Under the Moonlight

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Chapter 8

Blaire’s POV

“Can I ask you something?”

Ryder nods as he sips his drink.

“Do you… uh… believe in supernatural beings?” I ask nervously. He looks me in the eye. A gasp leaves me before I notice it’s left as I look into the same glowing blue eyes from the other night. My heartbeat speeds up. My body stiffens up in fear, then I feel myself relax. It’s Ryder. That fact calms me in unknown ways.

“I would take that as a yes,” I whisper. Letting out a sigh of breath, I continue on. “You were the warrior that saved me. How did you find my sister and I?” How had he known about the attack and been there in the nick of time? My dream from the following night rushed in. Why was he in my dream?

“How’d you know that was me?” He asked. His confused state scrunches up his face in the cutest way.

I motioned at his eyes. “Those eyes have been haunting me ever since that night.” It was true. They’ve been popping up any chance they get.

His brows raise. “In a good or bad way?” He asks, a smirk appearing on his face. I look down at my fingers, trying not to show the blush that has suddenly over taken my face.

“Hard to say. Would it be weird to say that I’ve seen them in my dreams?” Oh gosh, I don’t think I will get through this conversation. I’m already ten degrees hotter and five shades redder as the memories of that dream come back again and again. The force of him pushing me against the wall. His kisses trailing down my neck. My hands running up and down his chest and amazing abdomen.

His eyes begin to glow again and the smirk returns. His voice is husky when he utters the word that has been haunting me along with his eyes. “Mate.”

A shiver runs down my spine as the word settles between us. The look in his eye makes a heat grow in my chest and spread up my neck. My heartbeat picks up in anticipation. He begins moving towards me. His hand going to my leg and sliding up to my hip. The sparks that come with his every touch ignites something in me.

Every action between us is slow and timid. Afraid that the other might shy away at any moment. I put my hand on his chest and grab at his shirt, pulling him closer. His other hand holds us up as he leans into me. I find myself laying back with him hovering over me. I continue to look up into his eyes which no longer glow, becoming lost in the sea of blue. My eyes wander down to his lips and I find myself wanting them on every last bit of my skin. My hands slide themselves in his luscious brown locks and I can’t handle the suspense anymore. I pull Ryder to me, inviting him to do what he wants. I wanted to become lost with Ryder, exploring every bit of this sensation.

He addictively invades all of my senses as his soft lips intensely explore mine. I can’t believe what’s happening. Could this be another dream? The warmth of his breath fanning on my face was inviting. I moan as his mouth travels beyond my mouth and down my neck. I arch my back, trying for as much contact as possible, wanting more of the lightning sparking up wherever we touch. Both his hands move to encircle me, keeping me against him. I need him.

“Blaire,” he breathes against my skin. Goosebumps erupt along my whole body. I’m lost in his intoxicating scent to the point the world around us ceases to exist. The sparks around my waist travel up and down my back and sides, both of Ryder’s hands investigating beneath my shirt. Our lips find each other again and we are drowning in the depths of each other.

As they say, good things are never in pairs but misfortunes never walk alone. My misfortunes come crashing in and I know if I don’t act now, I may never escape this dream with Ryder.

“Ryder,” I breathe. His lips tempt me as they slide up my neck. “Ryder.” I unconvincingly try pushing at his chest. The absence of his body on mine was the last thing I want now. Ryder pulls away enough to see my face, his eyes fogged over slightly. We are both drunk off each other.

I close my eyes and begin trying to regain my breath before speaking. “We need to stop.” I can’t look at him or I fear I will get lost in his gaze again. A small growl escapes from deep in his chest. Ryder buries his face into the crook of my neck and breathes me in. “I can’t do this now. I should get back home.”

He stills. “Is it that man you were with today? I don’t want you going back to him,” Ryder says. His arms tighten possessively around my waist. His breaths on my neck leave my brain in a frenzy. I can’t do this now, we can’t. I have to talk to Michael about this.

“I have to go back and talk with him,” I begin to explain. Another rumble vibrates from Ryder’s chest that still is pressed against mine. I gently put my hands on Ryder’s chest to push him off me. He sits up and drags me with him, keeping his face against my neck. I’m confused how this wrongness feels so right.

I shouldn’t have let things get so out of control. I had forgotten about Michael once Ryder’s presence overtook my thoughts.

“Ryder, I’m serious,” I say, once again pushing at his chest. “Michael’s my fiance.” That did the job. Ryder snaps away from my neck faster than light. The glowing orbs looking back at me make me regret saying anything. They glow like blue fire and the heat seen within them is just as hot. I feel my mouth gaping open like a fish out of water. It opens and closes several times.

“What did you just say?” He asks, his voice deep. I feel myself shrink away from the overpowering aura washing over me in waves. What does he care? He hardly knows me. He has no say over my life. Sitting with his hands on my shoulders an arm’s length away, I wiggle out of his lap and narrow my eyes.

My anger starts to unfurl around me. “You heard me. I hardly know you, you can’t tell me I can’t go and talk to him. I was hoping this whole thing could be figured out before it got complicated, but-”

“Figured out?” He chuckles. “If you wanted to keep it uncomplicated, you shouldn’t have started that incredibly tempting display of affection.” Heat dances across my body.

“I didn’t mean it like that. I was just hoping for understanding. I want answers. No, need answers because I don’t know what is going on!” I exclaim, standing from the quaint picnic. “My sister drops a huge bomb of information on me and then I have unexplainable feelings for a man I bump into at a cafe, after apparently having already met him in the woods, but he was a wolf. My mind is drowning in the unknown.” The information I’ve learned today is becoming overwhelming.

I look to see Ryder looking up at me from where he continues to sit. A flash of recognition crosses his face.

“You didn’t already know?” He asks.

“Know what?” I ask confused.

“She’s a werewolf,” he says unsure. My eyes widen. How does he know about Ivy? “I could sense her wolf when I came to save you.” He says, reading my mind.

“How did you guess the bomb she dropped was about werewolves?” I ask. He shrugs.

“Just a guess, honestly,” he states. Ryder stands and looks at me unsure of what to do with himself. “Can you stay so I can answer some of your questions? I promise nothing else will happen until you talk to Michael.” He says referring to our physical interactions earlier. Should I? I eye him, trying to decipher if his body language follows with what he’s saying.

The evening light is slowly fading away. He can probably sense my uncertainty. “Please. I don’t want any more misunderstandings. I have a few questions of my own.”


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