My Best Friend

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Addison Nicole Davis, that's her name. Addison never really understood the concept of love. Taking a look at her past relationships... well... there not that great. But when Addison meets Hunter... her whole life is changed... their journey if full of happiness... Sadness... Her life is twisted when her ex-boyfriend... Jackson "comes back from the dead" as they say... She then sleeps with her school mate... Lucas and her's and Hunters' relationship is flipped upside down. No one knows if their relationship will survive.

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Chapter 1

Not everything in life is perfect.

You lose things and gain things. That's what Addison Davis believed.

She went through many things in her life and was changed in every way possible.


" Dad I'm gonna be late," I yell grabbing my phone and shoving it in my pocket.

I was an ordinary girl. Besides the fact that I was depressed.

I don't know why I became this way but I wish it would stop.

I put on a smile and run to the door.

" Honey you don't need to sleep that late," My dad says grabbing his keys.

I don't say anything instead I turn and grab my jacket.

I follow my dad outside and sit in his car. I stare out my window and sigh.

I am suddenly shaken and turn to see my dad.

" Oh sorry I must have dozed off," I say giving him a small smile.

He smiles back and hugs me.

I wave and jump out.

" Addi!" I hear someone yell my name.

I turn and see a smiling Hannah rushing towards me.

" Hey," I say wrapping my arms around her.

She pulls away and her eyes focus on something behind me.

" Hannah could you stop staring it's weird," I say before we both lose it.

She grabs my hand and drags me into the bathroom.

" Addi, Hunter is back," She whispers.

" You mean the one who dated Victoria?" I ask.

She nods and I smirk.

" Nope, not happening," I say putting my hands up knowing what she was gonna say next.

" Come on Addi I want yall to be friends," She says practically begging.

" I'll think about it," I say rolling my eyes.

A smile forms on her lips as I start walking away.

I open the door and start walking towards Homeroom.

I am halfway there when I am pushed to the floor.

I turn and see a surprised Hunter. He holds his hand out and I reluctantly take it.

" Sorry about that," He says rubbing the back of his head nervously.

" No, don't apologize," I say smiling at him.

" I'm Hunter by the way," He says as I shake his hand.

" Addison," I say slowly letting my hand fall to my side.

" Um, could we hang out sometime?" He asks and I nearly fall backward.

" I mean sure," I say pulling out my phone.

We exchange numbers and go our separate ways.

End of the day

I pack my bag and head towards the door.

I hear snickering and stop in my tracks.

Anger courses through my veins.

I think about slapping Vicki but I decide against it and keep walking.

I make it to the bus lot and meet Hannah.

" So did you think about it?" She asks hope in her voice.

" Yeah," I say before sighing.

" Soooo..." She says punching my arm.

" I'll try to be his friend," I say surprised that it came out so easily.

" Yay!!" She shouts but I quickly shut her up.

We walk to the bus and take our seats.

I daze off again and Hannah shakes me.

I jump and realize that it is my stop.

I shake my head.

" Bye Hannah, call you later," I say walking off the bus.

I need more sleep.

I walk the block to my house and open the door. I throw my book bag next to the door and walk to my room.

I lay on my bed and drift off to sleep.

I wake up and sneak to the kitchen.

I grab a coke and my phone vibrates. I pull it out of my pocket and realize it's from an unknown number.

I press accept and bring the phone to my ear.

" Yes?" I say in a questioning way.

" Yes Addi, it's Hunter," I smile at the mention of his name.

" Hey," I say quietly.

" So I was wondering if I could come over tomorrow to study?" He asks.

" Sure," I said smiling like an idiot.

" Ok, well I gotta go to sleep, goodnight," He says and hangs up.

I sigh and walk back to my room.

I put my phone on the charger and lay back down.

I soon drift off to sleep.

The Next Day

I sit up and smile.

I jump up and run to my closet.

I pull out my jumper and put it on. I pull out my phone and text him.

' Hey, what time are u coming?'

I set my phone down and walk to the kitchen.

I open the fridge and grab a muffin.

" Wow, I didn't know you eat such small breakfasts," I jump at the sound of his voice.

" How did you get in here?" I ask shocked.

" Your mom said you were sleeping so I watched you sleep like a princess," He says smirking at me.

" Ugh," I say walking to the sink.

I feel someone touch the small of my back.

I turn my head and realize how close we were.

" Let me cook for you," He says his hand on my chin.

" Dude, stop doing that," I say pulling away.

He smirks and I put the muffin back.

" Ok," He says grabbing the eggs from out of the fridge.

I sit down at the table and check my Instagram.

I silently sneak a photo of him cooking.

" Hey, do you mind if I post this?" I ask facing my phone towards him.

" Sure," He says giving me a warm smile showing his dimples.

I look at my phone and caption it.

' My night in shining armor cooking me breakfast😂'

I laugh and set my phone down.

He finishes with my food and sets the plate in front of me.

I smile at him and eat.

After I'm done eating I walk to my room.

" So what do you wanna study?" I ask.

" Um, you," He says and we both lose it.

It goes on like this until it was time for him to leave.

" I had fun today," Hunter says hugging me.

" Same," I whisper inhaling his scent.

He walks towards his car and drives away.

I smile.

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