When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Sixteen

Marianne walked into Lucy’s house /her new home and is welcomed with a wonderful lavender fragrance coming from the air fresheners that were installed on the walls and all sorts of beautiful colors, but that was just the wall way. On the left was the white and grey kitchen, on the right was the living room. The sofas were C shaped and light purple in color with grey and silver cushions. The seventy five inch flat screen smart TV was mounted above a TV stand fully decorated with crystals, sculptures and other assorted things. Rose was so excited she nearly leaped from her chair and Marianne was still blown away by the fact that they would be living there from there on.

Marianne still didn’t feel comfortable knowing she would not be of help around the house, with a house that big, Lucy obviously had maids that did everything. Maybe she could cook the meals everyday because that was the only thing left on the list, but that was if Lucy herself would approve.

“Your house is beautiful Lucy” Marianne told Lucy as she was still spinning around slowly to get a good view of everything.

Lucy pushes Rose all the way to the sofas and lifted her off the wheelchair to set her on the mid section of the sofa, she handed Rose a remote control and turned on the TV for her to browse through the channels she wanted. “George insisted that he bought me one, my salary alone couldn’t pay rent at the house I was living in before. But I decorated it so thank you” she smiles as she answers.

“But if the salary wasn’t enough, why do you work anyway?” Marianne asked.

“I like to keep busy, plus I get to help people” Lucy raised her shoulders and tilted her head in response and headed out side to help with offloading of the food from the truck.

George raises a hand as they meet at the door with Lucy and asked, “since when did they ever need your help to offload, turn around and sit with your guests” he insisted.

Lucy rolled her eyes at George and returned to Marianne, who surprisingly, was still standing in shock wondering how a house could be so big and beautiful. “My love you need to sit down, you have not fully recovered and you look tired” Lucy held Marianne’s arm, pulled her to the sofa and sat with her and Rose. “George always supervises the offloading so that nothing is left behind and handles the final payments for transporting the food, it use to be annoying but I got used to it and I get to use my salary to buy my favorite things like books you know?” Lucy elaborated to give better understanding.

“You read books?” Marianne asked with a delight in her tone.

“Of course, I even have a library. I’ll show you when we’re all settled okay? Oh! And I took the liberty of carefully putting your things in order in your room, I didn’t touch the valuables (meaning Marianne’s undies)” Lucy said.

“The library is a definite must see and thank you so much again Lucy, you don’t know how much of a relief it is to be very far away from Greg and here with you. Your big heart will surely be rewarded” Marianne said as she held Lucy’s hand and shed tears.

“Sweetie I’m already being rewarded, I don’t have to be alone anymore and that’s enough for me. Now stop crying, you’re going to make me cry too” Lucy wipes her tears away and gives Marianne a hug.

George comes in and smiles at Marianne, who was facing in his direction during the hug. “What a touching scene, did Lucy just tell you she’s lucky to have you here?” he asked Marianne.

“Yes” Marianne chuckles.

“I think she's lucky too, no more lonely binge watching unnecessary series alone” he looked at Lucy to get her reaction and Lucy squinted her eyes at him and raised a fist at him. “But you and your daughter look like good company so I REALLY think she's lucky” he emphasizes.

"Stop embarrassing me bro" Lucy complains to George.

"Hey sis, can we have a minute to talk outside?" George goes serious all of a sudden.

"Am I in trouble?" Lucy buried her face in her shoulder and looked at him with questioning eyes.

"Did you do anything wrong?" He smirked as he answered her question with a question and headed to the door to wait for her.

"I hate when he does that" Lucy said to Marianne and excused herself.

George walks to his car and Lucy followed right behind, "What's this about bro, am I really in trouble?" Lucy asked again.

George looked at her and laughed, "Why are you always guilty, you always getting in some trouble?" He asked her.

"No, I just thought you might be upset about me bring a couple of strangers to my house" She said to him.

"I'm actually happy they're here.." George replies to Lucy.

"You are?" Lucy answers with surprise in her face.

"Yah, they don't look dangerous and you've needed company for a long time so this will be good for you and you know I want the best for you" George put a hand on her shoulder and told her with so much relief in his tone... "Besides, who knows, with time you might love each other like sisters and aunt and niece" he said with a lot of sarcasm but in a girlish way.

Lucy brushed his hand off her shoulder and gave him a gentle push which ended up in her pushing herself back due the strength George had in his huge hard to contain muscles, George laughed and pointed at the truck that was being offloaded to show that the men who were offloading the food were done.

"I'm going to settle the bill and we can continue this talk right after, stay where you are okay" he ordered Lucy.

'Yes Sir, George Sir" she saluted and leaned on his car while she folded her arms.

George rolled his eyes at her and continued to the truck to settle the bill for transport and make a program for next delivery, making sure that Lucy is well fed was one of his never failed missions. But one question pressed his mind and he wondered how long he could keep it to himself, "Could this really be it, do I speak up now or wait for the right moment? But what is the right moment?" George thought to himself.

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