When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Fourteen

After more tests were done and Rose and Marianne were cleared after a week, it was time for them to leave the hospital and go to their new home. Lucy asked for a day off so she could take them and help them settle, Rose was still suffering multiple injuries so she was restricted to a wheelchair until she fully recovered. Marianne's arm was free of any restrictions but she still felt some pain when making movements, but for her, as long as they were alive she had reason to be super grateful.

Lucy was at the receptionist corner handling final bills as Marianne and Rose made their way through the hall and into the waiting area to wait for Lucy, upon entering the waiting area Marianne was shocked to meet a familiar face, Mr. Sorrell himself.

Without any hesitation Marianne raised her voice and asked, “You?! What are you doing here?!” Then realizing that they were in a public place, Marianne immediately withdrew and walked quickly passed Raphael while she pushed Rose in her wheelchair, who happened to be very happy to see the sad man, Marianne didn’t even glare. The embarrassment turned her pale cheeks pinkish red and her hands started to tremble.

Raphael was not at all shocked to receive such a reaction due to the incident of him intruding in their room when Rose was in coma, plus he was actually there for them. “I’m actually here to see you!” he had to yell back because out of the embarrassment Marianne felt, she sat all the way at the end of the waiting room with Rose.

He got up and headed in their direction, he carried a little gift bag that said ‘Get well soon’. Raphael, just like Lucy, felt a strange attachment to Marianne and Rose but didn’t make it seem so obvious.

“Just one more thing and you will never see me again, oui?” Raphael said with a show of hands like he was surrendering something to the police, he went straight to Rose and squatted to be at her level. He smiled at her and Rose smiled back, he lifted the bag up to her and told her , “a kind and strong princess like you deserves the whole world, thank you for making me smile even when I didn’t want to” he places the bag on her lap and gets up to see her open it.

A stuffed white bear with a red heart shape at its mid section saying ‘For a Special Girl’. Rose was so delighted to receive the gift that she gave him a hug that only held one of his legs, Raphael patted her hair and received the gratitude as he stared at her mother who just decided not to look in his direction at all.

Marianne felt more uncomfortable and pulled Rose a bit to let go and said,"okay that's enough". Raphael folded his arms, tilted his head and asked Marianne, "Do I strike you as a bad person? Only having bad motive?" he walks over to her side and sits two sits away from her as he awaited her reply.

Marianne was fed up of all the confusion, after everything that happened all she wanted to do was get home and not be stalked by a devilishly handsome stranger. "All men want something, you cannot just show concern for complete strangers and expect them to be so willing to receive, maybe that's how it works where you come from but it definitely doesn't work here. My daughter and I have nothing to offer you, thank you for the gift but I'd really appreciate if you just left us and never came back" Marianne whispered to him so Rose would not hear her.

Raphael was shocked at the response he got and felt a little offended and misunderstood, he stood up, nodded at both Marianne and Rose and left the room.

Lucy finally showed up and saw Raphael leaving with the most serious face she'd ever seen on him since his late wife was diagnosed with cancer, she looked at Marianne and squinted her eyes with question and Marianne raised her shoulders to indicate she'd done nothing wrong. "What did you say to him sweetie?" Lucy asked.

"Just what every concerned mother would do, he was getting a little too familiar and it made me uncomfortable okay" Marianne answered.

Lucy shook her head and sat next to Marianne, "I totally get how you feel, but I hope you didn't hurt his feelings. Remember he just lost his only daughter? Ten months ago we put his wife to rest as well, maybe he saw comfort in either you or Rose and didn't think about how weird it would look if he followed you around".

Marianne felt a little guilty and thought that she could've let him down easier, but the moment was gone and there was nothing she could do about it so she got up and started to push Rose in her wheelchair out the hospital. She felt so much relief knowing they don't have to spend another night in the hospital, all the cases she would hear from her and Rose's room made her more and more anxious to leave, it was depressing despite the wonderful experience Lucy made sure they had every single day.

Walking out the hospital, Marianne saw Raphael again standing next to what seemed to be his car with arms folded and gazing into a distance. She noticed that he owned a very powerful vehicle, a black Volvo XC40, a car she dreamed she'd have one day. Lucy, who was helping with the door, also saw Raphael from a distance and told Marianne to go ahead to her car while she talks to Raphael for a minute. Marianne secretly rolled her eyes and received the keys handed to her and headed for the car. Marianne looked in his direction again as she walked to the car and caught him staring back at her with the stance of an angry father waiting for his naughty teen to get back home. Even with that look on his face, Marianne could not resist admiring his very sexy and masculine physic, he could definitely qualify for sexiest man alive.

"Are you excited to get to our new home my princess?" Marianne broke the stare contest and looked at Rose as they reached the car.

"Mmhmm", Rose replied.

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