When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Five

The nurse finally let Greg in though not so willingly, stood by the door for a good minute while he walked in and approached the bed Marianne was on. Greg sat back on the stool he’d been sitting on before he left and held Marianne’s hand.

“It’s going to be okay, I’m here for you”, he assured her.

Nothing anyone can say could change Marianne’s mood, the only thing she wanted was to have her baby back, but that wasn’t possible. For the past two days she’d been planning out his or her future, where she’d give birth, what kind of clothes the baby would be wearing, what school or food to consider etc. Now what? Does she just continue like nothing ever happened? Must she forget what could’ve been a second child? She turned to look over at the sofa where Rose had been sleeping, “my little Rose” she thought to herself, “Mummy’s going to be strong just for you”.

Amazingly a little smile managed to grace her pale face and added some light to the room, Greg thought she was beginning to loosen up and stood up to give her a hug and said, “I knew you’d come around”.

Marianne just sat there unmoved and waited for her daughter to wake, of which she did finally.

“Mummy?” Rose’s first thought as she woke up, she run to Marianne’s bed side and attempted to climb to reach up to her mother. Marianne freed herself from the clutches of Greg’s meaningless hug, extended her arms towards their daughter and lifted her up to receive the warm hug Rose was preparing for her. Marianne held on so tight like her life depended on that cute genuine hug, Rose lifted her head to her mum’s face and finally asked, “What happened mummy? Did you not like the nice food daddy bought for you?” she asked with confusion and curiosity mixed in her face.

Nurse Lucy, Who was still standing at the door in observance, looked at Marianne with more suspicion and almost dared to ask Greg what he put in her food. Marianne gave a quick shake of the head to signal the nurse not to do or say anything to cause drama or raise unnecessary fights, knowing Greg, he would disrespect every inch of her until they were kicked out.

“I don’t really like milkshake”, Marianne crinkled her nose, smiled and answered Rose who was still waiting for a response.

"I don't like it either, it makes you sick and I get very sad." Rose said to her mother.

"Oh my darling, I'm so sorry about that okay, no more scares I promise" Marianne ran her hand through Rose's rich and healthy brunette hair that sat just perfectly on her shoulders and leaned back to rest her back after a long painful day. She turned to the nurse and asked, "when can we leave?"

Lucy raised her eyebrows and raised a finger of her free hand to indicate that she'll only be a minute and left the room.

Marianne held Rose in her arms while they waited for the nurse to come back and give them feedback, she was hopping Greg wouldn't say a word until they got home but alas it was just impossible for a man who felt entitled to give his opinion at any given time.

He came up to her head, placed a soft kiss on her forehead and brushed his hand through her very black long and shiny hair. "What can I get you? You must be feeling weak after all that was removed." he asked her.

After what she went through with the possibility of him being the cause, Marianne wasn't gonna receive anything edible from him again. She opened her eyes and gave him a suspicious look while Rose had her head facing the other side rested on her chest, "I'm fine" she said calmly.

And the nurse walked in right when he was about to ask Rose the same question,"alrighty you guys, you're good to go. You seem a bit weak so I took the liberty of ordering you something nice from our cafeteria and some fruits to bring back that energy we so desperately need back, it'll be waiting for you at the front desk." Lucy quickly explained as she gently took Marianne of the drip and helped her out of the hospital bed as Greg stood aside with Rose right by his side, she helped gather her things and get organised and whispered to Marianne,"if you ever need help you know where to find me alright?".

"Mummy let's go." Rose requests impatiently.

Marianne looks at her, nods her head and turns back to the nurse to thank her for everything "you've been so kind, I feel so much better. Thank you" she squeezed the nurse's hand as she picked her bag and headed for the door. Marianne extended her hand towards Rose and Rose quickly walked to her mother to hold her mother's hand and they left the room all together. Indeed her package was waiting for her at the front desk and with sudden hunger she grabbed it and took a peak to see what she could nibble on immediately.

"Wow", Greg looked at her so shocked after she refused his proposal of getting her something,"anyway i'll settle the bill and get something for Rose, what would you like sweety?"he bent down to hear her response up close.

"A chocolate cake daddy," she said with so much excitement.

"Alright my darling," he winked and headed to do what he said.

Marianne and Rose sat in the waiting room as Greg was settling the bill then he headed to the cafeteria to get Rose's cake, sitting two sits away from them was a man staring into the distance with his elbows resting on his knees and his hands in a fist pressed against his lips. Even though he looked devastated, Marianne could not ignore the perfectly crafted structure of his face and body, she'd never noticed a man like this since her first years with Greg. The man had short brunette hair with light brown highlights, a strong jawline and a body one might describe as that of a god. Even in his work suit, you could see his huge muscles bulge through his coat. "Enough of that" Marianne thought to herself,"he looks so sad".

Rose noticed that her mother had been staring at the sad man and got down from her sit to offer him a fruit that she removed the bag they had prepared for them, lifted it towards him and said, "here you go, mummy has a lot, it's for energy" she gave him that sweet smile that always melted Marianne.

He snapped out of whatever thought he had, looked at Rose with such surprise and put a hand out to receive the fruit offered to him, a tear rolled down his cheek, "such a beautiful soul, merci petit" he said to her with a faint smile.

"You're welcome", Rose replied as she headed back to her sit next to her mother.

"I'm sorry, she does this a lot", Marianne apologized to the man.

"No need madame, she has a beautiful heart. You cherish that", he answered

Marianne received the message and nodded, she couldn't help but wonder why he was so sad so she dared ask, "I'm so sorry for sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, but why are you here? You look really devastated".

The man looked at the floor first before gathering the courage to respond, "I just lost my daughter in a terrible accident". He stood up to leave the room at once and left Marianne in suspense, not that it was any of her business.

"How tragic" Marianne said to herself.

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