Under the Moonlight

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Chapter 5

Ryder’s POV

This isn’t creepy at all, Remus mocks. Sitting in a car, stalking her outside… Granny’s cafe. Remember this place for when we take her out. He notes, side tracked from listing the other irrational choices I’ve made this morning. I can’t help it. Not after the sensual dream I had of her last night. I’m not sure why Remus is objecting to seeing her. He enjoyed last nights show far more than I did.

I roll my eyes. “If she accepts us.” Remus growls. “I feel the same way, but it’s her choice of staying or rejecting us.” I sigh and rest my head in my hands. This is totally irrational. Why am I here? If I’m caught ‘stalking’ her, I would come off as creepy. Remus was right, this is mental. Alright just head in and-- oh shoot she’s on the move.

I hop out of the car and stroll across the street to the entrance of the cafe. I open the door and almost crash into the couple walking out. Turns out my girl wasn’t getting a sandwich by herself. Her hand is interlocked with the man next to her. I try to keep the growl down that wants to burst at the sight of them together.

Nobody should be touching her. Remus gets a small growl out that I cover by clearing my throat.

“Excuse me,” I say, stepping back to hold the door. I meet her gorgeous stormy eyes and see her do a double-take. She pauses for a second before continuing on and giving a quick thanks as she walks away. I watch as her butt length fiery hair sways as she walks. Below her beautiful curves are gorgeous long legs that are being shown off with her jean shorts. I watch her peek over her shoulder towards me. You need a napkin?

I snap out of my trance and walk into the cafe. What are you talking about? I ask Remus.

Oh, you know, to wipe the drool running down your chin, he remarks. I mentally flip him off.

Don’t tell me you weren’t drooling! You saw her too. I say as I stand in line.

What are you doing? Remus says.

I’m buying something and then we’ll leave. I don’t want to look like I opened the door just to open the door. Also, I need to think about something else for a second.

Like who the frig was that with her?! Remus exclaims and I can’t disagree. It had been a question flying about my mind with many others just like it. Who was he? Would she give him up for me, a complete stranger? What do I have to do to get her?

Alright, calm down. We don’t even know her name yet. One step at a time. Thanks for the reminder Remus. I stand in front of the cashier, thinking about her.

“One poppy-seed muffin, please,” I say as I rummage absentmindedly in my pocket for my wallet. Once I have my unnecessary muffin. I start to walk to my car and stop short when I see her sitting in her car outside the cafe. She wasn’t paying attention and sat thinking about something conflicting.

Maybe it’s about us, Remus excitedly suggests. I was about to drag myself away from her when she looks up and spots me. I freeze in my tracks, once again trapped in her gaze. The bond pulls me over to her parked car and I find myself knocking on her window. She continues to keep her eyes forward when the window rolls down. Her surprise seems to ease away as she turns her gaze to me.

What now? I hadn’t planned on saying anything to her.

“Do I know you from somewhere?” she asks after a few second pause. Her voice is melodic.

“I...er… I don’t believe so,” I stutter. I reach my hand out to her. “My name is Ryder. Ryder Woods.” She reaches her hand out the car window and when our hands meet, a spark spreads from our connected hands up my arm. A pleasurable warmth filling my chest. She looks at our conjoined hands.

“Woods… Woods, like the Woods that own the huge hotel chain?” She asks. Umm. “That’s probably why I recognized you. I’m Blaire. Blaire Haynes,” she introduces, a small smile creeping across her gorgeous face. I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. Clearing my throat, I try again.

“I’m sorry, I felt like I needed to come over here,” I say nervously. “Er…um… that sounds weird. I’m sorry I’ll be on my way. Take care.” I start to step away from her car and walk across the street to my own. You are so stupid, I think to myself. How could I do that? Real smooth. In the past, talking to people, girls especially, has never been a problem!

“Wait!” I hear before I can open my door. She’s out of her car jogging across the street towards me. I fight to keep my eyes from drinking up every last inch of her. Not now, Remus. I tell him as he starts trying to take over. I close my eyes hoping Blaire didn’t see the glow emitting from them.

“Could we,” she pauses, hesitating to ask her question. She sighs. “Now don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just asking because I can’t put my finger on where in person I’ve met you. Anyway, could we possibly meet up at this cafe tomorrow, same time?” She asks. Her hands fiddle with each other as she awaits my response.

I smiles. Waves of relief come crashing over me. Well maybe my stunt wasn’t so stupid. “I’d love that. Could I get your number in case either of us are running late?”

It’s her turn to smile as she hands me her phone and I pass her mine. I add myself to her contacts and add a little heart after my name. That’s when I see the contact a few below mine--Hubby. My heart drops and I quickly hand her her phone back.

My quick reflex on blocking Remus’s connection saves me from his booming explosion of anger. I shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet, even though I have plenty of evidence pointing to that contact not being a coincidence. Jealousy begins seeping into my heart and I restrain myself from making her mine right here, right now.

Blaire looks me in the eye as she hands me my phone back and I keep myself from reaching out and brushing a hair from her face. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” I say and turn to get in my car.

“Alright see ya,” she says and walks back to her car. The engine roars to life and I pull away from Granny’s. That did not go like I’d planned. Then again, I didn’t really have a plan coming into this.

Some of my questions were answered. That guy she was with is definitely important to her. So what she’ll forget about him soon; now that she’s met us, Remus says, connecting back with me after his mini temper tantrum. Being alpha comes with an overly possessive wolf.

He’s right though and that’s not fair for her. Blaire doesn’t know these sudden feelings for a complete stranger are because of a mate bond.

We should tell her tomorrow, my wolf suggests. She can decide then. I shake my head.

“We can’t spring the werewolf fact on her yet. We just met and many humans, like herself, don’t know about werewolves.”

Mmm, yeah and if she was like us we’d already have marked her.

“No, we’d get to know her some before that. We aren’t complete animals.”

Speak for yourself, he scoffs.

“Fine, I’ll think about taking her for a walk and telling her after lunch tomorrow,” I say in finality.

Remus stays silent the rest of the trip, satisfied with my choice. I pull into the driveway and get out heading in for my office.

Skyler, I’m back. Any troubles? I link my beta.

Other than Stella constantly bugging me about you, nothing much. He links back.

I sigh. Stella Malcolm. She takes determination to a new level. Her father, my lead warrior and trainer, has brought the idea of her being a good chosen mate to me several times over the past year, since I hadn’t found my fated mate yet. Her determination to get me was as much as her father’s. The problem is, I’ve never seen her like that. We never clicked, even to be friends. Her personality wasn’t the most pleasant and I haven’t ever desired to be around her.

“I was wondering where you’d run off to,” a seductive voice says as I walk into my office. Great. Stella pushed off from my desk and folds her arms.

I step around her and head behind my desk. “What do you want?”

“Don’t play hard to get, Ryder. You know why I’m here.” She leans on my desk, her shirt dropping to reveal her chest. I close my eyes, trying to calm myself. What does she think she’s doing? Immature, I thought we made our intentions clear. Remus says, disappointed that one of his pack wolves is acting so out of line and angry with her cliche tactics to seduce me.

“Stella, back off,” I growl out. “I’m in no mood for your games today.”

“Why not? I came all the way down to see you,” she says and reaches her hand up to my cheek. I stand back up from my desk, coldly looking her in the eye.

“I’ve found my mate and no longer wish to see your face. Now. Get. Out.”

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