Love, Love, Love Me

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Ivy has been smitten with Coleman since highschool, to her he is her saviour. Her dream is to marry him and grow old with him, but fate has something else in mind. Will she be able to hold onto her unrequited love through the challenges life likes to throw at her? Heck, can she even survive the challenges throw at her? Find out!

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

It’s that sound again.

The sound of a lawnmower buzzing away in the early morning.

This sound that is seemingly ear-piercing, has become music to my ears. I sat up and stretched, my blanket tumbling off my chest. I could feel my hair sticking up on end and my tank top slightly sagging down. While still sitting in my bed, I peeked out the window, and there he was.

Coleman Johns.

I watched as he lugged the lawnmower across the lawn, his grey T-shirt drenched in sweat and his black shorts sagging a bit to reveal the band of his calvin klein boxers.

His cream skin seemed to glow in the hot sun, I watched his muscles flex and bulge with each turn. Wiping off his heavy sweat with the back of his hand when he was finally done. His fluffy, chocolate brown hair stuck to his face, unmoving as he fanned himself with his hand.

The hot summer day was not helping his exhaustion, he weakly plopped onto the ground and laid down in the dry grass, a lonely tree giving him little shade.

Suddenly his deep, mahogany eyes locked with mine.

I jumped a bit before composing myself and giving him a small smile and nodded at him, then he too, smiled and nodded back.

We locked eyes for a few more seconds before simultaneously breaking eye contact.

I felt my face heating up, I gasped for air as I felt my heart pounding in my chest, each beat ringing in my ears.

That has never happened before. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

Calm down, calm down..., calm down…..

I calmed my beating heart, turning my attention back to him, watching as he retreated into his garage with his lawnmower, closing the door behind him.

I let out a shaky breath, it’s been a long time since I had a scare like that…

I did a quick time peek on my phone, it wouldn’t be until another two hours and 17 minutes until I would return to my place in my window for another show.

I decided to start my day.

Showering off all the dirt from last night, leaving my bathtub floor stained brown.

Good thing my bathroom is connected to my bedroom so my early morning singing wouldn’t wake my family. After singing “Love Me Now” for the 100th time, I stepped out the shower, my naked body exposed to the mirror.

I’ve lost a bit of weight, probably from my recent activities, but I’m not complaining.

My bust and butt looks a bit more prominent now that my stomach has flattened a bit. My new body accents my long legs, making me almost forget my small stature.

I remembered the time and started fixing my appearance.

I carefully placed each strand of hair into a neat afro, half up, half down hairstyle, then quickly swiping on some deep red lipstick to accent my brown skin, and slipping on a red summer dress to put the whole aesthetic together.

I did one more quick check in the mirror before exiting the bathroom. Closing the door behind me, I locked the door.

1, 2, 3. The lock turned three times until I was satisfied. One last tug and then rushed downstairs.

I spent a little too much time on my clothes and gave myself less time to eat. I tiptoed downstairs since it was early morning and I didn’t want to wake my family. I snuck into the kitchen and popped down two bagels, and took out a few strawberries from the fridge.

I heavily buttered up the two lightly toasted bagels once they jumped from the toaster, making them soft and savory. I sat down at the 4 seater table and dug in. Only a few minutes into my meal, I heard a little pitter patter coming down the stairs.

My little cousin made her way into the kitchen with a cute unicorn onesie that covered her blonde ringlets, her big brown eyes squinted, obviously just woken up. She sees me and waddles her way over to me.

“Good morning…” she says in a soft, tired voice, sitting beside me.

“Good morning baby~” She snuggled into my side, I gave her forehead a little peck.

“I’m not a baby~” she whined after detaching herself from me.

“Well, you’re my baby.” I ruffled her hair. I call her my baby but the truth is we couldn’t look more different. Compared to my almond skin tone, she was more of a beige, I blame her father but then again my aunt could be blamed too… But who am I to talk?

“Are you hungry?” I continued to eat as she set her head on the table.


Good. Then I won’t waste time making your food.

But I didn’t say that aloud. Instead responded with a nod. I checked the wall clock that ticked away, there were only three minutes until he would be back. I quickly jumped up and slid my plate to my little cousin, leaving her a bagel and three strawberries.

“Eat this if you get hungry.” I ruffled her ringlets, getting a bit of protest in response, before quickly tiptoeing back upstairs. By this time my family should be awake but I won’t take chances.

Plopping myself back on my bed, and leaning into the window to get a clear view.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

There it was. Coleman walked out of his home in a plain white t-shirt and ripped blue jeans and converse. His once fluffy hair, was now slicked back neatly.

He sat down in his car and pulled off cleanly.

The minute he was out of sight I jumped up and made my way back downstairs, this time not bothering to tiptoe, my quick steps pounding as I rushed.

I slipped on some black sandals that sat by the front door, before walking out I called to my little cousin.

“Lock the door!” I called.

“Five times?” she called back, I could hear that her cheeks were stuffed.

“Always.” I called back before heading out and closing the door behind me.

I started walking, only a few feet from my house now, I stopped and looked back at the door, waiting...

