Under the Moonlight

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Chapter 4

Blaire’s POV

We’ve piled our plates up with pancakes, bacon, and eggs. James also chopped up some fruit and boiled water in the tea kettle.

“I’m impressed,” I comment as we sit down. “I haven’t had such a luxury breakfast cooked by Ivy.” I wink her way and James begins laughing.

“I can’t say I have either,” James says. I giggle.

“How’s the couple life been treating the two of you? Ivy was telling me she was staying with a friend while she was getting moved in,” I say, looking between the two and taking a sip of my tea. Ivy turns red and James looks to his food while he scratches the back of his neck. I laugh. “I didn’t mean to make it uncomfortable. If hypothetically, that friend was you, James, I’m certain she felt at home.” I meet eyes with James and I give him an approving smile that he acknowledges with an appreciative nod. I already liked him. He was good for Ivy.

Ivy was still tomato red, stuttering over an explanation. James and I just laughed. The rest of the morning continued with talk and some comfortable silences.

While cleaning up, my phone rings. I pick it up to see the caller ID--Hubby. My heart drops and the dream comes flashing back. Talk about guilty conscience. I roll back my shoulders and accept the call.

“Hey, Babe! When are you gonna be home?” I need to see him. Those deep green eyes and brilliant smile. It’ll make all of this confusion go away.

“I’ll be home early. I told my boss I had to get home a day early and he was okay with it. I’m starting the five-hour drive now. I just wanted to call and let you know.” He sounds excited.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you when you get back okay? We can head for lunch if you’re up for it.”

He sighs. “That sounds delightful. I’ll see you then. Love you, bye.”

“Love you.” I hang up and head to my room to prep for the day.


Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to lunch. The three hours of sleep are catching up to me. I try all I can to keep my eyes open long enough to get to Granny’s Cafe. When I pull into the nonexistent parking lot, I see Michael’s work car. I’m glad I’m not the first to arrive and sit alone trying not to fall asleep at the table.

I wore a green v-neck tee that complimented my hair and a pair of jean shorts with my sandals. My hair casually braided back, leaving some of my side pieces to frame my face.

The quaint shop was pretty busy, mostly those who want to buy a muffin or other after lunch sweets. Michael waves to me from one of the small round tables against the far wall. He stands as I get closer and I hug him with full force, not realizing how much I’ve missed him.

“I’ve ordered your usual sandwich if you don’t mind.” He says.

“That’s perfect, thank you,” I say. I need to prepare myself for another conversation about my recklessness. I hadn’t gotten the chance to get a one on one conversation with Ivy since James was there all morning. Should I mention the dream? No, probably not. Plus, I don’t know who’s in my dream and it’s only happened once. Maybe it won’t happen again. Just some fluke thing.

I highly doubt that.

“How was the conference?”

“Hmph, boring, especially without you there. I missed you.” He says and takes my hand on the table. I lay my chin on my other hand, resting my elbow on the table. He is just the sweetest.

“I missed you, too. I’m happy to have you back,” I sigh and just look at him. He’s one handsome piece of eye candy. His blonde hair is in a Zac Efron spiked way. His forest green eyes that could see right to your being and his sharp jawline that has grown some stubble give him a sexy look.

“Do I have something on my face?” He laughs, knowing full well it’s not that.

“Just hold still and let me see you.” He stops there and sits similar to me, chin in hand and just absorbing the qualities of my face. I hum. “Well, I’ve got my fill. You done staring?” I smirk at him. The gleam in his eyes at our little banter sends butterflies soaring in my stomach. He looks at me like no one else ever has.

“Here are your sandwiches, dear,” says Granny, placing two plates in front of us, snapping me from my sappy thoughts.

“Thank you, ma’am.” I look up and smile at Granny. She was the towns ‘Granny’, kind and open to all.

“Mmmm, good choice Michael,” I say through a mouth full. He grins.

“So… How are you?” Michael asks. I know what he’s asking, how’s my emotional health after the wild animal incident. I hadn’t gone into depth, like the glowing beast eyes.

“Shaken still. I won’t be doing that again ever.” I say sadly. I did love those walks, but after being tackled to the dirt, claws and teeth ready to end me. No thank you.

“Is Ivy alright? I heard she wasn’t nearly as beaten up as you,” he says. This was true, which I still puzzle over how she had evaded all the sharp aspects of the beasts.

“She’s handling better than expected actually. Oh, I do have to tell you some good news.” I wait for him to give me his questioning look.

“I got to meet James, her boyfriend! Although, if I say so myself, they are meant for each other. I’m surprised if they aren’t married within the year. I know Ivy’s always wanted marriage with the right one.” I smile. I can’t believe I’ll be married in about a month. Glowing eyes come to the forefront of my mind and I shake my head. I need some sleep or something, Mystery Man keeps coming back. Michael’s hand rests on mine again.

“Is there anything else you want to tell me?” He looks worried and I can’t blame him. Even with pounds of concealer, I’m sure he can see right through to the bags under my eyes. I could at least blame it on the incident for now. I shake my head.

“It’s all good, just exhausted. Ready to go? You can meet James while we’re there.” He nods.

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