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This is a short manxman story. Please do not read if you have any problem with bl. Contain mature scenes. [COMPLETED]

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Plopping down on the decrepit mattress, Ash let out a sigh of exhaustion. Not only did his lover cheated on him but also ran away after stealing his valuables and savings and wrecking his workplace, causing him to lose his job. Now jobless at 20 and with no mean to pay for the damage, his house was seized by his former company he worked for, thereby forcing him to live in this shabby studio apartment he found online for a cheap price.

No more falling in love.

When he first entered inside, he didn't expect for the roomy apartment to be that dirty and full of dust. After a whole day of cleaning and him sniffing and sobbing, the apartment was somewhat clean. He even found a strange looking key that didn't even belong to any door of the multiple rooms it had.

Now with his job hunts being unsuccessful and the constant curfews of his town, he was afraid that he would be having problems feeding himself.

Groaning at his misfortune, he stood up and proceeded to the wooden work desk where he kept the strange key. Being deeply intrigued by the abstract, yet elegantly simplistic bow of the key, he couldn't help but let his finger trace along the blade. From the look of it, it looked ancient, just like a key that opens an alternate world. Chuckling at his own thoughts, Ash dropped the key back on the desk and went rummaging in a bag full of stuffs that he found whilst cleaning.

"Let's see if I can find something valuable to sell."

Out came old books, music papers, ...dead plants and a small box of the size of a pencil case.

This is so odd. He thought. Opening one of the leather bound books, he started reading the first page that was tattered:

'Tieth to a stake, tieth a stake, shalt thy curs'd birth beest impur'd

tieth to a stake, tieth to a stake, shalt thy dark soul beest impur'd

bringeth the flames, bringeth the flames, shalt thy dark soul beest impur'd

setteth the flames, setteth the flames, setteth the flames

shalt the almighty testeth thee,

shalt thee passeth the trial


shalt thee burneth in the pit of hell

nay mourneth, nay teen shalt thee kicketh the bucket thee beldams'

Turning to the next page, the words suddenly turned into another symbolic language, making it hard for him to continue reading. Perusing again the first page, he realized that it was talking about executing someone by setting them on fire.


Throwing all the old books that was certainly unreadable, the dead plants and of course the music papers for he wasn't someone fond of making music, he was left with the wooden box.

There was nothing extraordinary with the box. No designs, just a simply plain rectangular box that can't even fit a shoe. Holding the box, he swung it up-and-down and in result the box answered with a rattling sound.

"Ah! Maybe this box has jewelries in it!" Excitedly, Ash tried to pry open it but was unsuccessful. "What the h-" turning the box upside down, he saw something usual about the box.

"Why does this box have a key hole at its bottom!?" He exclaimed in disbelief. Who invented such kind of box!? Digging back his hand into the bag, he found no key. What...

Taking his hammer from the tool box, he struck the box which was still firm at the impact. Annoyed, he hammered the box for a dozen times which was still unbroken, not even a dent was formed.

Pulling his hair in frustration, he threw the box across the room, which hit the wooden desk before falling on the ground along with some materials that was on the table.

"Argh!" Pushing himself up and to the table, he started muttering cuss words to each thing that had fallen.

"What did I even do to-" as soon as he got hold of the strange key, an idea popped into his head.

Grapping hold of the box, he inserted the strange key into the keyhole and bam!

His surrounding suddenly shimmered, everything present in his living room started to contort and blend till it settle into a dark surrounding.

Gaping and awestruck, his head swung left and right, trying to search for his studio.

What just happened!?

Around him were just tall creepy trees like those you can find in a horror movie and the sky was gray with what he could see unfamiliar planets and big stars unlike the one on Earth.

"Oh my God! Please tell me I'm dreaming!?" Giving himself a couple slaps, he tried to wake up from this nightmare.

Upon realizing he wasn't dreaming and that he surely got teleported into another alternate world, his sensitiveness overcame him and his vision blurred as big tears rolling down his red cheeks. Letting himself fall on the ground, he cowered while crying silently at his severe misfortune.

"Hey you good?" Startled at deep masculine voice, he jolted up at once.

Thump thump thump

In front of him stood a man of around 6'5 feet with the most alluring dark skin coating his muscular body, his long silky hair as white as snow braided and his piercing gray eyes staring directly onto the latter's dull dark brown eyes. Dressed totally in black pants and shirtless with only a dark cloak draping his back.

Thump thump thump

Shaking his head at Ash's behavior, the man crouched down at eye level to the tongue-tied latter.

"I can hear the pounding of your heart. Calm down"

Gulping he hesitantly replied, "I-I'm not f-from here! Please help me!"

"I know. The path to the kingdom is the other way a-"

"No no! I'm not from this world! I got teleported here by a box please help me!" Ash begged tearily, grasping the stranger's big warm hands.

"Box? Did the keyhole of the box found at the bottom?"

Receiving a nod from Ash, the man clenched his fists.

"Where is the box?"

