When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Three

Night fell and Marianne had been feeling so good about herself all day since Greg's sudden change of hearts towards a surprise pregnancy she thought would end up bad,"maybe he remembered how blessed we were to have Rose" she thought to herself. She'd been cleaning all day while Rose was at her friend's house next door playing, she had so much so much energy a five mile marathon would be a breeze.

She Vacuumed and mopped all around, cleaned every dish in site, put clothes in the washer and dried them outside cause her mother use to say,"what better way to kill germs than with the scotching sun?" she always had the strangest theories. Marianne spread the clothes on her and Greg's bed and headed back into the kitchen to continue preparing a special meal for supper, her mood leaned towards spaghetti and meatballs and she was probably the best at preparing this dish because they'd always be second servings. Rose finally came back at four and Marianne ran a bath for her while she undressed in her room.

"Your bath's ready baby girl!" Marianne called out to Rose

Rose immediately emerged from her room holding her body towel in place just above her chest like a grown up. It was so adorable,"thank you Mommy".

Marianne started putting the food away in warmers, washed the dishes she used to cook and already started setting the table so Greg would find it done when he arrives and he mentioned he'd be back earlier so it had to be quick. She took his offer of asking for whatever she wanted on his way back so she did and asked for a vanilla milkshake and a burger with extra mayo.

As soon as she was done washing the dishes, Rose called out to her,"Mommy, I'm done".

"Alright baby I'm coming", she rinsed her hands, dried them and headed to the bathroom to retrieve her and take her to her room and set her next to the night wear she'd already placed when Rose went to take her bath. A cute suit with Olaf from Frozen printed on the front of her top and all over the bottom,"how's your friend?" Marianne asked Rose as she dressed her up.

"Her name's Suzy Mum", Rose corrects her knowing she always forgets her friends name.

"I knew that silly",she pinched her nose and chuckled.

Rose had the cutest laugh it always made Marianne's heart skip a beat, Marianne thought of taking advantage of the moment to tell her little princess that she was gonna be a big sister but was interrupted with a call from the front door.

"Honey I'm home", hearing that gave her more joy she felt like she was walking in mid air. She can't even remember the last time she was called a sweet nickname, well it didn't matter now that everything seems to be picking up from where they left off five years ago.

Marianne hurried to the door to help him carry whatever he came back with as usual and noticed a huge paper bag from burger king and immediately let out a small smile of appreciation,"is that mine?" she asked.

"Of course dear, I'll put everything down myself this time. You just go and sit in the living room, put your feet up and I'll serve you with what I got you alright. I'll just do a quick change and be right back." He insisted and hurried to the bedroom as she did what he told her to do.

"Someone pinch me, how did he just change over night? Could it be true that babies bring people together?" she thought to herself as she held her still flat tummy.

"Is your stomach paining Mommy?" Rose asks with concern.

Forgetting that her daughter was right next her, he immediately took her hand off her tummy and smiled at her,"I'm awesome my love, are you hungry?"

Rose hesitated with a nod because she didn't want to leave her favorite show,"Can I eat here Mummy? Please." She put both hands together like she were begging.

"I'll allow it only for today", Marianne accepted. With her really bright mood she could even ask if she can throw plates around and she'd gladly accept.

Greg came out of the room wearing more comfortable clothes and wore his house shoes that were placed right at entrance of the living room and briefly sat next their daughter and wrapped her in his arms,"hey Rose, how was your day?"

Eyes glued to her program, Rose answered as though she were bothered,"it was fine Daddy, I'm busy".

Luckily he understood that it was just the show she was trying to follow, Greg chuckled and turned to Marianne and asked her if Rose had already eaten.

"I was just about serve her, she wants to eat here while watching TV".

"Alright", Greg helps her up as though she were fragile cargo, which she obviously is now and they both walk to other side of the room where the kitchen and dinning were combined,"you can give her food and i'll set your things here, I hope you like them."

"I'm sure I will", Marianne says as she serves their little princess, day dreaming still a little shocked at how he's behaving. But how long will it last?

Marianne gives Rose her food and hands over her favorite fork, pink in color with purple flowers printed all over it. She heads back to the table anxious to try out her burger and milkshake, sits right next to Greg and helps him to serve himself while he gets her milkshake that was put in the fridge to stay cool. Marianne finally gets comfortable and opens the packaging in which the burger came, it was still hot and dripping of it's glorious juices, the smell so inviting she couldn't wait any longer. She took a huge bite out of it and closed her eyes for a few seconds to feel every flavor dancing on her taste buds, she opened her eyes and saw Greg staring at her so amused at her reaction and she giggled with embarrassment with her hand over mouth holding a serviette. "This is probably the best burger I've had the privilege of eating, we should get these more often."

"Anything for you dear. Try the milkshake, they said it's the most ordered milkshake in town." Greg hands it to her and lifts it towards her mouth.

Marianne takes a big sip and falls in love with it immediately,"oh my goodness, I see why it's the most ordered milkshake. Thank you so much for getting me this meal honey, you're the best". She continues with her burger as he enjoys the Spaghetti and meatballs with a little hum in his tone to show how much he loves his meal.

Marianne suddenly feels cramps and holds her tummy,"I don't think the baby agrees with this meal as much as I do" she whispers and runs straight to the hallway rest room to remove everything she just ate and more.

Greg followed her a little later to see how she was doing but she was still vomiting until suddenly her biggest fear came to light, blood. Greg got down on his knees and asked her what they should do with such fear in his eyes.

"We need to go to a clinic now....!" She yelled and got up quickly to start preparing, she was so scared her entire body was shaking and she was losing it. As she reached for one of her hand bags everything turned pitch black, all she heard was a faint voice calling out to her until she was completely unconscious.

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