Under the Moonlight

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Chapter 14

Blaire’s POV

The both of us sat in silence. I feel like I’m falling, waiting for the catastrophic impact of my body against the ground. I begin chewing on my bottom lip and fiddling my fingers in anxious anticipation. Outside, the shadows of night have taken over and left the world in a dark abyss, being dimly lit by the moon high in the sky.

“When?” Michael finally asks. Before I can say anything, he continues. “Are you sure?” His voice is filled with desperation. He wants me to be wrong.

I lower my head. “I’m sure. I didn’t know it at the time, but we met the night of the attack… He was the one that saved Ivy and me.” Michael’s eyes grow in surprise.

“Ryder Woods?” He asks.

It’s my turn to look at him both surprised and confused, feeling my eyes grow as round as a deer caught in headlights. How does Michael know my mate?

“Yeah… How do you-?”

“He’s the one who reported the incident to his beta who then reported it to our pack,” he concludes, anger tinting every word. A growl rumbles deep in Michael’s chest. The flash of vibrant glowing green, I’ve come to know, indicates Michael’s wolf is present. I swallow hard, scared of what might happen. “Oh goddess. Why did you have to take her too?” I barely hear him whisper. Another growl escapes his throat and I watch as his canines peak out of his mouth.


“I need to go,” Michael mumbles as he stands from the bed and rushes out the door. Once again, I’m watching him walk away from me in anger.

Michael’s POV

How could I be so stupid? Of course, the one human I find myself in love with has someone else. I can’t take it anymore. Let me shift, Michael, Rupert growls.

Rushing out into the cool night air, I hold back Rupert’s want to shift and tear everything and everyone apart. My own two legs pump faster and faster as I weave through the dark woods. Once I’ve reached the outskirts of Midtown, Rupert has had enough. He takes over and the next thing I know, I’m on all fours dashing through the darkness. The stars and the goddess herself acting as the audience watching the tragedy that is my life.

Rupert stops in a clearing, a clear image of the moon floats above our head. He howls, while I’m yelling inside. Why?! Why must I continue to suffer? Why did you have to take her too?!

We slump down in the cool grass. I don’t want to do this anymore.

The air smells of damp dirt and vegetation. The cool night air wraps around my fur and shifts the blades of grass around me. My eyes have slipped close as I’ve settled in the darkness; a raging war rattles my mind and heart. I feel defeated.

My ears perk up as I hear the rustling of the tall grass nearby. Rupert warns the oncomer with a disapproving growl.

“Shhh, my child,” the imposter says. My head shoots up to find the woman who has so foolishly come into my presence. The moon, a glowing orb peacefully sitting in her dark robs, shines her light on a woman draped in sheer white cloth. Her silky, silver hair cascades down her slim body. Her feebly covered skin, creamy and white, seems to have a glow of its own.

I can feel the blood drain from my head. Every legend, myth, and children’s story I’ve ever heard in my life pounds through my head. Luna. Rupert bows his wolf head in recognition. When I raise my head, she appears to be gliding towards me with the grace of an unworldly being, a goddess. As my shock wears off, the rage sneaks back to the forefront of my mind.

“A little longer. You’ll get your happiness in time, my child,” she promises. Her angelic voice soothes my hatred for her.

But why can’t I be happy now? I beg. Why must I continue in this pain? Why does my happiness have to be ripped away?

I see a flicker of pity cross her lavender eyes. “You probably won’t see the magnitude of your purpose in this life. But this pain is what makes you stronger and capable to succeed in saving all of your brothers and sisters, my children.” Why do omniscient beings have to be so vague with their answers? “Everything will be understood in time. I suggest not holding hatred for your allies and closest friends… or me.” She looks at me and Rupert pointedly, having heard our rage for her in my earlier accusations.

I understand, Rupert and I say in a sort of unison. Luna turns and walks off to the edge of the woods and in a flash of moonlight she vanishes, leaving me with my churning thoughts surrounded by the peaceful night.

I pick myself up and trudge back to the packhouse. That’s the only place I have right now.

Once I’ve reached the packhouse, I meet Preston outside its doors. “I’ve got a room prepared for you. It’s on the 3rd floor,” he says, handing me the key to the room. I take it, eager to get to bed and hopefully silent my thoughts in a deep deep sleep. “Hey,” Preston says as I head down the hall to the elevator. “Are you alright?” He gives me a genuine look. The same concerned look everyone gave me after Sara was gone. I shake my head slightly.

“Honestly… no. But I’d rather not talk about it now,” I say, adding what I’m hoping is a reassuring smile.

He hesitates with a response. Only saying, “alright. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight.”

I hurry to my room, silently praying not to run into anyone else tonight. The elevator dings at the third floor, opening up to a hallway filled with doors that lead to werewolves sleeping soundly on the other side. The gray and blue streaked hallway carpet pads my footsteps, hiding any noise I make. My room appears to my right and I fumble with the key for a moment before entering. My pace doesn’t slow for a moment as I flop into the comfortable bed.

Take me. I egg my consciousness to leave me so that I may be taken into the nothingness of sleep.

Michael, a familiar voice whispers. I feel a warm hand stroke through my hair. The sparks dance along my scalp. Michael, I hear her say again. My brain tiredly begins connecting the dots and I open my eyes. There he is.

Tears begin to descend down my face before I can say anything. I scramble up to a sitting position to wrap my arms around her. A strangled “how” escapes my mouth. One of her hands continues to stroke my head and I find relief in the action.

I’ve missed you, I whisper.

I know. I am so sorry for leaving you alone.

I pull back from my bone crushing embrace. Don’t be sorry, it wasn’t your fault, I respond in all seriousness. She gives a small chuckle.

I suppose not, she sighs. She uses her thumb to message the crease between my brows. But I’m still sorry. Her hand caresses my cheek and I lean into it, missing the feeling.

Oh Sara, what should I do? I want to see you so bad. Can I come home yet?

Darling, I would love nothing more, but we both know you can’t yet. I look down, knowing that was the only answer I would get.

Can you tell me what to do? Once again, a pointless question that I already know the answer to. Sara simply nods her head no.

Sliding down to laying on my back, I sigh. Sara lays her head on my chest, one arm wrapped around my waist. I pull her as close as physically possible.

Can we stay like this forever?

Someday, love. Someday. Sara says looking me in the eye. Her glowing honey eyes reflect back the deepest of loves. I’ve missed that look. I gently press a kiss to her lips and lay back, thinking of the times to come when this will be a constant pleasure. My lids slide shut and I hear a final whisper.

I love you. Be strong.


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