The Legendary Queen

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Eleanor Tyler seems to be an ordinary girl who is too courageous but secretly is a rare breed of Dragon and the reincarnation of The Goddess of Sorcery, Witchcrafts and Crossroads who is back to Annihilate everything in the World. She goes through a series of hardships with the one she loves who is destined to be her end becoming a force to behold where the most valiant rules. A tale of Love and Destiny. Read and find out the fate of these two souls.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 01: The Marriage

Author's POV

Edmonton palace 1995

Voices are heard inside the hall of Matrimony. The King is seated on his exquisite Dragon throne, the elders, astrologers, diviners and priests are here to discuss the marriage of the young prince and the young princess of the Mongolian state. The King was in support of the marriage because he knew of the special blood of the Mongolians and also Aldon Gibraltar, the governor, is a loyal one and has fought for the kingdom severally. He also wants his son to marry their princess in order to enforce the Royal family because apart from the Royal family there is no other state apart from the Mongolian state that can take over the Dragon throne because of the uniqueness of their blood. The other Twenty two states and provinces are normal blooded dragons who the royal family, The Tyler Terror Clan, can easily control.

Although Aldon agreed to the marriage his second-in-command and brother Donnelly is not in agreement with the marriage. He also has aspirations for the Mongolian state to become the next successor of the throne of Edmonton. He has a deep seated hatred for the Tyler Terror but he does not disclose this to any one.

Inside the hall, the date of the marriage is set and the priests speak of great evils which will happen in the near future..."I saw the head of the Blood Dragon rise and a dark raven flying forward", one of the priests said.

"Don't just give us a prophesy, give us an equal interpretation for we are not diviners", the king spoke and all the statesmen and elders nod their heads in agreement.

The oracle who was sitting in the middle of the circle of the other seven chief priests cleared his throat loudly and began to speak. Only the Oracle and his priests were allowed to be this disrespectful in front of the King.

"Edmonton is set for doom, this marriage truce is against the law of nature, the young daughter of Eastern tribe should not be ready for marriage until the purification ceremony during an annular eclipse but sadly she is pregnant with a child. A child that will bruise its mother and destroy the world." The Oracle spoke coldly. The King was greatly disturbed but he remembers that his son deeply loves this lady and his own plans he decided to ask the Oracle for any way out in this situation.

The Oracle spoke again, "This is a destined fate for Edmonton, there is nothing that can be done perhaps the destruction of the child"

The King nodded but the governor cried out loud, "How can we destroy an innocent child, is there no other way?"

"If there was the oracle would not have given the most brutal" The general prime Minister responded .

"But what has the prince of Edmonton done to begot such child which will destroy his kingdom in future?"

The King quickly dispersed the speech in order not to have people doubting his royal clan.

"What has happened is fate and what must be done will be done, I would not take chances even if its my own grand child, what has been said here will remain a secret neither the prince nor his bride should hear of this. After their marriage, we will carry out the are all dismissed."

"Great is the King and greatly shall he live!"

The whole hall echoed and bowed before everyone went their ways but the Governor was called back by the King to discuss more on the future of their children.


The day of Marriage

Irene's POV

The big day has finally arrived,I am so happy to be able to marry the prince of Edmonton. I am being made up by the maidens my mother chose for me. Speaking of my mother, she has been acting a little out of her way like yesterday night i talked all through with her. Our conversations were mainly my mother asking me questions and sometimes repeating already asked ones. I kept hearing her ask do i really love the prince and i think i really do,then another one am i happy with the wedding i agreed to that also do i love my baby; of course why would i not love my little me.

"Irene what are you thinking about" my mother's voice brought me back to the present. "Nothing really i am just remembering last night's conversation with you"

"O darling did i bother you so much last night" she sweetly petted my hair i replied no to her.

"I will miss you sweetheart" my mother confessed while trying to hold her tears

"I will miss you too mom"

Although i was happy for the marriage but it suddenly came to me that i will miss my sweet mother and Father,my uncles and Aunts,i will also miss our home and the little friends i made also the ceremonies. Tears rained my eyes spoiling the hard efforts of the festive maidens my mother being the sweet heart she is hugged me and smothered my back while telling me i will finally become a mother soon.

My joy returned, i could not wait to be a mother i have always loved the feeling when i raised small small animals which i called my children.

I was a princess but i liked ordinary normal life,freedom too which mother gave me that was how i met Evan my soon to be husband. Evan and I met at the local market in Ottawa province. I was trying to price a young turtle which i liked so much but there was this man that was bidding higher than i and i could not blow my cover so i gave up but as i was about to leave i felt and a hand draw me back and handed the turtle to me, the first time i looked into the stranger's eye i fell in love.

Back in the present mom handed me a necklace with a special pendant. She said i should give it to my baby once it is born. I asked what it was for but mom told me to just do as i was told before she left she kissed my head and said the King's escort is waiting. I wore the bracelet my self in order to avoid loosing it. Mother is usually mysterious but she is always caring and thoughtful.

It was time to put on my wedding dress. It was a floor length red gown with silver embroideries, it has a net sleeve and is neither tight nor loose in the trunk part, glad they considered my baby, the ending was a beautiful canopy which accentuated every other design on the dress. Once i was ready my Father came in.