"Right-It disappeared!" Looking around, Ash couldn't find the box.

"It probably got teleported somewhere else," getting up, the man dusted off his pants before walking away from Ash. "Are you coming or are you waiting for the Hornets to eat you?"

At the mention of Hornets, Ash abruptly got up and rushed to the man, his action causing the man to laugh.

"What's your name?" The man asked.

"I'm Ash. What's yours?"



Days had passed since Ash had been living with Rai in his cave that he called home. Despite being small, it was pretty cozy and Ash didn't miss the opportunity to cuddle with Rai whenever it was chilly at night. No matter what, he couldn't help but have some new feelings stirred up about Rai. He would always blush at every compliment or his heart would be racing fast every time the gorgeous man would be close too him. It was truly unbelievable how the man adored him and took great care of him. Sometimes at night, he would steal some kisses from Rai while he is sleeping just to feel the butterflies on his stomach.

But he was truly grateful to the gorgeous man to believe everything he said and never assumed he was a lunatic for saying he's not from this world. He once questioned the man about it and the latter only replied, "If you were from here you wouldn't even be here with me." Still, skeptical about the answer he got, Ash never questioned the man again as the latter purposely changed the topic afterwards.

"Ash! Come here!" At the call of Rai, he sprinted directly to him, again earning a lively laugh from Rai.

"Here take this," Rai handed him a basket. "Can you please go to the Kingdom and buy me some healing herbs? I really need them and if someone questions you, just say you're from the East and going to visit a relative in the Northern Kingdom. And also don't tell anyone about me, okay?"

"Why?" Ash furrowed.

"Just trust me. And be back before noon."

"Okay," without any question, Ash grabbed one of Rai's cloak and went into the Kingdom.

As soon as he put a step inside the giant front gate, he was swarmed by none other but young fair ladies. Even though he tried to politely decline their offers, he was dragged into a bar and bombarded with questions. With a polite smile, he answered every question with white lies.

Time had flown so quickly that it was soon evening. Panicking, he rushed to the healer's shop and bought the herbs Rai told him and rushed out of the Kingdom, praying that the latter wouldn't be angry at him.

Upon arriving the entrance of the cave, Ash could hear mournful sobs. Dropping the basket, he went inside hurriedly and gasped at the sight of Rai huddling in the corner and sobbing.

"Rai!" Rushing to him, he embraced him.

Upon contract, the latter hastily embraced him back.

"I *sob* thought y-you *sob* left me and *sob* joined them," he said, his chest heaving with emotions.

"What do you mean!? Why would I-"

On the spur of the moment, Rai's lips crashed onto Ash's, causing the latter to bemoan, before kissing back the gorgeous man. Just when their lips separated, Rai leaned in again to steal another kiss from Ash who was still panting from their previous activity, causing him to be red all over.

Embarrassed, Ash hid his face with his hands.

"What happened? *Chuckle* So it's okay for you to kiss me when I'm sleeping but not when I'm awake?"

Squealing, Ash furthermore hid his face on the crook of the latter's neck.

"Let's continue this in the bed" Rai seductively said as he carried the latter to the small bed.

Throwing him gently on the bed, Rai ripped out the cloth that was covering Ash's chest before nipping and sucking on his skin, advertently leaving his mark everywhere while Ash could only gasped and moaned Rai's name.

His wet tongue licked his erected nipples before he dived in and sucked profoundly his left nipple while his hand pleasured his other other one. Ash screamed out incoherent words, his hands griping Rai's thick hair as the latter continued to devour him sexually.

"Ngh-Aaah! Rai! More!" Ash moaned as the big man stopped abruptly to pepper his neck with kisses.

Rai was certainly aroused. He wanted to just flip the young man over and thrust into him. But despite being driven sexually, he wanted to make love to the latter, show him how much he wanted-no, needed him.

"Patient my love," gently caressing the pale man's brown hair, Rai placed his lips onto Ash's, initiating a deep kiss, his needs and love mingling with it.

With lack of patience, Ash wrapped his arms around the Rai's neck and grinded against the latter's groin, desperately trying to get some friction.

Smiling softly, Rai flipped them over so that Ash has the dominance position. Straddling the big man, Ash continued to sensually move his lower part on the latter's lap, his action making the pulsing rod of Rai to twitch and strain uncomfortably against his pants.

Ash loved the feel of Rai. He could feel how big the man was beneath him and was anticipating for that moment but meanwhile he just wanted to tease the latter, make him begged to be inside of him.

"Love! Stop teasing me so much!" Slightly annoyed at the teasing, his sense of control finally snapped as he pinned the small man down on the bed as he undressed both of them.

Sharing another heated kiss, Rai grabbed hold of small container of healing oil that he handmade.

Pouring some of the liquid on his erected cock, he pressed his forehead to Ash's and whispered soothing words, not wanting to hurt the latter.

Spreading Ash legs, he settled there, waiting patiently for the heartbeat of his beloved to be normal.

