My Beautiful Reality

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Chapter 2

After such a long day at work, I was driven home by the CEO’s driver, however, Oh Jeon-Gi left work before me.

And now I sit here. On my bed. Staring at the wall.

While having no friends keeps my life, less climactic, heartbreak-less, it also keeps it boring. The thought crept into my mind. Perhaps I made a friend today. I dropped my hand on my phone slackly. Drawing it over to me avoiding actually picking it up. My arms were quite sore from the heavy lifting I had done carrying boxes of files from the basement to the CEO’s office. I moaned as I raised my arms with the phone in my hand.

I opened my messenger to click on the unnamed contact that sat under the named contact “Oh Jeon-Gi”. I wasn’t enthusiastic but I was bored and I had decided that I should make real friends. Companions that couldn’t be deleted with one click. “hi” I typed. I looked at the time to guess if she might still be awake. I let my phone rest on my stomach until seconds late my phone vibrated. I lifted it up unveiling Ok Soon-Ja’s kind reply. “hi, are you still at work?”

“no” I replied. “are you?”

“I have to go.” She returned suddenly. I pouted, as my wrist weakened and collapsed. I let out a deep sigh. Maybe Seol-Mi is awake. I sat up as the thought came to my head. It sounded interesting in my head but my face showed no interest. I nearly dragged myself out of my room. I rested my hand on the handle of my door. Though I wasn’t really touching the handle I was truly touching the sweater I had hung earlier, when I “cleaned” my room. I pulled the door handle and was faced with darkness. All the lights were off except for a slightly glistening light emanating from the bottom of the stairs. I took one step from my room and heard a creak. The next steps I took were light, as I was trying to sneak down the stairs without awaking the person on the floor below.

When I got to the top stair, I tucked my phone away, which I had forgotten was in my hand, in my right pocket; before squatting down on the step. From there, I scooched down each step. And at this point, I could see that the light was coming from my sister’s room, even though earlier I was sure that it was my father sleeping on the couch with a bag of chips in his arms.

At the second to the bottom step, I was able to simply step off and swung into my sister’s open room. I was still wary of my heavy feet, continually trying to be as light as a feather. Seol-Mi didn’t pass out watching her computer very often. However, she works hard. Seol-Mi is a surgical resident at Yongsan. She always comes home tired, or she doesn’t come home for days at a time.

From the looks of it, she fell asleep trying to turn it off - see as to how her hand is hovering over the mouse pad. I chuckled and found myself closing it for her. I placed her hand next of the one that supported her head. The laptop was placed in her bag where she usually puts it to watch when she has to stay over-night.

I then started backing from the room trying to be silent still. Though I am so unlucky that when I was nearly out, my phone rang for god knows what reason. I panicked. And swung the door closed and answered the phone all within a second. I took a deep breath before bringing the speaker to my ear. The words: “Hello?” continuously rang through the phone.

“Yes?” I questioned.

“Kim Woo-Mi?” The voice of the CEO asked.

“Yes, CEOnim.”

He took a sigh and asked, “Did I wake you?”

I chuckled before dismissing his misconception. “Of course not! I haven’t even gone to sleep yet.”

“Oh, good.”

A heavy silence came after he responded. If this was the only reason he called then I brush burned my foot for no reason then it was necessary. In an attempt to speed the conversation I asked him though I was actually reminding him of the reason he called me. “Oh Jeon-Gi,” He hm-ed over the phone. “So, why did you call?”

“Oh! I wanted to let you know that my driver will pick you up at 7:00 so you can be at my penthouse on time.” I licked my lips.

He called me the most unimportant reason.

I nearly snapped but kept it together and spoke out with a smile. “CEOnim. Please don’t call me unless you truly have to after work hours. Thank you!” After that, I ended the call and went back to my room.

In my room, I thought about not going to sleep. But I knew that work would be stressful from my second day forward. And even more stressful if I was tired. So I slipped off my slippers and buried myself under my thick pink and grey striped comforter. I closed my eyes thinking I would start feeling sleepy, but after that thought, I started thinking about my day.

Why were those girls so scared of me being Oh Jeon-Gi’s secretary?

When I turned on my right side I continued thinking about the idea. Is there something I don’t know? I just need to go to sleep! I closed my eyes while attempting to clear my mind. I wasn’t truly clearing my mind I didn’t notice that while clearing my mind...I was thinking about him! My mysteriously kind boss. It’s stereotypical right? Thinking about your boss is normal, right? Oh my goodness! I need to stop!

