Under the Moonlight

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Chapter 6

Blaire’s POV

I’ve been finding myself asking the same question again and again. What was I thinking?

‘Could we possibly meet up?’ That is one of the most inappropriate things I’ve ever done.

No, it’s not a date, I try to convince myself. We are just meeting up because I have a few questions.

I knew that I couldn’t keep talking to him there at the cafe; I had told Michael I’d be home right after him, but I had to see Ryder a little longer. So what do I do? Ask him to lunch. These newfound feelings are messing with my head.

I pull up to my house and get out to head inside before anyone wonders where I’ve disappeared to. I’m walking by the kitchen window and hear yelling inside.

“We have to tell her!” Ivy yells. Someone is shushing her.

“Keep your voice down. All of Midtown can hear you.”

“Oh shut it Michael. She could’ve been killed the other night. I would’ve done more but I didn’t want to risk the “big secret” you two won’t let me tell her,” Ivy continues. She continues quieter. “Plus, it was unexpected and I was out numbered three to one. If it hadn’t been for a North Mountain Pack warrior, we’d be done for.”

The sudden silence makes me continue to the front door. I shouldn’t be eavesdropping, then again they are making it hard not to with how loud Ivy’s talking. Michael opens the door in front of me like he’d suspected I was right out front and comes out on the stoop with me, shutting the door behind him where I get a glimpse of James and Ivy standing around the coffee table in the living room.

He looks me over and leans in to kiss my forehead. “Hey hun. I was starting to wonder where you’d gone.”

I give him a confused look. “What were you guys arguing about?” Michael stiffens and looks surprised for a second.

“Er… Depends. How much of that did you hear?” Michael avoids looking at me. His discomfort clues me in that I wasn’t meant to hear their conversation. Ivy opens the door behind Michael, determination on her face.

“Blaire, I need to talk to you,” Ivy says as she drags me past Michael and in the front door.

“Hey!” Michael protests.

“She’s my sister and she deserves to hear this now. I have better experience in her situation, so I’m telling her,” she says, shooting him a look. Ivy leads me down the hall to my bedroom, sitting me down on my bed. I’m still unsure of what’s happening as Ivy hauls my desk chair to face me.

“Okay,” Ivy pauses and thinks over her thoughts. “Where to start?” She rubs her temples.

“Well, you could tell me about the argument that I overheard through the open window,” I suggest, anger swiftly taking over my mind. I’m tired and stressed from the emotional turmoil I’ve been struggling with all day.

Ivy looks up. “I guess Michael was right about all of Midtown hearing me,” she jokes, but I don’t laugh. She clears her throat. “Why not get straight to the point. The other night when we were attacked, we were attacked by wolves right?” Is she being serious right now? I nod my head, willing her to hurry up with whatever she’s trying to explain. “Those weren’t ordinary wolves. They were rogues, feral rogues.”

My eyes narrow. Ivy continues explaining. “Werewolves, Blaire. Except those wolves have no pack and without their pack they’ve slowly become more wolf than human, making them feral and aggressive,” she says matter-of-factly. This was about as clear as mud. Werewolves don’t exist. I sit still, my brain not processing what she’s saying because it makes no scientifically proven sense. I look Ivy in the eye to see if she’s lying. Either she’s lost her marbles or she’s finally learned how to lie to me to pull off this prank.

“We were also saved by a werewolf,” she continues. “Except he was in control. If I’m not mistaken he was from the North Mountain Pack.” There’s that name again.

“I heard you mention that name earlier. Like a pack of wolves?” I ask.

“A pack of werewolves, Blaire. In short, it’s a community where the werewolves are protected and led by their alpha.” Ivy explains. I take in a deep breath. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. I repeat to myself, trying to keep my disbelieving outburst to myself.

“Hold up. Why would you know all of this?” I ask. Ivy squirms a little in her chair.

“Well, see, that’s the other part of the argument. Whether we should tell you or not,” she says, still sounding unsure. We? Tell me what? “Michael, James, and I are… a part of the White Paw Pack.” She vaguely says and doesn’t explain further than that.

“They accept humans?” I ask.

“Gosh Blaire, sometimes you can be slow. We are werewolves.” Holy mother fletcher! I feel my mouth gaping open. Then I snap.

“What?! I’m slow! How was I supposed to know that meant you are werewolves?! I’ve only ever known you as human,” I shout. Well, she’s lost her marbles. I think to myself, concluding my last debate on my sister’s mental state. I watch as her eyes glaze over and in walks James and Michael moments later. I swallow down my sudden nerves.

“I’ve never seen you turn under a full moon,” I say to both Ivy and Michael, laughing nervously. You gotta stop. Maybe they are telling the truth? Ivy eyes James before answering me.

“James is a born werewolf and my mate,” she says. New questions start running through my head. “It’s like a soulmate. When we first met, it was an instant connection. Anyways, through him marking me, I am now a werewolf too.” I nod like I know what she’s talking about. I can feel my breaths coming in faster and faster. This is overwhelming and semi- frustrating because I hear what’s being said, but understand none of it. My eyes travel to Michael.

“Were you ever gonna say anything? If it is true,” I say. Accepting my challenge, I watch as his eyes glow a lightning bug green. My eyes widen. Memories start flashing through my mind of another set of glowing eyes. Michael’s eyes turn back to green and they stay fixed on my own.

“I was. I just didn’t know when to tell you. I probably should’ve brought it up before proposing to you,” he admits. His gaze saddens. “I understand if you reject me now, but at least think things over before you do.” I take in a calming breath as my anger starts rising more.Why me? Why does everyone in my life have to have some big secret they’ve been keeping from me? I close my eyes as I try warding off an oncoming headache.

“I need space. You guys should probably leave,” I say leaving no room for argument. All three walk out of my room. After a few moments, I lay back on my bed. What am I going to do? How do people usually deal with something like this?

I take out my phone and look through my contacts. There’s his name with a heart after it. My heart warms at what he put his contact as.

B: I can’t do lunch tomorrow.

I send the text. I have a feeling he is more than Ryder Woods. While Ivy talked about her first interaction with James and when Michael showed me his eyes, I connected my own dots.

In my dream, Ryder had glowing eyes and I’m assuming, because of the glowing eyes, he’s a werewolf. At the end of it, Ryder whispered the same word Ivy had mentioned. Mate. Whether any of what happened in my dream is proof, I do know there were sparks and an instant connection with Ryder today. All of it adds up and makes sense. My breathing picks up again as I admit this to myself.

What am I gonna do about Michael?

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