When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Eleven

Marianne came face to face with the most beautiful man she'd ever seen, probably in his mid thirties, at least six feet tall, chiseled features and a well built body structure. So fine you could eat off of him, such eye candy.

It felt wrong that she was drooling over a fine man while her daughter lay lifeless right in front of her, as she quickly sat back in the wheelchair Lucy addressed the man, "Mr Sorrell, is everything alright" she asked him as she walked to the door where he just froze as he watched poor Rose laying in the hospital bed with so many bandages.

Raphael turned his head with eyes still fixed on Rose to respond to nurse Lucy, "Oui?... Oh" he shook his head, making his midnight black hair shift sides and fall just a little above his forehead and faced Lucy. "I'm so sorry, I am just concerned about the little girl laying there" his French accent sent chills down Marianne's spine as she sat hiding her face away from Raphael.

"Do you know these people?" Lucy asked him

"Not exactly, but the little girl was so kind to me yesterday. I must insist madam, may I know what happened to her if you don't mind" he pleads with both ladies as he walks towards the bed where Rose lay. He walked over to the opposite side of the bed where Marianne's bed was placed and went down his knees to get a closer look at Rose. Marianne suddenly felt uncomfortable because he was a complete stranger showing too much interest in her daughter even though she was kind to him before, her protective self came out with a burst of flames.

"Look here Mr, I don't know what's wrong with you or what you're really doing here but it's freaking me out and you need to leave. As you can see we are not in the condition to receive strange visits from people we barely know so you need to go, please" she said and insisted yet with a voice so weak you could see her struggle in her speech, trying to be strong despite the injuries. Mr Sorrell got up from his knees and looked down at her feeling bad for the way he made her feel. She also decided, to show some power and strength, to get up from the wheelchair to make her point clear.

"Sweetie, you shouldn't be getting up like that, you're still a little unstable" Lucy cautioned her.

"I'm fine, I just need Mr whatever his name is to leave now" just as she finished saying that, the room started to spin and Marianne felt herself falling, Raphael moved like lightning when he saw the first signs of her dizziness and quickly went around to receive her midway. She couldn't fight her way out of his huge arms due to the weakness that over powered her body, so she let herself go and everything went dark again.

Raphael picked her up like it took no effort at all, with Marianne not being up to speed with her meals, weight was not exactly her friend at the moment. She grew so skinny you could probably see her rib cage and a man as huge as Mr Sorrell could wrap her arm with his hand. He set her on the bed next Rose, made sure she was comfortable and brushed her hair of her face with his surprisingly soft hands despite being masculine to the bone. Raphael couldn't help but stare at Marianne as she lay there helpless and fragile, seeing her reminded him of his wife who passed away two years ago, laying on her bed fighting cancer but not being able to come out victorious.

"It was an accident no?" he asked Lucy as she stood watching everything from a distance.

Lucy came closer and started to put the covers on Marianne, "it was terrible, witnesses say the car turned at least five times. They're both lucky to be alive" she said.

Raphael turns around to look at Rose once more and placed his hand on hers, Lucy knew why he was so curious about them and he's been a regular since his late wife was diagnosed with cancer so she let him stick around.

"I'm so sorry about your daughter Mr Sorrell" Lucy said gently.

"Please, call me Raphael" he corrected her. "Tell me, you speak to her like a friend, have you known each other very long with the sleeping lady and her her angel?" he asked Lucy as he turned back to face her again and change the topic.

"As a matter of fact this is my second time meeting them, they came in the other night with an issue I obviously cannot disclose without her permission. There's just something about her that makes my spirit happy and comfortable, you just can't let go of such people you know?" she replied as she looked down and smiled at Marianne.

"You are a good person", he said.

And in that moment another nurse came through the door and called for Raphael, "Mr Sorrell, we're ready for you now" she said with sadness yet professional.

Raphael turned to look at the nurse, took a deep breath, exhaled and squeezed his lips inwards as he headed for the door. "Oui, Merci" he said to the other nurse. He turned one more time to look at Marianne and Rose as he stood at the door and finally exited.

Lucy examined Marianne again as she remembered what she told Raphael, she tilted her head a bit and stared at Marianne as she slept. She walked over to Rose's bed to check her vitals once more and see if the drip still had liquid in it, she asked to be assigned to them because she felt that Marianne would be comfortable knowing she's around rather than another nurse. Plus the connection was too strong to let it pass.

A doctor Pedro entered the room and asked for the chart she'd been filling in since Marianne and Rose arrived, he nodded and hummed a little and said, "good job, I want you to keep an eye on them especially the little one, her coma is actually caused by trauma. Once she feels the presence of her mother, her mind will slowly start to register that there's nothing to worry about anymore. Let's give her a week, if she's not up by then we shall change the medication" he told Lucy.

"Yes doctor" Lucy replies as he starts to leave the room. She runs her hand through Rose's hair and whispers to her, "you'll be up before we know it baby girl".

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