I squinted my eyes and open them hope for the last time this night, however when I opened them I couldn’t close them again. They were fixed on what was in front of me. I squealed and pulled my comforters off of me. I jumped off my bed quickly trying to stay away from whatever was now laying in my bed. I rubbed my eyes to see if I was delusional. But I wasn’t. I stared at the peacefully sleeping on the left side of my bed.

How did this happen? I have never been able to do something like this.

In case you’re wondering, I develop powers. But powers are only given to me when something climatic in my life happens. Therefore I have only developed powers 2 times in my life; When I learned to read I received the power feel the feelings of actual writings. Feel the scenes, everything.! When I learned to write I received the power to experience my own writings. I don’t know what power this is. And I don’t know why I am receiving it now!

I covered my seeming un closeable mouth. As I approached Oh Jeon-Gi. I tiptoed to the edge of my bed. Reached over to his hair and brushed it over to see if his compelling eyes look different when shut. His hair was wet. Which is probably why I suddenly smelled vanilla shampoo in the air. I pouted my lips. “What is this?” I whispered to myself.

He took a deep breath. And like his breath blew me away, I backed away until I hit my closet doors, gliding down to the floor until I rested there. And at this moment the only thought in my mind was: “He can’t wake up here.” And the whole night I sat there trying to keep him from waking up here. I’d hoped that he would disappear. And as the sun began to rise, it was suddenly half an hour to 7.

“I do not have time for this!” I cried. “I need to get ready!” I closed my eyes even though I was anxious I would pass out from doing that. I began opening them starting from a squint, praying that when I glanced at my bed he would no longer be there. And what I saw made me get up on my feet and begin to get ready for my second day of work.

While I did have time to shower, I didn’t have time to dry my hair or prepare an outfit. Thankfully I always keep a prepared outfit and container at the bottom of my closet. It was something I had prepared months ago so I can’t expect it to be “in-style”. It was a grey dress with a white t-shirt underneath for modesty. I wore heels but with a smaller heel. Even though it was morning no one in my house was awake yet. So I didn’t have any breakfast for me. I pouted as I looked at the table. Clean and shiny but it didn’t make me feel happy, because I was once again going to go to work hungry again.

I slumped my back and began dragging my way to the table directly next to the front door. My clutch hung on a hook just above the table. I could barely grasp my purse and my eyes felt weaker and fainter each time I blinked. When I finally had the strap in my palm I pulled it over my shoulder before drawing the door open with my left hand. I noticed that as soon as I let go my hand couldn’t strengthen itself. I frowned once again for the second time in 2 minutes. Why am I like this?

In front of the door where the 3 stairs that led to a pathway onto the concrete walk-way. It was on the second step that I rested myself to wait for CEOnim’s driver which should come to pick me up soon.

The clutch purse lied in my lap, as I rested it there to reach for the lipstick that I had put in earlier that morning. Along with the magenta lipstick, I pulled out mascara and blush I had also packed inside. After my quick shower, I had enough time to apply a bit of makeup. The only things I didn’t have enough time to apply the rest or dry my hair, which was soaking the back of my shirt.

It was a bitterly cold morning so I felt all the wind blowing on my scalp and passing across my back. I whined from the sharp cold brush against my sensitive skin. I shivered while administering the mascara to my eyelashes. “This can’t end well.” I’m not usually superstitious, however usually when I mess up my mascara I have a very unlucky day. And I don’t ruin my mascara often.

As I started flicking the brush in an upward direction, I bit my lip when I brought my conveniently reachable mirror to my face and saw how I had mascara right underneath my eyebrows. I squealed after seeing this. “Oh my gosh! What have I done?!” I stood up as I began to notice raindrops began to fall on my arms. My mouth dropped, and I slammed myself against the door wiggling it begging for it to open. Until I pulled away and realized my keys were left on my dresser.

I cried out and began thinking of how I could’ve avoided this. And then I started thinking of how I could get out of the rain. What time is it? Shouldn’t the driver be here by now?

I snatched the clutch at my ankles, search inside for my phone which I had tucked in only moments before. I felt the soft screen told me that it was my phone. I double-tapped the screen and peeked inside to view the time as 6:57 AM.

