The Legendary Queen

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Chapter 03: First Meeting

Author's POV

10 years later

"Amelia please come back before the third crow" the chief of the Witch tribe said

"Yes Aunt" Amelia shouted and happily skipped out of the compound.

Amelia was born in the Eastern witch tribe by the witch princess Melissa who died shortly after giving birth to Amelia she used her last strength to seal the child's power.

The witches worry that the seal might wear out soon because of its instability hence the need to reinforce it arises.

The witch princess gave the quest of protecting Amelia till after her sixteenth birthday to her sister who replaced her as the Chief Witch, that was the most crucial point of her life, if she can be sealed then she will be a normal child forever but if she cannot be sealed,that means they cannot contain whatsoever she is. It is not certain what she is but what is known is that the day she was born there was an immense dark energy it was so much that some lower class witches died,also that day there were volcanic eruptions all over Edmonton with other strange events.

Another evident occurrence with Amelia was she does not sleep every blood moon. No one knows where she goes the witch guardians have tried tracking her but they always end up in the same place as they started and the last one is the birth mark on her neck a crown with dragon wrapped around it. Moreover when she was born she had a necklace on her which was not given by her birth mother the princess.

Amelia is a strange child but she is lovely ,seldom sad and loves to play alone.

The chief witch Martha was a mother figure to her and always guarding her in the right part.

Amelia went down from the hills to the local Village. Due to the nature of Amelia the chief witch together with two more witches took Amelia to live in the sacred hill right inside the compound of their main coven. This was to ensure that Amelia does not hurt other people in case if she starts acting up also to keep her under watch but she is occasionally allowed to go down the village.

Today is one of those occasions she is allowed to go down. She went to the fountain. The feel of fresh spring water always appeals to Amelia.

As she got there, she took of her clothes to take a bath seeing there was no one around intact people are never in the fountain. The fountain is located down the valley with water coming from the rock above.

Amelia stood under the pouring water,enjoying the rush of the water which was soothing and relaxing until she heard a scream,she opened her eyes to see a boy standing right in front of her she too screamed and took her little arms to cover herself. What an awkward situation to be seen by a stranger.

The said boy was quickly ran to where her clothes were and brought it to her with eyes closed this time around.

He was a mannered fellow.

Amelia came out from the water and put her clothes on as quickly as possible.

"I am sorry" the boy whispered

"Of course you should be" Amelia replied now in better form to talk

"I didn't know a person can randomly bath here"

There was silence as Amelia thought of what to say to this one

"You mean am not a person" she finally came up with

"You little child" the boy pointed at Amelia seeing that she was shorter and younger than he was.

Amelia brought out her tongue with hands to the ears. Childish she was the boy thought of ways to handle her and decided to make her laugh a little to evade her tantrum

He rushed to tickle her.

Amelia bursted out laughing trying to push him off. She has never met this type

"Leave me alone older Child" she mocked

"Haven't u forgiven me" he subtly said as he let her breath

"I do not think so"

He tickled her again this time and Amelia being mischievous started moving into the water again dragging him with her.

He stopped tickling her almost immediately.

"You are mean"he quickly came out wringing the robe he was putting on.

Amelia was trying to contain her laughter.

What he does not know is that Amelia was not done with him she purposely grabbed his hand and pulled him back with so much force.

Taken unawares he fell straight on her and they both hit the floor but the boy took hold of her head to cushion the fall seeing that the floor was rocky.

"Ivan what are you doing" The archmage calmly said as he saw his son lying on a girl,both drenched and lost in their worlds.

Ivan came back at the sound of his father's voice. He quickly rolled off from Amelia's body and stood up

"Father we both fell " He managed to say after collecting his thought

"It seemed more than that" His father accused

The archmage looked back at Amelia who seems to be in thought on floor and went to carry her up.

Amelia is now back looking flushed then the Archmage spoke again "As i have seen you both were playing in the water good thing i was in time to stop this before you both caught cold,Ivan i do not expect this of you ,young child where is your home."

"I live on the sacred hills" Amelia replied

"Come lets take you home."

"I can go on my own" Amelia spoke wringing the down of her dress and patting out any dirt from her back.

"I insist,this is already late" The arch mage toke his outer robe and covered Amelia she looked so drenched.

All the while Ivan was quiet and just observed the girl. Looking at her now she looks so beautiful with her pink cheeks and red lips,soaked chestnut hair that appeared black. Under the moonlight she was a beauty goddess Ivan thought to himself and smiled.

Back when they were both on the floor their seemed to be a blue light emanating from her eyes which captured his.

The three of them came out from the fountain.

Amelia Lead the way,following closely behind was the archmage then Ivan who was holding his hand noe feeling the impact from his heroic act.

Walking through the village paths, was indeed lonely during this time but Amelia showed no fear and steadily moved. Ivan also admired her for this same with the Arch mage.

By the time they reached the hill it was already closing in to midnight.

The Arch mage handed Amelia over to Martha who was already waiting by the door step pacing here and there. She has searched the village but did not find Amelia. She was preparing on performing a location spell before she showed up.

Martha hugged Amelia with her drenched self

"Thank you senior deity"Martha said heaving a breathe with her head bowed

Amelia was surprised, the chief priest is bowing to this man he must be great too also kind she thought recalling moments before,as Amelia was still looking at the archmage.

Martha grabbed her neck making her bow too.

"Be at ease" the archmage said then touched Amelia's cheek whispering "make sure to take good care of yourself next time" before turning to leave with Ivan.

Ivan originally did not bother to look back at Amelia who was staring at him but after two steps Ivan turned back to Amelia.

