When the unexpected happens

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Chapter One

"MOM! MOM! MOMMY! MOM!........." Marianne saw lips move yet no sound could be heard, she immediately snapped out of the silence seeing that Rose, her beautiful six year old daughter, needed her attention.

"What is it baby?" Marianne asked.

"You've put too much peanut butter on my slice of bread" Rose pointed at her hand with over spilled peanut butter.

"Oh my goodness", Marianne gasped as she walked over quickly to sink to wash off the excess and dried them with a paper towel..."what a waste" she said with such disappointment.

Marianne had been distracted by the latest development, a pregnancy, unwanted for that matter-not by her though, but by her boyfriend of ten years, six months and 12 days. Greg had always preached about how much of a struggle it is to care for her and their daughter. He was never ready for that responsibility so it always felt like she forced him into parenthood, despite being stable and old enough to have even three. Marianne had been feeling off for a couple of days and she'd never felt that way since rose was on the way, she just had to confirm her suspicion with a home pregnancy test which without a doubt came out positive in clear detail you wouldn't miss it. Her fear of Greg's reaction over shadowed her excitement of having another bundle joy in the family, if you can call it that.

"Mom are you okay?"Rose concerned about her mother places her tiny hand on hers as her mom stood still with both hands leaning against the edge of the sink for support.

Marianne slowly getting out of a trance looks down at her daughter as the warmth of her caring and loving hand transferred some comfort to her, "yes baby, I'm just tired"

"Are you sure mummy? Cause your acting weird" Rose insists.

"Are you calling me a liar?" Marianne says with such humor finally to get her mind of it, picked her of the kitchen floor and gave her multiple kisses on her face as Rose held her mother's neck for good grip. It was such a touching moment, until HE walked into the room and total silence aired the room. "Good morning dear" Marianne greeted.

"What? Oh morning, where's breakfast? I've got an early meeting in an hour." He asks as he searched the plates placed on the table in the kitchen.

"The one you're holding right now, that's yours. Would you like some coffee?" Marianne tries to keep her cool as she is waiting to break the sudden news to Greg.

Greg refuses the offer with a hand gesture and walks out of the kitchen into the living room to turn on the television and watch some early news before getting ready for his meetings, as he takes a bite into his ham, cheese and lettuce sandwich Marianne tries to offer him juice this time to wash down the food or maybe spit out once he hears what she has to tell him.

"Thanks", Greg takes the glass of orange juice eyes still fixed on the what's happening in the news and sets it on the stool right next to the one sitter sofa. There's no way Marianne was getting his attention while the news was on, she tried to pass slowly in front the television like she were picking something up. "Can I watch the news first before you start your usual chores please", he asks so irritated and puts the sandwich down like he's fed up.

"I'm sorry, was just trying to get your attention. I-" Greg cut her off before she could say anything.

"I can't right now, I gotta get ready and leave real quick. Maybe later, or text me if you find the time" he suggests as he walks out going to take a shower, not even taking his plate and glass of juice to the kitchen like a normal well mannered human being.

Marianne felt more anxious now, with every minute passing her heart rate increased it felt as if she'd been out running. She has a few ideas of how he might react to a baby on the way, all of which are not positive at all. But she was already prepared with an action depending on what his answer would be, her mother use to tell her to always be prepared no matter the circumstance. Through out her teenage life she made wrong decisions, one after the other. It's what got her in her relationship in the first place, "five minutes of fun for a lifetime commitment" is what she always tells herself . She never regretted having her little Rose, she was always a blessing, imagine always being reminded that there's someone there for you with every kick in the womb, bliss. And having another on the way she feels more blessed than scared, her only fear is having to do this on her own if he refuses to accept the situation which is most likely to be outcome.

You'd wonder how a woman like her ended up with a self centered man like that, Marianne full in curves weighed an easy seventy five pounds and five two in height. Her slightly tanned Brazilian skin tone complimented her hair color eyes of which both are light brown, hair as soft as the as most expensive wig ever made and lips light pink designed to give the warmest heartfelt kisses. It's funny how low self esteem works, Marianne lost her mum at a very young age and her father was always on business trips leaving her with a grandmother that really had no business raising a child all over again, but she couldn't say no to family. Marianne never had someone to always remind her that she deserved the very best, her father's tirelessly multiple trips should've been proof enough that someone out there was working to keep her alive, under a roof, eating good food, wearing the best clothes and just being responsible for her sake. Without emotional support, it felt like he didn't care.

Marianne quickly cleaned up after Greg and Rose, who happened to be in the living room watching her favorite early morning cartoons. She saw a chance to get at least five minutes with Greg before she started looking for her again, slowly she tip toed to the bedroom and quietly closed the door behind her.

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