I cried aloud, “Please let these minutes fly quickly!” I folded my arms and tucked my head. After taking a long sigh, I knelt down on the stair. Of all the days in the year, it was this one! I thought to myself as I stared at the grey sky.

I kept my head tucked into my knees for the difficult 5 minutes until I looked up to see the black car stop on the street. The sun reflected off of it so I couldn’t quite see the driver through the windows. But I knew I eventually would. I started to feel relieved, as I sped up down the path. The door opened causing me to stop in my tracks, a young man stepped out - with an umbrella for himself I supposed. However, he started towards me signalling me to come closer. I continued towards him, and when I was in arms-length the umbrella covered me. The man proceeded to guide me to the now opened car door. I bowed my head while ducking and stepping inside the car. Even though it was just as cold as the outside, my body shivered vigorously, I suppose I expected it to be warm.

As I laid my clutch on the seat next to me and buckled myself in, the driver stepped in and began: “It’s raining a lot out there.” I snickered to myself and responded. “Yes! Thank you for the umbrella.”

“Oh, I had to, you were already wet from the rain.” I blushed from his gallant reason. “Why were you in the rain anyway?”

I stroked my soaking hair my ear. “I got locked out of my the main door.”

“Ah, I see.”

I noticed him continuously looking into the mirror at me, though he tried to make it unknown to me. I smiled at myself.

“So, you are the CEO’s new secretary?”

“Oh, yes. I started yesterday.” I perked up my voice.

“I didn’t think he would hire such a young secretary.” He sounded more and more curious as the conversation progressed.

“Why is that?” I asked pretending to be ignorant even though I had heard a similar thing.

“Well, Oh Jeon-Gi has been known to hit on most of the girls he meets. Some people say he hit on his own stepmother.”

“Really!? I didn’t know that.” He nodded before returning.

“Just keep your distance from him, at least that’s my advice.” I listened vaguely, even though it was difficult to hear through the chattering of my teeth. After seeing this he didn’t say a word, instead, he turned on the heater and continued driving on.

I hugged myself trying to warm up faster. A moment later I was notified of a message. My phone was still in my purse next to me. I perked my lips as a grabbed my phone poking out of the bag. The screen was already unlocked upon recognizing my face. “Did you arrive already?” CEOnim messaged curiously.

“No, I was picked up a couple of minutes ago.”

The message was read by Oh Jeon-Gi. I starred at the screen as water dripped onto the screen from my hair. I gently fell into a daze and began reliving the events of last night. I relived how his plump lips still existed even in his light slumber. How his eyelashes fluttered in his dreams. My weak hand somehow gained the strength to rise to my lips, as they gently pressed my vaguely coloured lips. I blushed before realizing that I was smiling about the wrong thing.

“Ah, what is happening to me?!” I cried while massaging my eyes. I groaned as I became frustrated with my own thoughts. The driver didn’t hear me. However, in the back of my mind, I wish he did. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to other than my sister. I pouted my lips while my neck went weak and leaned onto the window. The fog covered it all over. I felt tempted to run my finger across the misty glass and draw hearts and awful stars. When I was younger I would do this and would become frustrated because the water never wiped away. I didn’t notice the soft grin form on my face when I thought of my childhood. I starred down as I let my glare naturally move across the portrait of my wet shoes on the dry black carpet.

I sighed and began to undergo a heaviness in my head. I suddenly felt the involuntary urge to shut my eyes I started to get comfortable in my environment. And my lack of sleep from the night before wanted to fulfil itself at that very moment. I quickly thought up an idea to keep myself alert. And from mere thoughts to unwitted speech I spoke. “Sir, could you turn the cooling system on?” I requested. While I was still wet and cold, I knew I had to at least inquire the action. I minimized the notion in my head continuously repeating: I will sleep well tonight.

He raised his eyebrows confirming my request. “Are you sure?” I nodded my head instead of verbally replying because I simply couldn’t. The weariness hit me out of the blue and as a result moving my limbs wasn’t a current ability of mine.

I continued to struggle to keep eyes open. However, when the cold air kicked in I was slightly able to do so. During the rest of the ride I didn’t dry off nor did my appearance improve. My lips chapped and I couldn’t bother to get my lipstick that was laying next to my bag.

