ass hard with his hands.

“BEND. OVER.” My face reddened and I put my cheeks on the surface of the table as I bent down. I felt embarrassed when my thong got exposed since I was only wearing a skirt that reached my mid thigh. I was still tense, waiting for him. I should be ashamed because I’m letting him do this to me but at the same time I was excited. I’m really crazy.

He was still quiet behind me. I glanced back, and I saw his gaze on me. It was a look of pure lust. He met my eyes and his eyes darken more. He snicker at me and he snapped the belt on my ass. I cried out when the first blow landed hitting a part of my skirt and my skin.

“Ouch!” I shrieked. Then another blow came hard and fast. I was yelping at him to stop.

“No.” He grabbed the zipper on my skirt and let it fall onto my feet. He snapped me again with the belt and I cried again because of the soreness in my butt. He just spank my ass again, and again. I buried my head on my hands and silently cried because of the pain. It hurt so much.

He slapped me one last time and I heard the belt fall on the floor. A breathy moan escaped me when I felt him caress my butt in a soft manner. “I’m sorry.” I heard him intake a deep breath when he pressed himself against me, pushing me harder on the desk. I moaned silently when I felt his hardness on my ass cheeks. He softly fondled my arms and I can feel his breath on my neck. He softly grinds his crotch into mine and I can feel myself getting wet.

“Ah!” He stood up and I could feel his palm on my flesh. I felt him pull aside my thong, he rubbed his fingers on my wet pussy lips and slid a finger inside me. My thighs trembled from his touch and I softly moaned.

“You like this, Lauren?” I didn’t answer him. He stopped moving his finger inside me and I turned to look at him. “Answer me, or I’ll stop what I’m doing.” he ordered.

“Yes. Please don’t stop.” I begged.

He thrust his finger inside me. Then, I felt a breath against my cheeks, he started to suck the skin of my ass cheeks. “Ah! Yes!” I moaned.

He pulled out his fingers and his tongue speared into my entrance. “Tell me, why did you leave without saying anything.” He asked me. He alternated between his tongue and his fingers inside me. One after another, again and again. “I don’t know!” I yelped. I can’t focus on what he’s saying. I was about to cum again.

“Please. I’m gonna cum!” He stopped thrusting his fingers and I was left dumbfounded. I was so close, why did he stop? I opened my eyes and looked at him pleadingly, “Don’t stop. I was almost close.” I cried.

“That’s your punishment. If you can’t answer me then you don’t deserve to cum.” I was disheartened with what he said. My pussy was still throbbing and wet. I feel like I’m going crazy when he doesn’t let me finish. I felt humiliated and at the same time angry at him.

I was about to fix my skirt when he pushed my head down until I’m on my knees, “Who said we’re done? Suck my cock Lauren.” He zipped his pants and let out his dick. His dick hovered in front of me and my mouth began to water. He grabbed his cock and shoved it inside my mouth. I moaned at the taste of him and bobbed my head trying to fit all of him.

I rubbed my clit with my hands and moaned in his mouth. He saw me fingering myself and I felt his cock harden more. He fucked my face faster as he shoved it inside my mouth deeper, reaching my throat. I was gagging. I can feel my orgasm coming so I touched myself more until I succumbed to the pleasure.

I was no longer moving myself to suck him, he was doing all the work while holding my hair in his hand. His dick was starting to swell signaling that he’s gonna cum.

“I’m gonna cum inside your mouth! Swallow it all!” He thrust harder, his hands clenched on my hair. He grunted when he started cumming, shooting his load deep in my throat. I swallowed every drop that he gave me and he let go of my hair and pulled out his dick. We were both struggling to catch our breaths.

“Leave.” He said. My head looked at him in astonishment. Is he serious?

“Yeah, okay.” I whispered. I grabbed my skirt and wore it. I fixed my appearance first before grabbing my bag. He was silent the whole time, and didn’t hear any single word from him. I can feel the lump in my throat, and I knew I was seconds away before I cry. I immediately left the room not leaving a single glance behind.

I’ve never felt so used. I shouldn’t have let myself be used like that. I was keeping my tears at bay because I don’t want to let other people see me like that. I stopped walking and just looked at the sky. I released a big sigh and just closed my eyes. I just can’t stop thinking about what happened. One side of me is pissed, the other wants to do it again. I’m really confused with what I want.

I walked with a smile and headed to my apartment. I was near my apartment when I noticed Joshua waiting outside of my apartment. I rolled my eyes and grumbled at the sight of him. Why am I so unlucky this day? First, it was Luke then now it’s Joshua. He didn’t notice me yet so I quickly hid behind the trees.

I thought that after vacation, he would stop talking to me or dropping by at my place. It’s getting on my nerves, can’t he just stop doing that? I already told him that I’m not getting back with him anymore, especially that he cheated on me and I’m the one who caught him.

