Amor Enim Bellum

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Odin’s Riders #1 Elias Nordin is the "King" of Odin's Riders. Based in his homeland of Sweden, he is constantly being pressured into finding his Queen. The King's Heart has never been stolen by any women, because all of them only want him for his money and status. In walks in Nova Ström, a shy swedish girl who's life has handed her some very bad cards. In search of help and refuge, she wanders into Odin's Riders club. One look at Nova and he was gone. Elias decided to help, in exchange for her to become a Odin Rider and ultimately his Queen. Amor Enim Bellum is the first installment of Odin's Riders.

Romance / Action
Shan M
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Slamming my knife into the desk, I glared at the traitor in front of me. The little bastard thought he could attempt to leak information on our möten, specifically on our recruitments and training.

Owen was a good affiliate, before all this shit went down. Now he will have to pay the price. He was so close to becoming a thrall and then maybe an Odin Rider in time.

Not anymore.

"Owen Marksson, as the King of Odin's Riders, I hereby sentence you to a dödsstrid. "

I pressed the button on my desk that turned on the intercom and said to my brothers and sisters,

" Förrädaren har dömts till dödsstrid på en dag."

(Roughly translates to The traitor has been sentenced to a death battle in one days time.)

After hearing of Owen's sentence the whole club's castle was filled with roars of victory and bloodlust.

Turning to face said person, I took one look at him and knew he was about ready to piss himself. Not wanting him to piss on the carpeted floor of my office, I called in Benjamin, my Herre to take him to his cell in the sub basement.


I steadily ignored his pleas and started on my paperwork, that I loathed, but as the King I had to do it to stay on top of my game.

After a couple of hours of signing documents and answering emails, a thrall named Theo came in and informed me that Benjamin said to remind me to fill out a dödsstrid document and the two mandatory death certificates for Owen.

After thanking him, I started writing up his death certificate for his family, which would portray him to have died as a hero, instead of traitor.

Owen dishonoured his family by betraying Odin's Riders, but to tell them that would be cruel and would only bring shame onto the whole Marksson Clan.

Moving onto to his real death certificate, that would only be seen by The King and his Herres.

I filled in his ranking, reason for death and why he was sentenced to a dödsstrid.

The reason I was doing this before the actual day of his sentencing, is because I'm 150% sure he won't be getting out alive.

It would be impossible for him to, especially with who he is going to facing in the ring.

Now time for the document for the fight, which just really entails the rules of the dödsstrid.






( The Rules for the dödsstrid )

1. Only one person can make it out alive.

2. The match must last 45 minutes.

3. If both persons are still standing, it will go into a 15 minute dödsstrid.

4. Once time is up and only one person is left standing, the body will be checked.

5. To ensure the person is dead, they will be given a head shot and be decapitated.

6. In 2 days, the body will have been prepared and sent to the family in a Odin's Riders casket for burial.






Placing the family death certificate into an envelope, I wax seal and stamp on the mark of the club on the front, in the middle.

Calling Ivan, a member, I hand him it without saying a word, since he knows what needs to be done.

Next, placing the real death certificate and dödsstrid document into a folder, branded with our symbol, I tuck into a file cabinet. Which after Owen's death, will be transferred to the archives, where it will be forgotten, as no one goes to the archives.

Harsh as it sounds, whoever is sent to the archives, is practically erased from Odin's Riders. They seemed to have never existed at all.


Off into the distance, a young girl is wandering the streets of Stockholm. Searching for a place that will offer her safety, shelter and most importantly, help.

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