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Renee is just an ordinary human in high-school. She is your typical peppy cheerleader. Renee has the perfect life until a couple of vampires move into her town, and they take interest in her.

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In the jungle, one of the greatest predators would be the tiger. A magnificent beast that can weigh up to six hundred and eighty pounds and grow up to be four feet. With razor-sharp claws and a ravenous appetite, it's no wonder why these beast are considered to be apex predators.

Although there is always something stronger than the tiger.

In New York, during 1871, the vampire population skyrocketed. Many innocent humans were being killed on the streets and behind allies. Vampires held the power of immense strength and speed, and they had the power of compulsion. Compulsion was a vampire's way of making any human do what they want. Compulsion is the most simple reason why humans wouldn't find out about vampires.

With great power, there are also great weaknesses. Unlike movies and books, vampires weren't affected by the sun. A vampire's greatest weakness was humanity and excessive thirst for blood. The only way to kill a vampire is a bullet straight through the heart.

Blood was scattered behind an abandoned building in New York, and there laid a freshly turned vampire.

A young woman laid on the ground unconscious. A few minutes ago she was attacked by a vampire and sucked dry. Then the male vampire forcefully turned her into a vampire and threw her like she was nothing. The woman fell to the ground sustaining serious head injuries and undergoing the transformation alone and cold.

She had pale ivory skin with black hair that covered her face in a heaping mess. The woman's long dress was beyond dirty, but it looked expensive. It gave off the impression that she belonged to a rich family.

A dead man laid beside the woman with pale ivory skin and black hair. That man was the brother of the woman, and he was escorting her home before they were attacked by the vampire. The vampire decided to just kill her brother and turn her.

Unknowingly to anyone, the woman was never found and she only woke up when it started to rain.

The downpour of the cold rain gave a tense feeling into the atmosphere. Like it was almost hard to breathe. The blowing wind didn't help either. Needless to say, the weather wasn't taken lightly and everyone held onto their coats tightly.

When the woman finally woke up, it felt like she hadn't had a drink in ten years. She would never forget the pain she felt that day. Her throat was so parched and her skull felt like it was splitting in two. More importantly, she couldn't even remember where she was, or who she was. The woman couldn't even remember her name.

All she knew is that when she tried to speak, the pain only became worse. She could utter out a single word.

The woman pulled herself up in a sitting position and then that is when she first felt the insatiable hunger. The smell of blood piqued her curiosity and she glanced over at a man with black hair and white skin. She didn't recognize him at all, all she cared about was the thick red liquid oozing out of his skull.

Edging closer to the dead body, she felt a sharp intrusion coming from her gums. Her eyes changed colors and she fell into the pit of desire.

She ended her draining her brother dry of his blood, and she didn't even realize who he was. Her head injury was healed physically was she couldn't recall any memories of her previous life.

With that, she sat there in the cold rain staring out into the distance.

What was she?

Or more importantly.

Who was she?

Not knowing who you are is like losing purpose in life. She had nowhere to turn or go, and she didn't even know what to call herself. She had to completely restart her life, and so that is what she did.

It was harder than anyone could have thought. Always being around the temptation of human blood made her question if this life was even worth living at first.

The woman, now forever stuck in a young appearance, found that dealing with humanity was the most complicated task. While trudging through the streets of New York, she tried to find a new purpose in life. She had nowhere to go and no one to turn too.

The first person she ever met was named Avryll. A kind poor human girl that introduced herself when she spotted a woman walking in the streets alone. Graciously accepting her offer, both women walked in the direction of Avryll's house. Avryll was very outspoken as she chatted away to a complete stranger.

That's when the second round of hunger came.

The woman tried to contain her vampiric instincts to protect her new friend, but with every step, her thirst grew immensely.

It got to the breaking point when the fledgling vampire suddenly ripped into the petite human's neck.

When the woman was done draining every ounce of blood from Avryll's body, instant shock coursed through her veins.

What had she just done?

She just killed an innocent human. Guilt consumed and racked through her body. She cried out in pain and rage as her human emotions became more strong and potent. Another downfall of being a vampire was experiencing human emotions more deeply. It hurts like no tomorrow.

That's why vampires turn it all off. Their humanity. Shutting off a vampire's humanity is a promised easy way out. A way to not deal with these heightened emotions.

Tears streamed down the vampire's face as she looked at Avryll's body. A single tear landed on Avryll's face and then she suddenly stopped crying. She looked out into the distance as the pain vanished. The woman looked to be in a daze as nothing mattered anymore. She had shut off her humanity.

Ever so calmly, the woman rise to her feet and looked at the gruesome scene. Blood was all over the place, but she didn't care. She didn't care about anything anymore.

The woman easily dragged the woman's body into the woods with her newfound strength to dispose of the evidence. Although she bumped into a man along the way.

The man's eyes widened as he observed the woman with blood dripping from the corners of her mouth. He saw the body she was dragging behind her and he quickly stepped back in fear. Fumbling over his own feet, he fell to the ground.

He looked up in fear, "Who are you!" His voice trembled as he attempted to block himself with his hands. Her glowing red eyes peered down at him.

A murderous intent laid behind her gaze as she circled him like prey.

"My name is Avryll." The young vampire woman spoke, as she gave herself a new name and a new life.

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