I watched as my cousin closed and opened the door five times, then turned the lock five times.

Satisfied I continued on my way.

The summer heat was unbearable, the greenery seemed to bend and brown around me, and the dogs today seemed almost livid, barking at the small breeze, as if commanding it to blow harder.

But these things failed to bother me, because today I’ll be visiting my favorite cafe, called “Little Sweeties”. It’s a small cafe in one of the back alleys of the city, not many people visit, but the ones who do are regulars. I mean, how can you not be? The cafe is decorated with warmly colored couches and plushies, their drinks and food come in flowered crockery, and the cafe always smells faintly of vanilla.

The long walk went by in seemingly seconds once I stepped into the little cafe. It was late morning now but I could still do for a morning coffee.

There aren’t a lot of people today, only maybe 5 or 6. I decided to sit at one of the plush bar stools and snuggled a plush elephant to my stomach.

“Good morning, what can I get you?” A cherry voice piped up in front of me.

I looked up at him, he was a young fellow, looking to still be in highschool. He was tall and fit with cute, tight curls that were tied up into a man bun. Sharp blue eyes and ivory skin. He wore the uniform of a white t-shirt, black pants, and a cute brown apron with a bear in the corner. He leaned against the counter as he spoke to me.

“Can I have a medium latte with lots and lots of milk?”

“Sure thing.” he turned towards one of his colleagues and repeated my order.

I’m kinda sad, normally Coleman would be taking my order, I mean there’s nothing wrong with this boy, but he’s not who I came here for…

“Looking for someone?” My attention snapped back towards the boy, I shook my head at him, averting my gaze back to the plush in my lap.

He chuckled to himself, “Well, you seem to be quite the regular here, are you sure?”

“Isn’t everyone here a regular?” I spoke jokingly, but honestly I really wanted him to shut up, I’m not used to talking to strangers.

“Got me there.” he laughed to himself again, while I played with the elephant’s trunk.

I could feel his gaze on me, but I tried to ignore it, to little avail.

“Order up!” the employee broke the awkward silence.

“Thank you.” I nodded solemnly at them as I received my drink and gave them pay in return.

I bring it to my mouth to take a sip.

“Hey it’s you.” I jumped at the low voice almost spilling my drink, I say almost because the voice caught it for me…

I looked up and saw Coleman standing over me, slowly placing my drink back on the counter.

“Sorry.” I said quickly, holding my hands in front of myself to keep from fidgeting

“No need, anyways, how are you?” he stepped a bit away, leaning against the doorway that led to the kitchen.


“She’s shy~” the boy tried to whisper to Coleman.

“Am not.” I pouted.

Which shocked all three of us. After a few seconds of silence the boys cracked up laughing, leaving me red in embarrassment.

Dumb boy, look what you’ve done.

“Ignore him, he’s whatever.” Coleman reassured.

“I’m offended!” the boy jokes while Coleman rolled his eyes at him.

“So, how do you two know each other?” Coleman moved his finger back and forth between us.

“We don’t.” the boy said plainly.

“Wow, then you’re quite the social butterfly.”, he said as he ruffled my hair.

My heart started beating again, I clutched the elephant as I felt my body go numb with excitement.

“So how do you two know each other?” the boy nudged him.

I saw Coleman respond, but the sound of my heartbeat tuned out their words. I tried not to breathe through my mouth, only letting out shallow breaths to control my heart, but not be noticeable. To no avail of course, because now when Coleman turned to talk to the boy, his hip grazed my knee that was propped up by the bar foot thingy.

What’s it called again?

A foot rest?

A foot thing?

A foot ring?

I can’t think, I felt my vision slowly blur and I was coming close to hyperventilation. Suddenly they turned their attention back towards me.

Their mouths moved but there was no sound.

“What?” I said in a small voice.

This time the boy’s mouth moved only.

I cocked my head at them.

The boy leaned real close to me, enunciating each word.

“Girl, are you deaf? What was the name of your highschool?”

“Oh, Meadowview High.” I said quickly, embarrassed, Coleman let out a chuckle from behind him.

“I can’t with you two, I need to do inventory so peace.” And with that, Coleman went to the back.

The boy and I watched him leave, before turning back to each other. Now that he was gone my vision came back and my breathes became even.

“He’s cute ain’t he?” I snapped my head back at the boy, not being able to hide my shock.

“You’re gay?!” I said in a loud whisper.

This killed him, he reeled over in tears, gasping for breath as he laughed quite loudly. He held onto the counter for support.

I sat there still confused.

Once he composed himself, he leaned against the counter, a large smirk on his face as he stared back at me.

“Don’t worry, I have no interest in men.”

I only nodded, embarrassed by my question…

What is with today? First eye contact and then awkward conversation?

I shook my head to myself.

I need to get out of here before I go insane!

I stood to leave, placing the elephant in the chair and picking up my drink.

“Hey!” The boy called me.


“What’s your name?”


“Well we had a whole conversation, so common courtesy is to tell me your name.” he said expectantly.

“Your name.” with that I left the cafe and sped walked home.

How’s that for a first chapter? :)

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