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Elsie Rose Hayworth. Wealthy, privileged and trapped. A 22 year old Middle Class Kensington girl sees the Second World War as an opportunity to escape her meticulously planned future. She joins the WAAF She is taken from her privileged, sheltered life and plunged into the world of war. A world where hope is rife, love is lost and found, everlasting bonds are made and broken and where the naivety of youth is vanquished. She meets new people that will change the course of her life forever. Most especially a young Scottish pilot named Jack McFarlane. With messy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes Elsie is intrigued by him from the moment she sees him. But how can any relationship survive during the time of war where survival is reliant on hope and luck ? Can they survive ? Or will they be dragged apart by war ?

Romance / Other
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Elsie Hayworth wanted to be liberated. She wanted to start a new, become her own person and get away from her meticulously planned future. When Britain declared war on Germany, she saw it as her chance, so she joined the WAAF (the Womens Auxilery Airforce).

She is plunged into the world of war, where hope is rife, and where the naivety of the youth is vanquished. Where love is found and lost all too easily. Where everlasting bonds are made and broken.

Amidst all this, when the world seemed to be falling apart, she found Jack McFarlane.

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