My father has always been strict but today he let his guard down and am more than happy. He hugged me then gave me his advice which was so wary because he said "I love you sweet daughter and i do not wish to give you our soon but whatever the situation is Remember you are the princess of Mongolian state and you are the seed of our Gibraltar clan"

He handed me the Gibraltar Sign Monarch Head piece and told me it will protect me. Father put the veil on me and walked me out to meet the King's escort. As i entered the royal carriage my whole house hold bid me farewell. Some where crying most where smiling i bid them too and looked ahead. We started moving while my Parents' carriage was at the back.

The ride to the Tyler Terror which was the central city of Edmonton was smooth at some points i slept off and dreamt of i and the prince running after our child, its in deed a delightful dream but all of a sudden i could no longer see my child. I was weeping looking around for my child till i woke up. My maid servant misinterpreted the the tear on my face as tears of joy,she quickly fixed my make up.

I should forget about these things,today is a special day and i should be happy.

By the time we entered the central city,people were already talking of the big day and raining blessings on my carriage. Marriage must be a great feast even for the might capital city like this .

This lifted my spirit and my Joy came back.

Immediately the carriage stopped, my curtain was opened by an eunuch who Curtly gave me his hand. I took it and got down gently, i looked up to behold a well furnished building with red and golden designs all over the place. It was inscribed Hall of Matrimony at the door post. My arrival was announced and i waited for my father to arrive before we started out rehearsed ascension in to the hall. Soft music was heard in the background and people whispered of how beautiful the bride was. I blushed. I held my father who was dressed in silver royal apparel of a governor. I could not afford to trip in my gown.

Mid way to the altar i saw my husband Prince Evan in a robe with golden designs of dragon and the signet ring of Edmonton. He was standing beside the ceremonial priest while his Father the King was seated on the Up most altar. He was beaming with smiles.

Father and i bowed to the King before he handed me over to the Prince. As soon as he got hold of me he whispered "I have missed you beauty"

His words brought change to the color of my face i smiled then the procession Began.

After saying the martial rites of being with each till death tears us apart for richer or for worse, we were asked to drop our blood on the Diviner stone.

When this was said everyone became so curious to see what will happen, because it is believed that the diviner stone detects true fated couple.

It was a key artifact for marriage ceremonies in Edmonton.

As i cut my hand and dropped blood together with the prince it glowed bright red and every one applauded it was a sign we were a match made in heaven, the prince kissed my hand before we bowed to heaven and to the earth. We were now Married. The last procurement was the King's blessing and drinking the Wine of prosperity.

We moved to where the king was seated then knelt down.

"Blessed is Edmonton for the union of my Son the prince of Edmonton and the princess of Eastern Tribe, may the heavens nourish you in one heart" The king said

And the whole hall answered with heads bowed

"Marriage is of the right hand and children is of the left hand. May the King and Edmonton be blessed of this marriage"

And we replied "May the blessings of the heaven be with us and you too"

Then the king put on crowns on both our heads my crown was of the silver type with delicate diamonds on the carved areas it had a flower shape at top,its so beautiful and better than my crown back at the Mongolian State. The prince's crown was of golden nature and simpler than mine,its just a circular golden crown with chains of dragons in various phases.

"By the power vested in me I now declare you Price Evan the crown Prince of Edmonton and you Princess Irene the Crown princess of Edmonton You may Rise" the king spoke with great Valor

"Long live the Crown prince , long live the Crown princess". The crowd echoed in unison and bowed three times as we kowtowed three times in front of The King.

"Thank You Royal father, Thank you Edmonton As i pick up this post i will never disappoint you" the prince said and i respectfully supported my husband by saying "Thank you Royal Father, thank you Edmonton i will join hands with my husband in protecting Our Kingdom"

There was a loud applause and the people sang there joyful song but it was in Edmonton Dialect.

As we rose up and went to our seats people came to congratulate us.

My father proposed a toast in honor to the King "Great is The King of Edmonton and greatly shall he live thank you for the honour you bestowed on us I and all Mongolians swear with our lives to uphold the honor of Edmonton" my parents Bowed specially at the king told them to rise up.

"May the Merry begin" the King's voice boomed

"Thank you your Majesty"

Indeed everywhere was merry my father entertained people who came to pay respects and win his heart because now he is in a higher position than any other governor. My mother lead the Women Dancers to entertain the whole guests. In all the twenty two states and provinces, there are no better dancers than the Mongolian women, the hand picked maidens appeared in dazzling colors clothes and displayed the beauty of our state. The King had no queen so there was no one to give confetti to us so Mother took Over and did everything.

As i sat with my husband i felt immense joy especially when we came out to do the nuptial dance. The prince Could not really dance so the King danced with me and my mom never stopped making the whole place dreamy with her we designed light works and flowers confetti. I knew she had employed the work of a witch to carry out so.

During the evening of that day, I was already feeling tired so i told my husband i will retire for the day. He insisted on taking me back but I refused. I told him to stay because he had to put up with the pleasantries of crown prince but i can easily be excused owing to the fact I am pregnant. He kissed my forehead and accompanied me to the carriage where he carried me in and he kissed my lips before reluctantly letting me go not forgetting to pet my stomach. As he got down i waved at him to go inside. I really loved this man and will give my all to be with him in future i finally give the proper answer to my Mother's question. The carriage conveyed me to the prince's quarters but on our way and unexpected event happened.


Watch out for the next chapter to know what happened by the way y'all know the main characters re yet to come.

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