When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Fifteen

"She's a very beautiful woman" Raphael said to Lucy when she reached him.

Lucy looked back at Marianne walking towards the car and looked at him again, "Mr Sorrell?" she called as she waved a hand in his face because it was like he was lost in a trans.

Raphael blinked hard and turns to Lucy, "Oui mademoiselle, have you come to complain?" he asked gently and curiously.

"Why would I come to complain? It's not like you have been indirectly harassing my patient" Lucy said with sarcasm.

Raphael thought for a second and realized how ignorant he had been, losing two people in one year can really take a toll on your brain. He squeezed his soft dark lips inwards and offered to apologize to Marianne while she was still around.

"I don't think that's a good idea Mr. Sorrell, she seems really upset. Maybe you should give her some time okay?" Lucy insisted.

Raphael agrees and asks, "But how will I see her when she calms down?"

Lucy got a pen and paper from her pocket and wrote down her address for him, "Here is where we're going to be, I'll also leave my number so that you call ahead. Give her at least a week, Mr. Sorrell, at least a week okay?" she repeats.

She also couldn't help but ask, "What is it with you and them anymore, do you know them from somewhere?"

"Not at all, we've never crossed paths. C'est la petit fille, she has a big heart and I'm pretty sure her mother has a lot to do with that. But anyway, as soon as I apologize I will never show my face again as she has requested, I must keep my word as a gentleman" he says.

"Okay so here you are" she hands the piece of paper containing her address and number to him, says goodbye and quickly heads to her car where Marianne and Rose had been waiting.


Lucy pulls up into the drive way of an enormous house after opening the gate with the click of a button, Marianne finally understood what Lucy was trying to say when she insisted on helping around the house. The ground was covered with designed bricks and a fountain at the center to enable cars park easily around it, and there happened to be a car already parked on the other side of the fountain right in front of the house. Another car that Marianne really admires,a Range Rover Velar in matte grey.

"You've got to be kidding me" Lucy says as she parks the car.

A fine looking man was waiting right in front of his beautiful car, leaning back for support. He wore a charcoal grey suit, Bolvaint shoes and a Rolex on his wrist. His outfit alone could buy Marianne's former car, he had a little bit of after shave to look a little savage with a hint of sexy but had to keep up the gentleman figure. Marianne was definitely blown away by how a man can take care of himself that way, he lifted himself of the hood of his car and stood feet apart with hands in his pocket as he waited for Lucy to get out of the car.

Lucy turned the car off and releases herself quickly from her sit belt and rushes out, she did a little jog and jumped on the fine gentleman as he received her with arms open wide and full of joy. "Maybe a boyfriend?" Marianne thought to herself.

"Mommy who's that?" Rose leaned a little forward to see and asked her mother.

"I don't know sweetie, maybe he's a friend" Marianne answers.

Lucy returns with all smiles, gets Rose's wheelchair from the boot and opens the door for Rose to help her out. "Come on out love, there's someone I'd love for you to meet" she tells Marianne and completely out of breath.

Marianne chuckles and looks for her purse before she opens the door, Lucy gets Rose out in flash and heads towards the man as Marianne was finally getting out of the car.

"George, I'd like you to meet my new roommate. Rose, this is my favorite brother" she introduces him.

George replies with a laugh, "Lucy I'm your only brother". He squats to get a closer look at Rose and was moved by her cuteness, "well aren't you the prettiest girl I've ever had the pleasure of meeting" he said as he shook her hand.

"And this is Marianne, Rose's mom and my new friend" Lucy said as Marianne came and stood right beside her daughter.

George looked up and immediately changed the look on his face, he seemed shocked for some reason but smiled right after that so as not to scare any of Lucy's guests. He extended a hand of greeting and said, "George, nice to meet you".

Marianne smiled and replied, "Pleasure"

"George is my elder brother, I was not expecting him at all" Lucy said.

George turns to Lucy and looks at her like she's suffering from memory loss, "You know the drill every month Lucy" he reminds her.

Lucy covers her forehead with her hand as it all started to make sense again, George would visit every month with food supplies and beverages for Lucy. He took it upon himself to make sure she has everything she needed all the time as long as he was around, when he travels out of the country George would send her more than enough money for her needs.

"See what I meant?" Lucy asks Marianne.

Marianne nods and squeezes her lips inwards as she realizes how hard it will be to become of help instead of just laying around doing nothing, "I will find something" Marianne chuckles.

George raises an eyebrow in curiosity and wondered what the ladies were talking about, Lucy looked at him and told him, "It's our little secret" she raised a shoulder at him and started to push Rose towards the house. "You brought everything in that car?" Lucy asked George.

Before he could answer, a hoot sounded at the front gate. They all looked in the direction the hoot was coming from and were shocked to see a huge truck parked on the other side of the gate, everyone but George were taken by surprise.

"That's where the food is" George says as he points towards the truck.

Lucy smiles at him, "You're amazing".

"I know" he replies with a smirk.

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