When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Thirteen

Raphael remembered that he left the car key in Christina's bag so he went back for it real quick, but as he was getting closer to the room, Raphael noticed that there was commotion and quickly ran up to see if Christina was okay. One of the nurses tried to tell him that he couldn't get in but the words happened to pass him like a flash, he managed to work his way through and into the room, Christina had been shaking uncontrollably and finally shut down right before his eyes. She was gone, no more life in Christina Sorrell. Raphael wondered where Bellamy was during all of this only to see her coming with a bunch of toys, skipping and humming to a song.

Still in shock and a little disoriented, Raphael had to pretend nothing happened and get Bellamy away from the scene.


"Mr Sorrell?" the nurse he was walking with called.

Raphael snapped out of his flashback and looked at her with eyes red from crying, "Oui" he responded.

"We can go in now" she lead the way and opened the door to the place where Bellamy was.

Raphael took a deep breath and followed her into what seemed to be the end of his happiness.


Marianne woke up from what seemed like hours of sleep, when in reality it had only been thirty minutes. Knowing that her little girl was still in an indefinite sleep made it hard to sleep, all she wanted was a big hug from her baby. Guilt stirred up in her once again as she looked at Rose lay right next to her without a sound, she began to cry and talk to her, "I'm so sorry my baby, I should have paid more attention to the road and fastened you in your seat belt. This is all my fault..." she sobbed and reached out to touch her.

And just then, a miracle happened.

"Mommy?" Rose opened her eyes and turned to look at her weeping mother, "Mommy why are you crying, what happened?" she tried to get up but the pain in her joints restricted her. Marianne quickly got up with the help of one hand and knelt at the edge of Rose's bed, stopped Rose from trying to get up and stroked her hair to comfort her as tears of joy ran down her cheeks. "It's okay my love, Mommy's here. Nurse!", Marianne called for a nurse and Lucy who was just five seconds away came running.

"Oh my goodness, you're awake little angel" Lucy smiled so hard it hurt her jaw, she immediately started checking vitals and was shocked to see the results, "your charts are unbelievable, it's like she was only sleeping. You are a fighter little angel" Lucy lay a hand on hers and smiled at her.

"I'll go get the doctor okay Mommy?" Lucy looked at Marianne who couldn't take her eyes off Rose.

Marianne looked up to her, eyes filled with happiness and replied, "yes... please, I can never thank you enough"

"Don't mention it love, it was all Rose's doing" she said and walked out.

"You hear that my baby? You're a strong girl, my little fighter" she kissed her on the forehead and multiple times on her cheek it made Rose laugh and told her to stop cause she was smothering her.

"Mommy? Why is my body hurting? Did we get into an accident?" Her head was full questions Marianne couldn't answer all at once.

So Marianne begun by telling her, "I didn't look both sides of the street so a truck hit into us and that's why we're here, I'll tell you more when you're all better okay. What's more important is that we're still alive and we have each other" Marianne assured her.

"Okay Mommy" Rose gently replies and relaxes her body finally, "I want Nurse Lucy here with us" she requested.

"Here I am and guess what I found in the cafeteria?" Lucy walks in with one hand behind her back.

"Chocolate cake?!" Rose answers with so much excitement in her but couldn't express it due to the pain caused by the injuries.

"That's right little angel and I also ordered some food for you if you don't mind", Lucy told Marianne as she sat on a stool in between the two beds to be next to both Marianne and Rose and laid her hands on them as she expressed how happy she was to see them smiling, "this is nice, you're finally together again. And soon in your new home, don't think my excitement is weird it's just that it gets lonely in that house sometimes" she chuckles as she says.

"But I'm not a freeloader, so I'm gonna find a job and help around however I can. Being offered help doesn't mean I should take advantage, my mom always said" Marianne insists.

Lucy raised an eyebrow and politely accepted her requested even though she new she would not need the help and Marianne was about find out why, "Okay but don't be so hard on yourself and take your time".

"Mommy it's the sad man!" Rose pointed at the door where he happened to be passing with three nurses and a coffin being pushed on a stretcher. He looked so serious and couldn't turn his head even though he obviously heard Rose shout out his new nickname.

Marianne hushed Rose and looked out the door to see what was happening and noticed the coffin being pushed right behind Raphael, she instantly felt the urge to go after him and give him a hug knowing what he was going through but she held herself back because that would obviously be weird.

"Alright I'm going to collect your food now, it should be ready by now. Little angel I hope you have some appetite because that chocolate cake is dessert you know", Lucy says, gets up from her sit and waits for Rose to respond.

Rose nods her head and smiles, "Yes please".

Marianne just stared at Rose, still in shock but extremely happy that she was finally up. Lucy left the room and the two were left to enjoy each others company and they smiled at one another thanking God for the miracle of life. Marianne still could not help but think about Raphael and his situation, "What a sad life..." she thought to herself.

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