"Rai! I can't wait anymore! Make love to me!"

"As your wish my love," without waiting for another second, he guide his cock into Ash's puckered hole, plunging it deep at once that made the young man to scream in pain.

Forcing himself not to move he waited till Ash calmed down a little bit before pulling out to thrust back slowly into his tight cavern. Rai let out groans of pleasure. It was his first time doing it with someone.

He tried to go as slow as he could but with each passing minute, his thrust become more barbaric and faster, his sense of control diminishing as his ears were filled with the loud moans of Ash. The latter could only cling to the big man, drown in pleasure and ecstasy.

They never wanted for it to be over and so they continued their act multiple times throughout the night, satisfying each others.


After the passionate night with his beloved, Rai left the house to meet a friend, not before leaving a note for Ash. That friend of him had agreed to help him find the 'teleportation box' as termed by his new lover, and now that he was summoned, he was sure this time they'd found it.

After exchanging some words with his friend, he returned to his lover who was eating the breakfast Rai made before leaving.

"I have some good news. I've found the teleportation box. I'll bring it to you by noon," he said, his voice full of sadness.

"Rai, what happened? Why the sudden change of tone?"

Heaving a sigh, Rai hugged his lover,"I just found you and you're leaving already," tightening his grip, he buried his face on the crook of Ash's neck.

"Then come with me. I already have a house and I promise you I'll keep you very happy!"

"I can't leave-"

Placing his gentle hands on his cheeks, Ash pleaded," Please I can't live without you."

Despite being together for not so long, they both had fallen deeply in love with each other unexpectedly.

"Okay. Anything for you."


"Stay right here. Don't come inside the Kingdom until I come back."

Nodding at him, Ash sat down under one of the large tree found on the edge of the forest as he watched Rai walk inside the giant gate, his eyes already drooping with lack of sleep.


"-shalt thy curs'd birth beest impur'd" Jolting awake at the commotion inside, Ash realized he had fallen asleep and it was past noon.

"tieth to a stake, tieth to a stake-" Standing up he tried to see what was going on inside.

Thump thump thump

Clutching tightly the area where his heart is, Ash stared at the commotion that was visible from where he is.

With a bad feeling overwhelming him, he rushed in where everyone was gathered and gasped.

In front of him was an unconscious Rai tied to a stake, beaten and bloody, his clothes shredded, showing off the long angry scars he got from whipping.

"W-what's going on!?"

"Oh young mister look! The King has caught a witch! That disgrace tried to steal the King's precious box! And now he's going to go through the holy trial!" A young lady answered him.

Looking at Rai, he screamed," He's not a witch! He's a human!"

"Anyone with the such sinful skin tone, dark as hell is a witch young mister," gazing around, he realized none of the inhabitants had such beauteous skin tone as Rai.

"-shalt thee burneth in the pit of hell

nay mourneth, nay teen shalt thee kicketh the bucket thee beldams"

As the chants ended, a young man proceeded to set the woods surround Rai on fire. Pushing his way to the front of the crowd, he quickly snatched the torch off the man's hand and screamed that Rai was innocent but his words fell on deaf ears.

A few men came from behind and grabbed hold of Ash, restraining him from moving while another one grabbed the torch and lit the woods surrounding Rai on fire. Pushing off the men holding him, he ran straight into the fire and hugged Rai.

"Rai! Please wake up!" He pleaded, sobbing.

Groaning in pain, Rai opened his eyes and immediately his head darted around.

"Ash! Get out of here or you'll be burnt!"

"I'm not leaving you!"

Unable to convince his lover to get away, Rai's heart started to race real fast at the potential danger his lover is.

"M-my pocket! It has my necklace, wear it quickly!" Digging his hand inside of Rai's pocket, Ash took out the ancestral pendant of Rai. It was a simple chain connected to a silvery piece of jewelry in the shape of a dragon.

"Wear it quickly! I-it'll save both of us" Putting it around his neck, Ash tried to untie Rai's hand as the fire was enclosing around them.

Muttering some incoherent words under his breath, Rai leaned in and kissed his lover.

"I-I'm *sob* sorry" in a split of seconds, Rai started chanting in a foreign language and bam!

Everything around Ash starting to change, he screamed for Rai as he watched his lover shedding one last tear with a sad smile on his lips before he completely got engulf in the flames. No cries. No scream could be heard from him.

His surroundings started to blend as he kept on falling and falling till he landed back inside his studio, in the living room.

Laying motionless on the floor, his face void of emotions with tears beaming his eyes, he clutched Rai's pendant. The vivid images of the love of his life burning to death while he was unscathed, kept on playing in his head repetitively.


His heart no longer beating the same way as when Rai was around, he let the numbness engulf his broken heart as he no longer basked in Rai's love. If only he had repelled the idea of going back to his world, his Rai, would have been alive and they would have been living happily in their small cozy cave.



Thank you really much for taking some time out of your busy schedule to read my story! It really means a lot to me!๐Ÿฅฐ

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