One of a Million

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23 year old Billie Winters has always been overlooked because of her twin sister, but it never affected her, until she walks in on her boyfriend of 3 years and her sister, that is. 25 year old Carter Thibodeaux CEO of Lucky’s, a famous club around the world, has never been in a relationship due to lack of commitment. What happens when Billie moves from Alexandria, Louisiana to New York City to get away from troubles at home? When Carter and Billie crosses paths, one is irritated while the other is intrigued. Will they find love or will this be another fling?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


All my life I have been known has ‘Bonnie’s lame sister’. I have gone unnoticed, nobody really talked to me unless it was about Bonnie, which I honestly was pleased with. Bonnie is my twin sister, now don’t let the word twin fool you, we are nothing alike. Bonnie is 5’6 with blonde hair hanging just above her shoulders. She can capture anyone’s heart just by making the boy stare in her honey like eyes. I, on the other hand is 5’1 with natural dirty blonde waiste length hair. And the only heart I’ve captured is my boyfriend of three years and he says it’s because of the meals I bought not my gray eyes. I have studied my butt off and managed to graduate college two years early and tomorrow is my graduation and birthday.


Beautiful green.

Like a field of greener than green grass.

Green eyes.

Beep beep beep.

As I wake up I see that image again of beautiful green eyes but shake it off because it’s not the first time. I head over to my bathroom and strip, then head into the warm water of my beloved shower. Ah, my wonderful bestie. When I get out I wrap myself in a towel and stare at myself in the mirror for maybe a second to long because I hear someone laugh at me. When I turn my head I see Bonnie having a laughing fit in the doorway.

“What’s so funny?” I ask, preparing myself for her answer.

“Oh nothing, just hoping the mirror doesn’t crack from you standing in it to long.” She says then breaks out into another fit and laughter. I just rolled my eyes and ask, “What do you want Bonnie, I have things to do like, hmmm,” I pretend to think, “gradate?” She stops laughing and scowls at me. Jackpot. See the thing is that Bonnie is amazing at everything, sports, cheer, breaking hearts, so on and so forth. But one thing that she did not pick up on is academics. In other words she’s as pretty as a princess but as smart as a brick. So she hates that I am graduating when she isn’t even going to college. “Mom said we are leaving to go set up MY birthday party.” And with that she turned around and stomped down the stairs. Yup, you heard her right. My parents aren’t coming to see me graduate nor are they throwing me a party. They care about me I know they do but I have been independent since the I realized I was the ‘ugly twin’. Anyway it’s not like nobody is going to support me. I’ll have Jake, my boyfriend and Quinn, my classmate and second best friend. ( my first is the shower )

After I’m all dressed I made eggs and waited for Quinn to come. When she’s here we drive off to the school.

We’re bumpin our heads to Girl Of My Dreams by Rod Wave, when I get a text from Jake.

Sorry babe, can’t come to the graduation comin down with the flu I’ll see ya tmr on your birthday 😘- Jake

When I see this text I laugh, I laugh so damn hard that I start crying, but not a laughing crying no a sobbing crying. I’m just so sick of him never being there for me like I am for him, every stupid football game, every stupid basketball game I’m there supporting him but he can’t come to one of the biggest days of my life or remember my birthday? But what can I say I love him.

“Oh honey, it’s Jake again?” Quinn asks, her brown eyes full of anger and concern.

“Yeah, he says he can’t come.” I say wiping my tears. Quinn pulls over and red hair jerks as she whips her head around looking at me in pure rage.

“FORGET HIM, he doesn’t deserve you anyway we’ll rock that stage and graduate without him then have our own party deal?” I laugh at her sudden outburst and say “Deal but I want to go visit him just to make sure he’s ok.” With that and a sigh from Quinn we head on down the road to the college.

I feel like it’s going to be a long and heart changing day.

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