The nerve of this guy to say that it was an accident. Like I would believe him, how did sex became an accident? Does he expect me to believe that his dick magically penetrated another girl? That he was naked when he stumbled to the girl and then went inside her? I’m just so tired of his bullshit.

All this time, I’ve been feeling insecure of myself because of his cold treatment. Turns out he was the one at fault because he’s fucking some other girl just because he can’t sleep with me.

I called Callie, she answered after two rings.

“Hey girl, what’s up?”

“Are you inside the apartment right now?” I asked

“Yeah, why?”

“Look outside the window.” I heard shuffling on the phone, I turned around and saw Callie peeking on our window.

“He’s back again? The asshole doesn’t give up huh? You want me to deal with him?” She asked

“Yes please. I owe you.” She hung up on me. I was waiting outside behind the trees when I heard shouting.

“Look asshole, I’m gonna call the cops if you keep stalking Lauren!” She said in a loud voice. Joshua flinched at her tone and was trying to calm her down. Callie is really scary if you get on her bad side. I know Joshua was scared of her because she can be mean if she really wants to.

“I just want to talk to her Callie. Please just once!” He begged. I rolled my eyes, as if I’m gonna talk to him. Why can’t he just leave me alone?

“Leave her alone! I mean it! You cheated on her, isn’t that enough? Whatever, I’m calling the cops.” She pulled out her phone and quickly dialed someone.

“Stop! I’m gonna leave, no need to call the cops.” He looked irritated at her so he quickly left. When he was out of sight, I released a sigh of relief and left my hiding place behind the trees and walked over to Callie.

“Thank you.” I murmured. She walked over and hugged me. I rest my head on her shoulders. I can feel her hands patting on my back and I just hugged her tight. This feels so good and comforting.

“Let’s go inside.” She said. I tangled my arms on hers and we entered the apartment. I crashed on the couch and laid there for a while.

“Rough day?” She asked. I turned my head to look at her and nodded.

“You have no idea.” I don’t want to tell her what happened, that I met Luke again. This day is just so wretched for me. I didn’t think Luke could be that mean and do that to me. Well, what did I expect? That he’s gonna open his arms like nothing happened between us. Maybe, I’m just overreacting about what happened a while ago? It’s not like I don’t want it. I just hate how he treated me after that.

I can’t face him again after what happened today. I just can’t. I want to change my schedule so bad but this is the only time that works for me. If I change it, it would clash with my other schedule for my other subjects. I guess I just have to suck it up.

“What happened?” She asked while rummaging the fridge and grabbing some vegetables and meat to cook.

“Just that my professors gave a bunch of homework to do and then you know who.” I lied. I didn’t say anything about meeting Luke again because she’s gonna nag me again. I don’t want to hear anything that is related to him.

“That’s college for you. Food is gonna be ready in 30 minutes.” She said. She sat down next to me and held my hand. I’m just really lucky to have her because she knows just what I needed.

“So how are you and Hunter?” I asked. Hunter is our male best friend, and Callie has always been in love with him. Sometimes when we’re together, I just feel like a third wheel because they always have their own world. They don’t even notice that they both like each other.

“What are you saying? He’s just a friend.”

“Yeah yeah, tell yourself that. You know you love him.” I teased her. She blushed and swatted my hand away when I kept poking her belly.

“Okay fine. It’s just that I don’t know how to tell him my feelings. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” She smiled sadly. This girl is just really an airhead sometimes. It’s obvious Hunter loves her, why are they so oblivious to each other’s feelings. I always push them together but it’s been two years and nothing happened to their relationship.

I gave her an incredulous stare, I’m so tired of playing Cupid to the both of them. They’re just too stubborn and shy in confessing their feelings. Everyone who knows them notices that they both have a thing for each other.

“Callie. I’ve been telling you for a dozen times, he likes you okay? Why can’t you just confess to each other or something? You both have been giving me a headache for the past years because of your stubbornness.”

She rolled my eyes at me in disbelief. Okay, she didn’t believe me again. What’s with this girl? Why can’t she believe that Hunter likes her? Well, whatever. It’s their problem, not mine. I’ll just talk to Hunter about this so he can make a move on him. Ugh.

We ate our dinner on the couch while watching “Sex Education”. That series is the bomb, I just love how they tackle a lot of social issues especially in season 2. It really gave me goosebumps, it’s just written so good.

I washed both of our dishes and took a bath before I went to my bedroom to study. I was so caught up in studying that I didn’t notice a text. I scrunch my forehead when I saw the text, it was from an unknown number. Again with this? I received five messages from this unknown number and it was just emojis. It’s really making me feel nervous. I didn’t say this to my parents or Callie because I don’t want to worry them.

I decided to block the number so that I won’t receive any texts from this number. I went back to studying to finish up and distract myself. I fixed my things that are needed for tomorrow’s class and was about to sleep when I heard a notification from my phone.

I’m sorry.

- Luke

I closed my phone and ignored it. Getting involved with him would be a bad idea, now that he’s my professor. I turned off my lampshade and slept.

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