The Legendary Queen

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Chapter 02: Princess Abduction

Irene's POV

The carriage started moving faster,i could hear the sound of many more horses. I became tensed, all signs of tiredness left me quickly. We still Had a long way before we reach the main palace that was tightly guarded. My maid held my hands to reassure me. I slightly opened the curtain and i could see arrows flying in all directions i quickly closed it. Not long the carriage stopped, my heart skipped a bit i could hear the clattering of swords the groans of men and slashing of flesh. I quickly took off my outer wedding dress and unmade my hair i needed to disguise my curtains flew open and i quickly brought out my dragon claw dagger but it was the head eunuch.

"Your highness we need to flee" he said hurriedly i took my maid and followed him in to the forest road but shy will they take this root to the palace, there was a better terrain to the palace as soon as i got out some of the attackers stopped fighting and started chasing me.

I tried to run faster but i was already weary from the day's event. I could have changed to my dragon form and flew away but i was pregnant i can't afford to harm my baby.

Some of our own men were delaying the attackers who wore black and black .

As we thought we were on our way to getting away a dragon in the sky shot out and arrow that pierced my arm .

My maid screamed in terror but i told her ordinary arrow can not delay a Mongolian princess so we surged on while the attackers are gaining the upper hand i started feeling dizzy my legs could no longer mover. The arrow was removed but i never knew it was a highly poisoned arrow before i could call out to my maid i already fell and lost consciousness. The last thing i remembered was my maid chanting some spells before the eunuch turned into a dragon and carried i and my maid. This was what he could have done before.


Author's POV

Sounds of chanting is heard inside the highest Coven in Edmonton located in the highest mountain. It can only ne entered by a very strong dragon be cause the magic of the whole place is too much also the protective barriers were set up so powerfully. Here resided the three superior Witches of Edmonton who has existed over centuries with immense witchcraft power The moon is shining directly on Irene's body. They are performing a soul sucking ritual aimed at shattering the life of the young child inside Irene without destroying the mother. The three high witches surround the tablet Irene is lying on.

They first fed her the enchanted blood of a cat to drink. It was meant to gather the child's other lives in order to never be reborn. They also made a small mark on her stomach with the Death Angel knife. Any person marked with this was sure to die but before marking her they collected Irene's Soul and locked her in the Soul protecting crstal. The three superior witches held hands together and started their incantations while The other witches stood in each crevice of the coven giving supporting chants " mi cresto etu pien da Cristo e lu fa diat bakun gelti swoule" the witches chanted with their voices rising so loudly. Irene is now floating in circles with blood already coming out from her but there was an interruption which is always deadly for such strong enchantment.

The Highly respected Archmage arrived, with his magic proof whip he took Irene's floating body while the other witches screamed out of pain, he gave them no attention but safely put Irene on the floor. According to history The Archmage is neither a human nor dragon but a person whom the heaven has bestowed the highest power even exceeding that of the king but they do not participate in political affairs nor governing works,they live in seclusion. Their duty is not usually specific but once the duty arises they know.

They are also highly overwhelming to the witches that was why immediately the archmage entered the witches were greatly injured with blood dripping out their ears and noses. They quickly knelt while covering the ears.

The highest witches have practiced the the sacred art of suppressing the overwhelming presence of an Archmage.

"Greetings to the Senior Deity what have we to this honor"

The head superior witch spoke with great caution and sweetness to appeal to him.

The archmage ignored the words of the witch and spoke with disdain " what has this woman done for this cruel magic"

"Senior deity, we are working as commanded neither asking reason nor questioning the orders given to us"

"The King gave this order" the archmage questioned.

"Senor deity if you want to question us you have to let us feel comfortable"

The second superior Witch spoke

The Archmage nodded in consideration and reverted his aura

The other witches let out a breathe of relief.

"Thank you senior deity, the King said we should destroy the child according to the prophecy of the oracle ,this child was set to destroy the kingdom"

The third superior witch said and the Archmage nodded he originally decided to Leave but the Junior Archmage he brought along screamed. That was when the other witches took notice of him.

"Father you must save her" the boy begged the Archmage.

The archmage squatted to his son's level and petted his head. "Son we cannot, You must let this pass'

The young boy nodded. The Archmage addressed the witches to continue before he turned to leave.

The witches bowed as he left

The superior witches retrieved Irene's body and continued their chants.

The red sword sign on the Junior Archmage's left hand started glowing brightly, the more the moved further the more it glowed. The Archmage Understood his son is related to the child that was about to be destroyed.

As the archmage was thinking about what to do he could no longer see his son nor his whip

"Ivan!Ivan!" The Archmage screamed.

Back at the inner coven the seven year old boy used the archmage whip to carry Irene and brought her to him.

The witches screamed. This little boy was even more scary than his father. The boy cut his hand and fed his blood to Irene. His blood can destroy any magic in her body the superior witch got so angry.

"Young archmage you can't interfere in our business" she said with anger

But as she was about to harm the boy the Archmage arrived. The witches retreated.

"Everything is fate superior Witch and you can't harm the boy"

The Arch mage calmly said then took his son and Irene and disappeared.

"What shall we do" the second superior witch said and the first one replied they have to report to the king.

"How dare the Archmage"

The King roared.

"My King it was his son that totally ruined everything"

"His son?"

"Yes my King, but it seemed the boy could not help it"

"Nonsense, General Ludwig deploy three hundred of your men and find the crown princess,inform the governor of Mongolian state of the latest events. Minister Ferdinand pass my invitation to the archmage Note the Crown princess must be found". The king ordered while the superior witch smiled.


The archmage took Irene and his son to a sacred island Far from the central capital. There he took care of the heavily injured Irene for two weeks before she woke up. During this period the Arch mage did not answer the King. He quietly everyday thought of ways to save this child for his son troubled him greatly. After a month of careful thinking and meditations he came up with a plan but it required the help of a witch which was powerful. He could not use the superior witches but he remembered a very powerful witch but she has gone into seclusion.

"Ivan you will have to look after Irene while am gone to find who will save the child you cherish so much"

The archmage passed the responsibility to his Son then told Irene he will be back that his son will protect her.

Irene who has been sleeping for the last two weeks could only nod. The princess was pitiful, she experienced this all after her most happy day. True to the words the young archmage took care of her.

After two days the Archmage brought back the witch.

The witch performed the magic and transferred the child to another woman but the cost of the magic was that all of them will forget the deed that was done.

Irene returned back to the kingdom without pregnancy,the whole place was happy because they thought they have eliminated their doom little do they know that the child is still alive. The Archmage answered the king's invitation.

Edmonton experienced peace and everything was settled,the crown prince and princess were and bore another baby, a boy.


Such a short chapter i am sorry and i have not edited also i need an editor. But bear with me. The main leads are taking over next chapter

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