When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Twelve

Raphael was escorted to another section of the hospital, where the mortuary was. As they got closer, his body ran cold and he couldn't believe it was actually reality. He was filled with too many emotions to contain, he promised his late wife that he'd protect and care for her with his life. Unfortunately fate had other plans.

10 months ago...

"Will you promise me something?" Christina said on her death bed, feeling her life escape her body with every second that passed.

Raphael held her hand and leaned in to hear her faint voice, tears filled Christina's eyes as she thought about leaving her still very young daughter in this world without a mother to comb her hair and give her boyfriend advice when she becomes of age, or take pictures of her at her graduation and hold her grandchildren. Her heart sank as she looked at Raphael who was trying his very best to be strong for her sake and the sake of their daughter, his slightly dark skin started turning pinkish red as tears formed in his eyes as well. He laid a gentle kiss on her bony hand and said with pain his tone, "anything for you my diamond".

"Protect our baby, she needs you now more than ever", she swallowed hard to wet her very parched throat "I know you'll do just fine without me..." Raphael interrupts her with a hush.

"Don't talk like that sweetheart, everything will be okay. I called for more specialists, they're gonna put you on a new treatment and this one one will work I promise" he gave her a mouth full as tears rolled down his eyes not knowing if she'll live to see another day.

"Raphael I'm tired of all these experiments, I feel like a lab rat. I have already accepted my fate" she replies.

"NO! NO! I won't give up" he let her hand go and started to pace back and forth as he run his hand through his long hair at the time, ruffling it up as if he had an itch. Raphael couldn't accept the fact that his high school sweetheart, wife and mother of his child is being defeated by some cancer he didn't even understand. "Just hang on a bit, Bellamy still needs you. Dieu (French for 'God's) I still need you!"

Christina saw how torn apart he was, she was torn between pretending to accept the new treatment and preparing him for what's coming next. She knew for a fact that that night was her last night, she reached out for him and asked him to hold her hand and come closer. He cooled off a bit and composed himself as he returned back to her side and sat on a stool for a little comfort, Christina freed her hand from his grip and placed it in his cheek while slightly stroking his cheek with her thumb.

“Okay baby, I will wait” she said so as to not stress him anymore. Christina did not like being the one to cause tears to fall and hearts to break so even if she felt otherwise, she had to make it look like she had hope. “Where’s my baby? I miss her so much” she requested.

“You want me to go get her? She’s just in the waiting room with Patricia” Patricia was Bellamy’s nanny from the time Christina started getting weak and couldn’t perform her usual duties as a mother, Bellamy loves her and Patricia loves Bellamy very much.

“If you don’t mind” Christina replied, with her head now laid back as strength begun leave her body slowly.

Raphael puts her hand back on the bed gently and quickly goes out to fetch Rose, while he was gone for those few minutes, Christina felt the urge to cough but it came with extreme pain she tried to fight it. The more she fought it the more it hurt, she then let it out and grabbed a tissue from the table next to her bed to cover her mouth. Christina could not believe her eyes when she held the tissue away from her face and saw what had emerged from that cough, quite an amount of blood to scare even a doctor. She heard voices and quickly hid the tissue in the covers because she had no strength to get up and throw it away, she waited with a smile on her face to receive her little princess yet with a bleeding heart.

“Mummy!” Bellamy ran to the bed to get on top and give her mother a big tight hug. Christina held her with the little strength she had which happened to be enough for Bellamy to feel her body, with every second passing by she could feel her heart pace reduce drastically. She did not want Bellamy to witness what was about to happen so she had to think of something to get her out of the room with Raphael, at least she got to see them before it was time for her to depart from this world.

“Have you had your lunch my little ciliegia (that’s Italian for cherry)”, Christina asked Bellamy as she sat up to look at her properly.

“Nope, Aunt Patricia and I were waiting for dad to go and buy for us” Bellamy, with that little innocent voice, answered her.

Christina looked up to Raphael who was standing just right next to her like a body guard, “can we have some food daddy?” she asked him playfully.

Raphael couldn’t help but feel uneasy about this request, probably because he would be leaving her bed side which he did rarely. He almost offered that Patricia did the buying but Christina always liked it when he did it for her instead because he always knows what to get, so with a heavy heart he placed a soft kiss on both their foreheads and left.

“Did you come with any of your dolls?” Christina asked Bellamy in excitement to mask the pain she started developing in her chest all of a sudden, she guessed that by the time Bellamy left her heart would have failed completely and she’d be on her way to heaven.

“I have Gloriana and Francesca in my bag” she pointed at the door to indicate that her dolls were with Patricia in the waiting room.

“Quickly go and grab them, I want them to see me as well and give me big kisses so I can get better” she said to Bellamy. And so Bellamy got down in excitement to get her dolls, just as she was about to open the door, a nurse came in and let her pass. The nurse shut the door behind her and asked Christina,

“You called ma’am?”.

Christina strategically rang for a nurse already when Raphael left the room, “yes, I didn’t want my husband and daughter to see me when...” she paused like she was being chocked and held on the to bed as she felt a shock run through her entire body, she begun to shake and her eyes started rolling back as she gasped for air. The nurse quickly called for help as she held Christina down, she instructed one the nurses to not let anyone in and started preparing for resuscitation. Before the nurse could finish, Christina stopped shaking and seized to breath.

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