Under the Moonlight

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Chapter 3

Blaire’s POV

Once again, I’m out in the woods. Trees tall and darkness all around. I stand in a clearing, similar to the one I had been in during the attack. The dirt on the forest floor, that I thought would’ve been overturned and scuffed up in various spots, was solid and untouched.

I remember everything erupting into thundering growls and yips as a battle of flesh and tooth occurred. Yet here I am, everything calm.

Until I hear rustling about thirty feet away in the treeline. Familiar glowing eyes appear there, staring at me. I haven’t decided whether to run or not and guessing what’s behind those eyes, I should probably be running. I can’t though. I’m entranced and I find myself walking towards the beast fully aware that it could rip me to shreds if it so desired, considering how yesterday went.

It clears the trees and that’s when I see how big the wolf in front of me stands. Towering over me, the wolf’s dark fur shimmers under the bare moonlight. My instincts kick in at the realization of the terrifying size of this animal. I turn and run in the direction of my house. My feet carrying me at lightning speed.

I see the lights from the back porch that I apparently left on. I’m up the steps and in the back door locking it and backing slowly away from the door, out of the kitchen, and into my living room.

I hit a wall as I back up, but then I find myself enveloped in the most intoxicating smell and strong arms. My breath catches in my throat. I live alone… why is someone else standing in my living room? I turn and find glowing eyes looking down at me, but this time I’m not scared. Crazy as it may sound. A man standing in my living room without me letting him in and without a shirt, wrapping me in his grasp, usually not the best scenario for a single woman.

I tiptoe to stand taller and see his face. There are no words to describe this specimen. My sudden want for him must’ve been portrayed because his hand comes up to my cheek and he leans in, hesitant in connecting our lips. He’s slow and gentle, unsure. This sudden urge for him made me kiss him back, no longer surprised at his sudden actions.

I’m pushed up against the wall, his body trapping me against it. The hand that had caressed my cheek slid to the back of my head to entangle itself in my long messy hair. The other hand making its way under my tucked-in shirt and around my back. We both come up for air for a second and when he comes back to me his lips travel along my jaw where it then connects to my neck. A sudden weakness almost takes my knees out as he hits the junction between my neck and shoulder, but he holds me up.

I take my hands and run them through his curly, silky locks, pulling at them slightly and getting a groan in return. His chest rumbles like he’s purring. He brings his lips to my ear and whispers, “Mate.”

I jolt up in my bed with a gasp. Sweat drenching me and I can’t rid my blankets fast enough. Who was that man? He was definitely not my very sweet fiance, who, now that I’m in the right conscious mind, I was talking to mere hours ago about my accident in the woods and wedding preparations. I ran to the bathroom to take a shower and wash the feeling away that I had just cheated on my soon to be husband. Obviously, it was unconsciously done, but I haven’t ever had such a… realistic dream.

Knocking came at the door. A groggy voice came through the crack in the door. “Blaire,” Ivy yawns, “Is everything alright? You got up so suddenly. Bad dream?”

I immediately respond yes. Ivy grumbles something before closing the door. I can’t decide if that’s true or not. Oh my gosh!! How can I think that was a good dream when I’m engaged to a different man?!!

I couldn’t think straight. Those glowing eyes and perfectly delicious lips kept coming back. What am I thinking?! I have a loyal and loving fiance to think about, not some hot piece of meat that I’ve never met. I’m just glad that it stopped before things got superheated. Are you though? The stupid tiny voice in the back of my head that sometimes gives good advice currently is doing the opposite.

Just the thought of what could’ve, would have, happened next makes me all hot and flustered. The chilling water running down my body is giving little help to relieve me from the sudden heat flash. I don’t bother moving. All I want is for the lustful thoughts jogging through my mind to stop for a moment, to give me a minute of clear thinking. My breath comes out in a sigh as I bring my hands to my head to rub away the memory of his lips on my skin and the electrical tingles they left behind.

I hop out of the cold shower and scrub at my skin with the towel. This can’t be happening. I don’t know why, but all of a sudden everything feels like it’s working against me and Michael. The incident that created an argument about me needing to be more careful and now this heated dream that is making my emotions fly all over the place. I should talk to Ivy tomorrow and see how she’s dealing with everything. Today we didn’t want to mention much of last night, the terrifying fear too much to handle so soon. I may or may not mention the fact that I unconsciously cheated on Michael.


By the time the sun came shining through the cracks in my curtain, I had maybe three hours of sleep. That all consisted of the time I had my... dream. I had almost dozed, but Ivy began to stir next to me. I could do with a nice breakfast and a cup of tea.

I check the mirror in my bathroom to see how much of a mess I was before leaving for the hallway. I rub at my tired eyes and yawn into the back of my hand. So begins a beautiful Saturday.

Or so I thought until I came around the corner to the kitchen and found a stranger rummaging through my spice cabinet. I let out a scream and turn to the nearest weapon. I happened to have a very handy letter opener on the table. Letter opener in hand, hair a complete mess, and baggy eyes, I probably looked like a crazy lady. The only insane person here is the guy who is... making breakfast?

Ivy runs out of my room, looking worriedly at me, before rounding the corner and seeing the stranger in our kitchen.

“Blaire put the letter opener down,” she commands, spinning to face me. I look from her to the guy making his way behind her. The spatula in his hand could be used as a weapon. Right? I don’t listen to her command and instead reach for her wrist to drag her behind me. Yet, she avoids my grasp.

“Are you crazy?” I exclaim. “Turn around and look who’s behind you. Oh right, someone who should most definitely not be here!” Ivy turns to the man and places a light kiss on his lips. My mouth falls open and my hands fall to my sides. What in blazing carnations is happening?

“Blaire, this is James. The guy I was telling you about at the family gathering,” she explains. I look Ivy in the eye and my eyes widen. Great first impressions. “And James may I introduce my younger sister, Blaire.” She waves in my direction.

“Hi, I’m sorry for giving you a heart attack. I thought Ivy had told you I was here.” He seemed embarrassed. Honestly, I should be more embarrassed than anyone. He’s not the batty lunatic wielding a letter opener at someone.

“Um... no, you’re good. I apologize, just with everything that happened the other day I’ve been a little jumpy.” I say as I reach out and take his hand in a shake.

“That’s why he’s here. I figured he could make the house feel safer while Michael is gone and he lives close anyways. He’s partially why I decided to take the job at White Mountain High,” she says. They look at each other and I get a pang of jealousy. Wow, now I’m jealous of my amazing older sister. The connection they have is truly remarkable seeing as they’ve been dating two weeks. How could I mistake him for a murderer? He was incredibly attractive and clean, not like any of those described killers in horror books or tv shows; creepy, bad vibes kind of people with matted down hair and a craze in their eyes. No his eyes shone like a forest meadow in the morning sunlight.

“I’ve got breakfast ready. Let’s eat,” James says.

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