Under the Moonlight

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“You know what I hadn’t planned for in my future? Being attacked by wolves, being saved by a wolf man, falling desperately in love with him, losing my totally normal life and being a “mate” to a member ofーof… a group of werewolves!” Welcome to the life of Blaire Haynes. Most humans don’t know of the creatures that live among them. Blaire especially. Two weeks after finding out her sister will be temporarily living with her and her boyfriend popped the question, she’s thrown into a whirlwind of events after a rogue attack and a mysterious savior who changes her life forever.

Romance / Fantasy
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Don’t you love those evenings when the sun descends behind the trees and the heat from the summer day slowly cools off to a tolerable temperature? That was tonight.

The forest, beyond our green backyard and house, provided the perfect setting for our family gathering and grill out. My dad and one of my uncles were at the grill cooking any and all that can be cooked on the grill. My mother and her two sisters talked and watched as my younger cousins ran around in the green grass. The twins sat in a couple of lawn chairs with our other teenage cousins, doing stuff on their phones, and my dear sweet grandparents sat peacefully together on the porch swing. They’ve always been my relationship goals. My parents are great together and love each other dearly, but something about my grandparents just made growing old with someone seem so… worth everything.

My gaze adverts from the lovely scene to my sister and something catches my eye.

“Hey! I thought you weren’t getting a tattoo,” I say as I point at the spot on my sister’s neck just above her collar bone along her neck.

She suddenly looks down to where I was pointing and what I think is a slight blush comes to her cheeks. Her eyes meet mine. “I didn’t! I promise, just look closer. Just a coincidental formation of freckles. It’s pretty cool though right?”

As she was saying that, I took a closer look and she was right. Up close the separate dots creating the small crescent moon shape were freckles. I wouldn’t doubt it now, I mean with her copper blonde hair and light skin, Ivy freckled up really easy when exposed to the sun, like me. My twin brothers, Jacob and Nathaniel, on the other hand tanned right up while their dark brown hair slowly lightened to a milk chocolate light brown. Honestly I have a lot of people come up and say how much we look alike. I’d say facially kind of, but not much else. Yeah, we had basically the same shaped nose and blue or gray eyes, but other than the twins being identical, the difference between the four of us is definitely there. Especially personality wise.

“So anyways, I've been wanting to ask you if I could possibly come live with you temporarily? I got the job at the school a stone’s throw away from your house and I haven’t had time to look into housing yet,” she nervously said. Like I’d say no. Ivy is a boss of an older sister and plus I know she’s responsible and will be able to find her own place when the time comes.

“I think that’d be fun! There’s plenty of room so no worries and I heard that school can be pretty hard to get a job at, so congrats!”

“Ah, thank you!” She says as she throws her arms around me and hugs me. We separate and unexpectedly, Ivy’s cheeks are a shade red.

“What’s up?” I motion at her face. “You’ve definitely got to tell me now. Who is he?”

“How did you know?!” Her whole face is red now. I shrug. “His name is James Rowland and we are officially dating.” She looks at me and smiles wide. I giggle. I've never seen her this flustered over a boy.

“You’ve got yourself caught in the trap of love,” I tease, drawing out the word love, nudging her with my shoulder.

An arm wraps around me and pulls me to him. “Is she pestering you again Ivy?” My dear boyfriend, Michael Bursley.

“Oh indeed she is. I think you should take her away from me,” my sister winks and giggles and I’m dragged away towards the center of the yard.

We stop and suddenly I can see how nervous Michael is all of a sudden. He turns to me and looks my face over bringing a hand up to move some hair behind my ear. “You are stunning.” He pauses and I wonder where the sudden statement comes from.

“You are kind and charming and I can’t believe I found you.” I glance around and realize everyone was smiling and looking at the two of us. “I would like to spend the rest of my days with you Blaire Haynes. Enjoy the ups and work through the downs, growing old with my best friend and the person I love.” Michael drops to one knee and I hadn’t noticed his other hand was digging through his pocket for the little box now open in his hand. “I wish to never be separated from you from this day forth. I love you, Blaire. Will you marry me?”

I couldn’t believe it. We had briefly talked about marriage and future family life, but today I was not expecting it. I looked Michael in the eye and joy overtook me. I fling myself into his arms and say it.

“I do.”

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