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My Brother's Best Friend (Completed)

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Hadley has been in love with her brother's best friend for over 10 years, and after one mistake she ends up regretting everything. But even though she regrets it, she can't help herself, and neither can he. With more than 1 close call, they can't seem to stop themselves, even if it means ruining everything with Levi, his best friend, and her brother.

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Chapter 1

“You need to stop looking at him like that,” Katrina remarked.

I didn’t want to

listen to her, even though she was right. I should stop looking at him like he is a piece of meat. Juicy, sexy, meat.

He was everything I desired. My heart only beats for him. My diary is filled with love poems to him.

I was completely and obsessed with him. I have been for years, my best friend Katrina knew it. She was the only one who knew my true secret...

I was completely and totally in love with my brother’s best friend.

Being only 14 I didn’t know much about love, or even a relationship. But after watching him grow up for 10 years, I knew I had feelings for him. They started to show when I was 7, the day he helped me from bullies.

They were making fun of me cause of my weight. I weigh much more than all of the beautiful girls that I go to school with. I weigh a total of 140 pounds. This may not sound like much, but as I walk down at school and see all these stick girls it only makes me feel worse.

“He’ll catch you,” Katrina added getting more annoyed by the second.

But I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was gorgeous and outstandingly handsome in a thousand different ways.

The way he ran across the yard with the football as he played with my brother. Levi, my brother, was only 3 years older than me.

I wasn’t that close with my brother, and we never got along. I only started to hang out with him when I was about 1o since I wanted to get closer to Shaw.

Shaw is only 3 years older than me, but he’s 17, and according to Katrina, he would never want me.

Shaw is a player, hard to guess right?

He’s always out with my brother and a bunch of other girls. I just started my 9th-grade year, and that means I was going into high school. The first day there I saw 2 girls hanging on Shaw’s shoulders as they giggled and rubbed his arms.

It made me extremely jealous, and Katinra even had to hold me back, so I wouldn’t go and crush their skulls in for even touching him.

“You do know it’s going to be super fucking awkward when he catches you staring at him, right?”

I whipped my head around to glare at Katrina who only had a sour face. I could tell she wanted my attention, as I was the one who invited her over.

I sighed and laid back on the couch. I looked up at the ceiling and closed my eyes, envisioning what life would be like if I married Shaw.

I could imagine our perfect child.

Maybe 2 children. A boy, with my golden blonde hair and blue eyes, and a girl with Shaw’s dark brown hair and emerald green eyes.

I soon felt a smack on my leg and I opened my eyes and sat up. Katrina was still glaring at me. I glared right back and she stood up and grabbed her small backpack before walking out of the house and slamming the front door.

I looked at the window to see her stop where Shaw and Levi were. I opened the window a bit only to here what she had to say to them.

“Your sister is a pain in the ass,” she said before heading down the street.

I saw both of them turn to the house and look at me. My heart almost stopped as Shaw’s eyes met mine. He looked away after a couple of seconds and threw the ball toward Levi, snapping him out of looking at me.

I sighed once more and laid back onto the couch.

I did honestly feel bad about doing that to Katrina, but she doesn’t truly understand how I feel. Shit, I don’t even 100% understand how I feel.

All I know is that I am 100% in love with my brother’s best friend...

3 Years Later

“Don’t act like that,” Katrina told me. She was always up my ass every time my brother and Shaw came to visit.

Shaw and my brother were coming home from college and is going to be staying for 2 weeks with us. My mother, my father, my little sister Zoe who is 10, Levi, Shaw, and me.

I was excited. Shaw hasn’t seen me in 2 years. The last few times they ended up coming down, I wasn’t here, or Shaw didn’t end up coming. I’ve seen photos of him. He got much taller and much hotter than he already was.

But from what my mother said, both Shaw and my brother have girlfriends. But I’ve been hoping that’s not true.

“Leave me alone Katrina,” I whined as I looked out the window, waiting for my parents to return from the airport with my brother and my future husband.

“Your brother knows you don’t like him enough to wait for him, so he might suspect something if he sees you looking out the window when they arrive,”

I rolled my eyes, “He won’t be looking. He has his head too far up his ass to ever give a damn about anything but Shaw, his whores, and his phone.”

Katrina glared at me. “Don’t talk like that,”

“Well, it’s not my fault you did what you did. And don’t be offended when I say that, it’s true. But I never mean anything bad about you Katrina.” I told her.

About a year ago, when Levi came back, Levi threw a party, and Katrina and Levi ended up making out. Levi didn’t seem to care only cause he wanted to do it to make me mad, which only ended up hurting Katrina’s feelings.

Katrina never had any feelings for him, but it still hurt her that he only used her to get to me.

“I mean it’s not like you slept with him or anything, right?” I asked her raising my eyes brows.

