Under the Moonlight

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Chapter 2

Ryder’s POV

“Mr. Ryder Woods,

My wife and I are visiting your hotel this summer and are wanting to rent out several conference rooms and 2 floors of rooms. The dateー” My mind isn’t focused on the important email I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been restless for the past five minutes as I read and reread the email, hoping for any of the context to stick in my head.

Remus. I say sternly

Something’s wrong, my wolf, Remus, says, pacing in the back of my mind. Go now. Let me lead you.

“I can’t, this is important. How bad is it. Is it like when I got so stressed I forgot to eat all day or like a couple of teens thinking it funny to scare a poor human by shifting in front of him?” I say as I lean back in my chair. The moon shines bright outside my huge office windows. The full moon is in a couple days and that means we’ll be dealing with new shifters.

Ryder listen to me. This is much worse. Remus starts whimpering. In the 4 years I’ve spoken with Remus, he’s never sounded this worried.

I stand and race to the front door. I’m shifted, running through the woods following Remus’s directions. The trees are rushing by when I hear growls and screams. My legs pump faster as I realize what must be happening.

I pass by several houses randomly peppered in the forest before I came upon the scene.

“Ivy!” Someone screams. I see two people pinned under two of the rogues and the third rogue pacing nearby. The rogue on top of the person who yelled starts snapping at her face. I pounce at the wolf, knocking him down. As I flew by the scent hit me. Sugared vanilla. Mate, Remus yells. He takes over and I find myself riding in the passenger seat as he rips the rogue a new one for messing with our mate.

Remus focus. The other person had a wolf pinning her too.

He turns to find the wolf tossed to the side. We smell the air. So... not human? Remus says.

She’s not shifting. I note. I’m back in control and start fighting the second rogue. Once she’s down, I whip around to confirm my mate’s safety. We make eye contact and the bond clicks in. By her sudden stillness, I know she’s felt it too. I turn again and go to finish the job.

The last rogue puts up a fight, but a few minutes later he’s down. I know my mate would be gone, but I turn anyway to find what I expected. At least she knows when to get out, Remus says.

She’s probably scared to death, I reply. I want to help her. I know showing up wouldn’t be helpful so I run back to the pack before I do something I’ll regret.


Meet me in my office now. I link to Skyler, my beta.

I shift and walk in through the front door of the alpha house. I take clothes from a closet and my beta walks through the front door. “What’s wrong?” He asks.

“There has been another rogue attack,” I angrily tell my beta as I walked to my office while sliding a shirt over my head.

“Where? None of the warriors have linked me with any abnormalities at the borders.” He informs me.

We walk through my office doors and I rake my hand through my hair restlessly. I pace behind my desk and look out the windows trying to calm myself. How can you, you left our mate back there! Remus barks at me.

I know I left her, but she was scared and what did she need? Another wolf “chasing” after her. No. She had someone with her anyways. I finish and shut him up, focusing back on Skyler.

“The attack wasn’t within our borders.” I say. “It was in neutral territory in Midtown.” I continue to pace, none of this makes sense.

“They’ve rarely attacked in human towns though. How many were there?”

“Three,” I say shortly. I throw my hands up. “I don’t understand the increase in rogue attacks. Tonight that attack could’ve been critical to our pack.” I turn to Skyler.

He looks confused. “Other than the fact that humans could’ve found out about lycan, how could the attack be critical to the pack?” He says and folds his arms, both of his eyebrows shooting up.

“My mate was one of the two victims to be attacked,” I say. His lips part into an “o” shape. Then he gives a small smile.

“Well it’s about time you found her,” he says trying to lighten the mood. I roll my eyes. It has been two years since I turned 18 and my ability to find my mate kicked in. I’ve just been busy with alpha duties to travel and find her.

“Definitely not optimal circumstances. I didn’t get the opportunity to confront her either, not after what happened.”

“She was human?” Skyler steps forward from where he stayed by the office door. I raise a brow in his direction. “Not that anything is wrong with that,” he says, raising his hands in defense. “It just makes explaining things complicated and she’s vulnerable until she’s marked and shifted.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking the same,” I say. She’s still ours though, human or not. Remus says and I agree. I need to find a way to talk with her.

“Skyler, will you do something for me?”

“Anything, Alpha.”

I think for a minute. We need a way to see her, casually of course. Don’t want to scare her off before she understands us, I tell Remus. Any ideas?

Nope. Mine are all to rash for you. ‘Take it casual.’ Ugh, just be a wolf about it. I’m out. So much for wise words from my wolf.


“I’m sorry, arguing with Remus,” I say explaining my pause. “I need you to cover for me tomorrow. I’ll be out checking on personal things.”

His stoic face almost slips to a laugh, but Skyler catches himself and just nods his head. He’s lucky he did; he may have ended up like the rogues. I’m in no mood.

“Thanks, that’s all. I’ll see ya,” I say waving for him to leave. He nods again and leaves, sensing my bad mood.

Now it’s time to figure out a plan for a casual meeting.

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