"what is your name"

"Amelia" Amelia said with so much happiness

"Alright then see you next time Amelia"

Ivan smothered her lovingly tucking her behind her ear before bending to tell her to stop bathing in the open then kissing her ear after talking. Amelia flushed red before gazing into his eyes,he smiled and went to meet his father who was waiting with back turned at the acts his child was displaying.

"Why did you do that" the arch mage said as soon as Ivan reached him.

"Father i don't know" we will talk more when we reach home The arch mage concluded as they vanished into the thin air

"Who is he" Amelia said shortly as the Arch mage left.

The sound of Amelia's voice brought Martha back because she was frozen at what just took place.

"Who is who Amelia" she said trying to calm down

"The one you called senior deity Aunt"

"He is the Arch mage of Edmonton."

"Why did you call him a deity and why were you thanking him" Amelia said looking into her Aunt's eyes

"He is addressed as senior deity because he has supreme powers secondly i thanked him sincerely for two reasons the first is bringing you back the second is for lowering his overwhelming Aura if not most witches in our small tribe will be screaming and some dead"

Martha told Amelia

"He is really Powerful" Amelia said in admiration.

"Time to Answer your own questions why did the boy touch your hair like that and even whispered to you like that. You do not even allow the other kids to come near you" Martha asked confused

"It is because i like him" Amelia said excitedly

Martha almost fainted and covered Amelia's mouth as they started moving into the house.

"Who does Amelia like" the second witch Amelia lived with said looking shocked too but trying to pass it off as small thing.

"The boy that just left" Amelia said pointing to the door.

"Ellen Don't mind her nonsense, Amelia come in and get changed your cloth is damp" Martha said trying to change topic and put away Amelia's improper thoughts

"Okay Auntie."

After taking a fresh bath and putting on night dress Amelia went to the window to receive fresh air while at the same time think of Ivan.

That night she dreamt of both of them running around in the rain and the stars shone brightly that same night.

Every day Amelia will diligently learn what she is being thought by the oldest Witch living with them which was a man. Edwin was a man of exceeding wisdom and was selected by Martha to live with them as a teacher for young Amelia since she can not learn with other witch children. Edwin was also a powerful Wizard. Immediately after the Classes she will prepare food for the three witches living with her and then run of to her room to go and think of Ivan.

When she enters her room she totally locks it and lay on the bed to reminisce her moments with him while waiting for the next time Martha will allow her to go down to the village.

One day she went to Ellen after her normal classes, luckily she was not busy. Even though they were tasked to protect Amelia they would not Leave their duties as highest authority of Witches. Some times they went down other times people came to the coven to meet with them.

"Where will i find Ivan"

Amelia questioned after greeting her, Amelia Found Ellen more playful than Martha in fact Martha does not play with her and is always strict but Ellen is more carefree.

"Who is Ivan" Ellen asked surprised not only because of the question,Amelia was looking very serious.

"The boy i told you i liked"

Darling you can't simply say things such as like you are a little Child.

"I do not care Aunt so where will i find him"

"I do not know where you will find him." Ellen spoke

"Aunt you do not know but you always know how to solve my problems"

"This one i am sorry i do not have a solution"

"Aunt Please i will do anything you ask"

Ellen thought hard before she sighed

"I will ask Martha where the current Archmage lives that's where you will find him also.." before Ellen could finish Martha came into the room. Amelia greeted her but did not continue her talk with Ellen in this situation Ellen knew how to cooperate well.

Martha noticing their withdrawal to chatting more ignored them and decided to ask Amelia what she normally does in her room.

"I sleep"

"From evening to the next morning" Martha said laughing

"Of course i can"

"Amelia" there was silence


"Speak the truth or tomorrow you are not going down to the village as usual".

Amelia's face changed in fear of not being able to be allowed out.

"I usually think and make wishes"

"That is why i smell candle everyday

By the way what do you always think

About".... Martha probed harder

Amelia looks to Ellen to help out but Martha eyes her and Ellen turns the other way.

"I think about somebody" Ellen laughed as soon as Amelia said this but Martha's glare silences her.

"Who is he"

Martha thinks more and thought of lying but she knows she will be caught so she decides to go to the truth.

"The one you said touched my hair" Amelia said with pink cheeks and head down.

"Martha sighs inwardly So why do you always think about him"

"Auntie too much questions" Amelia cried out

"Tomorrow you are not going any..." Before Martha finishes Amelia cuts in

"Auntie i can't help it i don't know and i just want to see him tomorrow so please allow me tomorrow"

From the look of things both Martha and Ellen are lost.

"Amelia why don't you go to sleep tomorrow i will take you to see him"

Amelia smiles so wide and hugs Martha

"But Auntie Do you know where to find him"

"I can do a location spell"

Martha lied because in order to do a location spell you need something of the person.

"Thank you senior most Auntie i love you"

Martha is even more shocked because of the way Amelia responded

She hugs Ellen too and skips off to her room with new happiness.

"Ellen we all need to talk, Amelia seems to be attached with this one boy,is this supposed to be normal"

"Martha you are stressing too much,tomorrow we will take her to the children's event to meet other kids that's how we will know because this might just be a normal childhood response to meeting new friends"

"I hope so because if not i will go to the priest to make enquiries "

"Let's wait it out first"Ellen told Martha while patting her back to ease her stress

Whenever it comes to Amelia Martha is too concerned.

"When is the next full moon coming up" Martha asked

"Six days from now" Ellen replies

"Its too near we need to prepare for the ritual"

"Summon Edwin"

"Here i am Chief " Edwin appeared

And from then they continued talking on the ritual.


Thank you guys for reading till here ,i have a new person on the boat my best friend and soul mate @vivianstephen together we are working on this project to give you maximum satisfaction. She is yet to start but i decided to tell y'all earlier

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