Katrina shook her head no, answering the question I had already known the answer to. The morning after the party, Levi came downstairs and bragged to me about how he made out with Katrina. I knew that they didn’t sleep together or he would’ve rubbed that in as well.

But she’s also 3 years younger than him, he probably doesn’t want to get into any trouble with the law, especially since Katrina’s dad is a lawyer, a good damn one at that.

I heard my phone bing and I got up from my bench that was by my window and grabbed my phone which was sitting on my bed. I instantly saw that I had gotten a text from my mother...

Mom: Hey Hadley, I should be home with your brother and Shaw in about half an hour. I want you to be ready to go out by the time I get home. I’m going to give the boys 10 minutes to get ready and then we are leaving for dinner. I don’t want Katrina going so tell her she has to leave. I just want a dinner between me, you, your father, Levi, and Shaw. See you soon, love you!

I threw my phone onto the bed and groaned in annoyance. It sucked that I had to go to dinner, but double sucked because I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to while I was there. My mother and father would be talking to Levi and Shaw, while I would be sitting there bored and alone, not allowed to be on my phone.

“My mom just texted me, you have to go cause we are going out to dinner,” I told Katrina and she turned toward me.

“Alright, I need to get home soon anyways before my dad freaks,” Katrina said as she stood up and grabbed her stuff before leaving.

I quickly stripped and got into the shower.

Once I was done I put on a tight strapless black dress. When I was all ready I heard my mother’s car pull into the driveway and I quickly made my way down the stairs and into the front hallway, waiting for them to enter.

“Damn, this house looks bigger than I remember,” my brother said once he entered the house.

“Stop swearing Levi. You may be technically an adult, but we don’t cuss under this roof.” my mother snapped.

“Your house looks lovely Adele,” Shaw said as he entered the house.

They both looked much different. My brother’s blonde hair from a few months ago was now brown. It didn’t look good, and I planned to rub it in later. He looked taller and more muscular.

My eyes then traveled to Shaw who looked about a foot taller than before, only adding to his immense height. He looked much more muscular. Probably due to all of the football he probably plays.

He still had his dark charcoal colored hair which I adored.

He soon faced me and gave me a small smile. But his eyes widened the longer he looked at me.

I will admit, I do look different.

Since the last time he saw me, which was years ago, I had lost tons of weight and grown in height only a bit. I had also grown into the body which I use to cover up.

I use to fear to show my bigger boobs to everyone, but now I embraced it.

Levi turned toward me and rolled his eyes. “Fuck, who invited her?” he complained.

My mother walked toward him and smacked him on the back of the head.

“Shut up! I have heard enough of those words. I swear I’m going to shove a bar of soap in there. That is your sister! You should love and be nice to her, not complain the second you see her.” my mother bitched.

“Ow! That is not necessary mom. I was just joking.”


“Nice to see you too brother dearest,” I said as I walked toward him and gave him a half hug, which he faked giving one back.

I turned to Shaw whose eyes were still on me, or should I say my chest.

“Shaw?” my brother called out.

Shaw was still looking at me and my brother came up and waved his hand in front of his face, snapping Shaw out of his trance.

“Dude, come on, focus,” Levi said before grabbing his bags and going upstairs.

By this time both my mother and father had made their way into the kitchen.

“Nice to see you, Shaw,” I said lightly, returning his small smile.

Shaw smiled bigger, “You’ve changed. I almost didn’t recognize you, Hadley.”

“Well, you still look the same, except for a few differences,” I replied.

Shaw looked down at himself. ”SHAW! Hurry up!” Levi yelled loudly from upstairs.

“I guess I should go and see what your brother wants, I’ll see you in a few,”

Shaw headed upstairs as I walked into the kitchen where my mother and father were at.

“How should we tell her?” my mother asked my father as she stood next to the counter and he sat at the kitchen table.

“I mean we should just tell her at dinner, it’s not huge. Just because Shaw’s moving in, doesn’t mean her life is gonna change all that much. And with Zoe heading out for a month with her friend to go to that camp, it will be like he is never even here. He’s a good and quiet boy, she won’t mind.”

My eyes widened.

Shaw was moving in with us?

I didn’t know Shaw was planning to stay with us. I figured he would be staying with his parents since he was coming back for a month.

“Why is he staying with us?” I asked them.

They both looked at me. My mother sighed. “His mother and father are going through a messy divorce at the moment. They thought it was best to keep him out of it and to let him stay here. And since Zoe will be gone, it will be just the same amount of kids.”

I nodded. “Are you okay with that sweetie?” my father asked me.

I knew I couldn’t say no. I didn’t want to make Shaw go to a place full of fighting and hatred.

“Yes, I am totally fine with it.”

“What are you fine with?” My brother asked me as he entered the kitchen.

“Shaw staying with us,” I replied.

“Alright then, since that is all settled, let’s go to dinner!” My mother said happily.

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