When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Ten

"We really need to stop meeting like this sweetie" a faint voice echoed as Marianne was coming to.

Disoriented, Marianne held her held aching head and started to look around the room with squinted eyes for her baby. But she wasn't in the room with her, she puts her head back down and asks, "where's my baby?" Marianne asked with a horse voice and swallowed to wet her desert throat.

"She's okay, you're lucky those people called for paramedics fast. Any later and you both would've been dead by now" nurse Lucy replied. She checked Marianne's stability and did the usual mental test of 'what's your name?' and 'torch in the eyes'.

Marianne could not just lay back not knowing where her daughter was and how she's doing. She attempted to get up with one hand but Lucy wouldn't let her and she started to resist, after all all mothers would do the same until they know their child is safe and sound.

"I'll take you to her in a bit, lemme just fill in your chart okay. I know how you feel, trust me" Lucy raised her eyebrows at Marianne while holding her back from getting up. She wrote a few things on the chart and put right between her arm and her body and placed the pen back in her pocket and extended her other arm to help Marianne get up from the bed and onto a wheelchair that was placed right next to the bed.

"That's not necessary, I'm completely capable of walking on my.... " Marianne paused for a second as the room started to lift off from under her feet and decided to sit back in the wheelchair without resisting this time, she could only use one arm for support since her other one was covered up due to the cuts sustained from the accident. She flinched as she settled in the wheelchair because her body kept aching in places she didn't even know where affected, Lucy set the chart on Marianne's lap and begun to push her out the room.

Lucy stopped at the door where Rose was being kept and stood in front of Marianne to briefly tell her some news. "Rose is fine, we fixed every twist, cut and bruise but there's something you should know before we walk in" Lucy looked at her trying to keep calm and collective while she spoke.

Marianne wasn't ready for whatever Lucy was about to say so she closed her eyes and braced herself for what's next. "What is it?" she tried to be strong.

"I'm afraid Rose is in a coma, she took one too many hits to the head and the pressure was too heavy for a girl her age and size. We don't know when she'll be able to wake up but we're going to keep a close watch for any changes okay so don't you worry" Lucy tried to reassure Marianne

"Don't worry? How? My baby is laying there lifeless and you're telling me not to worry, how?" Marianne answered with so much pain in her chest, she held her mouth and started to cry thinking of how it all could've been avoided if she'd just focused on the road. Guilt started to build up in her as Lucy opened the door to reveal her little Rose laying on the hospital bed, connected to a drip, a cast on her leg, bandages almost everywhere and motionless.

Marianne couldn't hold back a single tear as Lucy begun to push her in, but just as they were about to enter something told her to look over her shoulder, which she did. It was the sad man, walking down the hall and also looking in Marianne's direction. He looked concerned but continued to walk passed like he was in a rush, his image slowly left her eyes as Lucy pushed her into the room and stopped right at the edge of the bed. Marianne wiped the tears from her slightly bruised face and tried to get up to lay a kiss on her daughter as tears rolled down cheeks again, it was a sad and depressing moment for her, she couldn't help but feel guilty deep down inside. "Your guilt won't change a single thing about the situation" , Marianne heard her mother's voice like she'd been standing right next to her. She had to stay strong and start doing the only thing she could at that moment, pray and hope for the best.

"I don't want to leave her side, I can sleep on the sofa it's not a problem. Just don't make me sleep without her" Marianne pleaded with the nurse, eyes so swollen she could barely open them.

"I already knew you'd say that so I organized for your bed to be moved to this room so you'd be with her while we care for you as well, I'm always here for you whenever you need me alright?" Lucy walked over to her and smiled at her as she rubbed her back in comfort.

As they both stood by Rose's bed side, things started to enter and the room was being rearranged. Marianne and Rose's beds were close enough for Marianne to hold her baby's hand whenever she wanted, deep down she hoped their stay at the hospital would not take long as funds were limited. She only had enough to buy a few groceries when she found Lucy, until the accident.

"Lucy?" Marianne called.

"Yes sweetie" Lucy answered as she started to make Marianne's bed.

"I don't have enough money on me, I was actually on my way here when the accident happened. I left my boyfriend and I was wondering if..." she paused as she was interrupted by Lucy's hand up indicating she should stop talking.

"I already know that, witnesses say it looked like you were moving because of the load in the car. I figured you must have taken my advice and that you were coming here. Long story short , you are my guests now. I don't want you worrying about anything anymore, just do me a favour and recover quickly okay?" she told Marianne

Marianne felt tears fill her eyes and she let them fall, "how did I get so lucky? Thank you so much, I promise we won't be a burden.

"Nonsense, you can nev-" Lucy paused and looked at the door, the sad man came knocking silently as he observed the room.

He looked at the bed where Rose lay, "La petite fille" he said with so much shock yet still subtle.

Marianne couldn't help but stare and stood there speechless facing Lucy, wondering why he'd come to her room. Her heart raced and she finally turned.

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