“We should arrive in about 5 minutes.” The driver alerted to me. He continued on finally telling me his name as Mok Seob-In. I was surprised that I hadn’t received his name before, however then I realized I didn’t introduce myself either. I noticed that we had begun to near a tall building. The car gracefully slowed itself and turned into the culdesac-like entrance. In the midst of it all were a revolving door and a man who walked up to the edge of the sidewalk as we neared the peak of the curve. Driver Mok drew down the car window on the passenger side in order to hear the man. The man integrated: “Who are you here to see?”

The driver answered him firmly. “Resident Oh Jeon-Gi.” Accompanying his response he presented a badge that proved that he was in relation to CEO. The man nodded before straightening his posture again. The car cut off upon Drive Mok ejecting the key. He slid out the side of the door and immediately grabbed a hold of my handle. I was in some kind of a euphoric state that I didn’t even notice the door being open. I turned my head with my mouth drooling open. “We have arrived, Secretary Kim.” He reminded me. I nodded without a sound and stepped out of the car. I stepped to the side as Driver Mok reached in for my purse which I had almost forgotten. “Thank you.” A replied with a cheeky smile. I held out my hand asking for the strap to be placed in my hand. He nodded and treated the strap in my palm.

I saw a shadow come behind me causing to flinch, even though it was only the valet coming to park Driver Mok’s car. Once I realized this, I turned around facing towards the end of the car. And before my eyes, the car drove past letting a bit of air cold air brush across my wet face cause my brain to awaken for a couple of moments. My teeth began to chatter alerting the driver to my current condition. Without prior knowledge, the driver quickly snatched his own suit jacket off his back and draped it over my own. The warmth comforted me, and contrary to my wishes let the heavy fatigue creep back to my body.

The umbrella began to shelter me as Driver Mok held it entirely over me rather than himself. A faint smile formed on my weak face as we neared the revolving glass doors. Once we got the edge of the entrance I paused while he bound the umbrella and placed it under his arm. We took 3 more steps until we were finally inside the revolving doors. Driver Mok placed one hand on the revolving door and the other lightly on my back.

When we officially entered the building, I was greeted by bright lights. The clerk’s desk sat to the right of the building whereas the bathrooms were located to the opposite end. My eyes squinted from the light so hard that I could barely see where I was being guided to.

I started to hear the gentle voice of a woman, I presumed it to be the one sitting at the desk. The woman spoke. “Good morning. Which resident are you visiting?”

I could hear her voice speak clearly even though I wasn’t looking directly at her. Instead, my vision was pinned at my feet. “Oh Jeon-Gi.” I wondered in the back of my mind why does she not know him already? Until she explained that she was new to the job.

She nodded and requested identification from Driver Mok. He directed his response to me. “Ah, Secretary Kim, in the jacket is my photo identification.” I looked up upon hearing my name, once I realized what he was inquiring of me I reach into the inside pocket nearly immediately discovering the badge that rested within the pocket. I handed it to him still keeping my eyes down.

Upon seeing the ID, the women gestured toward the single elevator to our left. I turned towards it without the assistance of Driver Mok. The only thing I wanted to do was sit down. Though in the back of my mind I knew I would fall asleep if I did and got too comfortable. The frown on my face formed further as I finally realized that I wouldn’t be able to sleep until later tonight. Driver Mok walked ahead of me pressing the elevator button and asked me: “What is it?”

I gathered my thoughts - I’m tired. But I’m also nervous. However, I also feel slight excitement- before returning with: “I’m tired, that’s all.” After answering to him we entered the elevator and at that point, I put more effort into looking less tired and more prepared. When we settled within the elevator I looked up and in return, my eyes squinted even more and the bright lights seemed brighter. My hands rose to my eyes giving them a quick message - even though this did not help. I paid attention to the button which Driver Mok had decided to press.

The button light up upon being pushed by Driver Mok. I felt the elevator move however my weak and fatigued mind felt as though I was falling. After quickly losing balance I leaned on the right side of the elevator. I exclaimed aloud. “Ah, what is this?!” Grabbing hold of my head as a sharp pain struck up in my head.

“Are you okay?!” Driver Mok questioned me as he seized my arm aiding me back into an upright position. I let out a deep breath before responding. “I didn’t sleep well.” I pinned a disappointed expression onto my face. “You should sleep well tonight instead.” He spoke back. I nodded. And with each nod, my eyes felt weaker. My legs felt as though they would collapse right then and there. Right before I took a moment to close my eyes the elevator doors opened. And that’s all I remember.

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