When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Seventeen

George finished with the transportation guys and saw them off, as he was returning to his sister his phone rang. It was his company's secretary Jane all the way from China, he ignored the call and said to himself that he'd call after talking to Lucy because it couldn't wait. Jane called again and that was what alarmed George, she would never call again if it wasn't important. So George picked the call, "Yes Jane, is there a problem?" he asks.

Lucy heard him ask Jane what was wrong and all of a sudden George stopped and turned pale, it was as if he'd seen a ghost, "George is everything okay?" Lucy walked to him and asked which such concern.

"Okay I'm on my way, everything will be fine", George assured his secretary and cut the line. "I have to go, there's been a slight set back at the shipping company and if I don't get there as soon as possible my company is history" he told Lucy as he rushed to the car to start it. He quickly wrote out a check and handed it to her.

Lucy received with ease because she knew it was her monthly allowance but was shocked to see more zeros on it, "Why all this George?" she asked him.

George turns on the car and gets comfortable as he replies, "I don't know what your guests eat, especially the little one. Take them shopping and get them whatever they want okay, if it cuts in your allowance then let me know and I'll send immediately" he instructs her.

"But your company, should you be spending this much when it's on the rocks?" Lucy felt guilty and almost returned his check until she heard his reply.

"Come on Lucy, I still have more than twenty others. Now come and give your big bro a kiss so I can take my leave" he boastfully says and extends a hand to receive her kiss.

Lucy rolled her eyes, hugged him and gave him a kiss on his cheek, "you are the best brother you know?" she told him.

"I know" he responds with a smirk and closes the door. He rolled down his window and winked at Lucy, "I just want to find out what happened to your friend, we shall discuss when I return alright?" he told Lucy.

"No problem bro, safe trip. I love you" Lucy waved as he drove off.


"Do you like it here my princess?" Marianne, who was standing by the counter in the kitchen asked Rose as she watched one of her favorite shows.

"Mmhmm" she responded with a nod of the head as her attention was focused on the television.

"Oh yeah? Well we're gonna have lots of fun now that you're here" Lucy says as she walks through the door and closes it after her. "What are you doing?" she asks when she sees Marianne standing in the kitchen trying to sort things out.

"I'm trying to put everything away, I need to do something" Marianne answers.

"You're right, resting. You haven't fully recovered and I'm your nurse so I want you to sit here and relax while I prepare a nice dinner for us all", Lucy says as she holds Marianne by the hand and leads her to one of the islands stools.

Marianne wanted to protest but she still had pain in her body she was trying to fight, standing around was not going to help at all.

"My brother had an emergency in China, one of his shipping companies but it'll be okay. He's pretty smart", Lucy explains while sorting things out.

Marianne was shocked at how normal it felt to say 'one of' for Lucy, she wished she'd be privileged with multiple sources of income like that. Her businesses weren't permanent, she did them in times of need to get by and at least they worked out.

"Wow, I wish I had a stable company as well. Would've made life a little easier to bare", Marianne says with a low tone.

"Mummy, I'm hungry", Rose called out to her.

"Here you go sweetie", Lucy gets a bag of chips out of one of the grocery bags and reaches out for her to come and receive it. "It won't disturb her appetite right" she tries to get approval from Marianne first before letting go.

"Sure go ahead, I'm sure by the time we're having dinner she'll be hungry again", she extended a hand of approval. But just then, Marianne started feeling sick to her stomach and asked to use Lucy's bathroom real quick. Lucy leads her to the first bathroom and waits for her right out side, Marianne is a little distracted by the practically marble textured bathroom and sits on the lid of the toilet feeling the nausea reducing. She said a little prayer and in the middle of it whatever little food she had stored in her stomach started to reach for air, she quickly got up from the sit and raised the lid, pulled her hair back and let it all out.

"I'm coming in", Lucy signaled with a knock and opened the door.

"I'm fine, really. It's probably the meds, right?", Marianne asked her.

Lucy looks at her with doubt in her face and shook her head, "I've actually been observing you. Come with me", she pulls Marianne by the hand and they both enter a room that seemed to be Lucy's very own personal doctor's office.

Marianne could not believe her eyes, she'd never seen anything like it. Lucy gave that special pink hello kitty touch but that didn't take the hospital feeling out of it, She left her right in front a stretcher kind of bed for her to sit while she searched for a few things at her desk.

"Lucy this it amazing, you're literally the most prepared person I've ever met" Marianne says with astonishment.

Lucy hands her a small cup with a lid, "I need you to pee in this, we're doing a pregnancy test" she says.

Marianne could not believe her ears when Lucy handed the cup and sounded so sure, how could she be pregnant after everything she went through. She reached out for the cup while her eyes were fixed on Lucy not sure of what to say.

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