When the unexpected happens

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Chapter Six

Marianne was staring in the direction in which the man left and stopped to think about how he could be feeling, he didn’t look that old so his daughter couldn’t have been in her teens yet unless otherwise. Just the thought of losing a child you already have memories with sent chills down her spine and made her feel even worse for the sad man. Greg mysteriously appears out of nowhere and asked her what she’d been thinking of cause it pretty much looked like she had zoned out for a moment.

“Nothing, did you get the get the cake?” Marianne asked him as she started to pick up her belongings and held Rose’s hand to get up.

“All out can you believe that honey”, he looked at Rose trying to show disappointment in his face.


While Greg was on his way to the counter where he had spotted very attractive delicious looking chocolate cakes through the glass counter, walking towards the counter he bumped into one of the nurses and she accidentally dropped the food she’d been carrying on a tray.

“Oh damn. I am so sorry miss, how clumsy of me I probably wasn’t looking where I was....” he paused for a second as he took a minute to admire the sexy nurse that grabbed his attention and probably half his brain, “looking” he finally finished his apology. Luckily everything placed on the tray were packed in zip locks so nothing needed a five second rule marathon, so he helped pick everything up and assisted her in standing as well.

“That’s okay, we all make mistakes”, her voice so seductive it sent Greg to the moon and back. She turned to place her food on the table, in that moment her uniform did nothing for her self respect she intentionally bent over a bit to push the tray to the other side of the table and turned back to Greg who was still stunned by the curves presented right in front of him. “You lose something?” she asked as she looked at herself then looked at him with a smirk.

Embarrassed that he was caught gawking at her, he blushed but hid it with the lift of an eyebrow and covered up by giving compliments. “How could I possibly not stare when God has graced me with such a site?” he asked so plainly and expected her to be speechless, who wouldn’t be? Who uses such pick up lines nowadays?

Not impressed by his lame compliment, she still felt a little flattered that he was trying so she humoured him. “You’re cute, what are doing here? Someone died? Sick?” she asked.

“No matter, just trying to get a chocolate cake for my little girl,” he said so proudly.

“How sweet, you’re married?” she asked expecting to be disappointed.

“No I’m just a father dedicated to seeing his daughter happy, that’s all” he tried to change the topic.

The nurse smiled and moved in a bit closer as to show her sudden interest in him and reached into her pocket to remove a business card designed by herself in case someone needed it for her services, and he looked like he wanted and needed it indeed. Greg received it and put it in his shirt pocket and smirked. He stepped away after realizing they were too close and Marianne could walk in unexpectedly, “I’ll definitely call if I mysteriously get sick and need a personal nurse to attend to me”.

She sent him a seductive smile as she walked to other side of the table to sit down and finally have her meal, he quickly left the cafeteria back to the waiting room where Marianne and Rose were waiting for him to leave.

And now...

Rose felt sad she didn’t get the cake she wanted but nothing could be done so she asked her mother for a fruit from her parcel, Marianne gave her an apple that was in a plastic bag just above a box of spaghetti and meatballs-how sweet of Lucy. Marianne closed the bag again, held Rose’s hand and followed Greg out the door to the car park, they got in their SUV, legally owned by Marianne through her few small side businesses. A cute vox wagon, army green in color and black velvet seats, so much comfort. Greg quickly walked up to open the door for Marianne to score some points before reaching home and get a smile out of her but all he got was a glance of despise as she entered the car after helping Rose get in the back sit and into her sit belt.

He closed the door after she entered and hurried to the other side to get in and started the car, he turned it off and turned to her.

“Are you okay?” he asked her in frustration.

Marianne gave him a side look and nodded, “I’m just hungry, can we get home fast so I can enjoy my well prepared meal?” she pleaded.

“Yeah daddy I want to go home already” Rose agrees with her mum.

Greg looks at Rose and smiles and back at Marianne, pats her thigh and starts the car. Just as he put the car in reverse nurse Lucy came to Marianne’s window and knocked to get her attention and stop the motion the car had already started, Marianne’s face lit with happiness and rolled down her window.

“I’m sorry if startled you, I thought a little Rose might want a little treat, I over heard her request and felt so terrible when she couldn’t have it”, She said as she lifted her other hand revealing a little see through pack with a slice of chocolate cake in it.

“Were you watching us the whole time?” Marianne asked jokingly as she received the cake and handed it over to Rose in the back. Rose’s face lit as well as her mothers and extended both hands to receive the cake while legs wiggled in excitement, she placed it in her laps and couldn't stop staring at the pack. “What do you say?” Marianne asked Rose who seemed to be lost in the cake before even eating it.

Rose looked up with a bright smile on her face and looked at Lucy through Marianne’s left shoulder, “thank you nurse Lucy, I love it” she said with such a cute little voice it melted Lucy’s heart.

“Oh, don’t mention it. You’re my favorite person now so any time you feel like visiting I’ll keep a cake for you alright?” she held her chest where her heart’s suppose to be and appreciated the gratitude.

“We better get going now, thank you again”, Marianne said smiling at Lucy.

“Of course love, you guys get home safe alright?” she bids them farewell as the car continues to reverse and exits the parking lot. Greg was left speechless after seeing what just happened but wondered how he was going to explain not finding the cake in the first place, but that was probably a topic for when they got home.

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