The Legendary Queen

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Chapter 04: The Ritual

Author's POV

"Amelia, do you like this place?" Martha asked Amelia.

"No Aunt" Amelia shouted.

"Why not?"

"I just do not."

"Look at Taylor, he is waving at you"

Amelia glanced at the said Taylor, he was with many other children. Taylor was really waving at Amelia.

"Aunt I'm not interested" Amelia said with lack of enthusiasm.

Taylor came over to where Martha and Amelia sat. They were in a flower ceremony. It is a traditional festival for both children and adult. The children usually come out to play while the flower petals rain on them. At the end of the event flowers are lit up with wish tags which float away. It was said that that all wishes come true that day.

Amelia was brought here by Martha to see other kids. Once in a while Martha feels Amelia should relate with other children also she wants to test her response to meeting Ivan.

Amelia did not spare Taylor the second glance.

Martha introduced Amelia to Taylor. He is a fourteen years old boy with raven black hair. He smiled at Amelia.

Martha nudged her to smile back but Amelia is not in the mood to obey her Aunt. She stood up to leave. Martha drew her back, "Amelia be polite!" she shouted.

"Taylor, nice to meet you" Amelia managed to say.

"Do you want to play over there?" Taylor offered.

Amelia was about to say no but Martha replied instead, "Yes Amelia will love to play with you."

Amelia looked at Martha but she smiled and said "Go Darling, go and play."

Taylor stood up and Amelia reluctantly followed.

As soon as she reached the other children, they threw flower petals at her and Taylor.

Amelia tried throwing back the flower petals at one girl but the girl screamed out in pain. Martha rushed to the girl and quickly healed her then took Amelia away from there because the other kids became scared.

Martha wiped their memory of the incident just now and told Amelia to only play with Taylor who was the only one not scared of her after the event.

Amelia retreated out of fear of hurting him so she simply waved Taylor bye and went back to seat with her Aunt.

"Don't feel so guilty" Martha tried to console Amelia.

"I am sorry Aunt but I was a little bit annoyed then. I did not know it will hurt her."

"She is fine now" Martha interjected.

"I know".

They sat quietly looking at other people, the kids continued playing while their parents were busy talking.

A group of girls were in the middle dancing while the Flowers rained non-stop. It was getting to nightfall before Amelia asked her Aunt the reason for the event. Martha explained to her and she asked how the event started.

Martha told her the story of a great witch who loved a man but he lived far away and could only visit once a year and that date was exactly this day. She wished all the days of her life that he could come every day but sadly it did not come true. She was overwhelmed with grief and sort to do a great magic to keep the man forever but magic had its after effects. She turned into flower petals on the day the man came. He sadly went around asking ways to bring her back because that day he came to stay forever with her. The witch who warned the young woman of the dangers told him that her wish was overwhelmed with grieve. He used up his power and life to make flowers rain on this day and grant all wishes this day.

Amelia was full of amazement.

"We should be going soon, Amelia" Martha announced.

"Let's stay more, they have not yet lit up the flowers".

"Okay" Martha agreed.

Amelia had other things in mind which relates to Ivan. Once people started lighting flowers, Amelia stood up. "Aunt, I want to light mine"

"You have to look for the crimson red flower and the the corresponding pattern that is white the you have to use your blood to write the wish before lighting it on fire"

Martha explained further "This procedure was possible because this was a witch village with some who had powers."

"I am not a witch so how can i have my own wish?"

"Do you really want to make the wish? You know I can do anything for you."

"Aunt, can you make Ivan appear here right now?"

"That I cannot do."

"Then you have to help me make the wish"

"Is that what you wish for?" Martha questioned.

Amelia finally realized what she said out loud. "No no" Amelia stammered "But Aunt please help me i really want to make a wish."


"Thank you Aunt"

"But you have to pay a little price"

"Anything Aunt"

"Silly child you are so eager, well you have to find the crimson flower with the corresponding white pattern of it"

"How will i know it Aunt"

"The crimson flower is not actually red in color but it has its name from the light it brings out when lit up. The crimson flower falls near the tree and it usually smells like flames. Once you find it, the corresponding one is in the direction of its fifth petal. You will know it's the crimson flower as soon as you touch as long as you are really eager to make a wish. Open you mind"

Martha finished.

Amelia nodded seeming to have understood everything Martha said.

"Do not go to far away Amelia. Once you find it, come to me immediately lets make your wish."

"Yes Aunt I will come back now"

Amelia started walking towards the nearest tree. People were so much there all trying to find the crimson flower.

"Oh here I found it!" one woman screamed people rushed to her, some wanted to take it from her she quickly dispersed them to follow the fifth petal to find the corresponding white.

Amelia kept searching for the flower but seems there is no progress, she is not ready to get tired. She came nearer to the tree then stretched her hand to touch the stem then closed her eyes. She did not care of the stares she got from the people looking what she put in mind was she wanted to make a wish as she brought out her hand a pink flower fell into her hands. Amelia smiled on feeling the flower she knew it was the crimson flower,she looked deeply at it and followed the line of direction the fifth petal pointed to. There she found the white flower big enough to be written on. She jumped in joy then she shouted "Aunt i found it!" people who have been observing her were astonished then one came forward to take it from her. Amelia broke out in race to her Aunt.

"Leave the child. Let's just follow her steps we might get ours" a woman shouted from the small crowd near the tree. The one who wanted to take the flower from Amelia stopped as soon as he saw who she was with.

The people who tried Amelia's method did not find. "The girl must be amazing" some commented. "She is just lucky" those with envy whispered.

"Good girl!" Martha exclaimed as Amelia ran back to her .

"Aunt, this is it right?"

"Yes my dear, you are really great. How did you find it?"

"I just closed my eyes and connected with the tree with my wish in mind"

"I'm proud of you my little Amelia. Most people want these flowers but do not end up getting it so some light fake ones."

"The fake ones do not fulfill wishes right?"

"Of course dear"

"So what is the next stage?" Amelia said impatiently.

"Let's move to the sea side" Martha said "When we get there, I will tell you what is next." Amelia gave her flowers to Martha to avoid others snatching it from her.

When they got to the sea side. The person wishing will kneel.

Amelia did not waste time and knelt immediately.

Martha put down the flowers then Martha pricked her finger

"Write your wish"

With blood dripping from her finger she started to write on the flower in their local dialect. While writing, she looked up to see her aunt looking interestingly.

"Aunt can you look away"

"Why Amelia?"

"If another person knows your wish, it might not come true"

"Oo" Martha pretended to look but Amelia hid the flower more and wrote very fast.

"Its time to light the flowers Aunt"

"I have to turn to light it"

"Aunt!" Amelia shouted

Okay the flowers were lit up and an amazing crimson flame Was seen.

Martha turned and it started floating up.

"Its really beautiful" Amelia whispered "I'm glad you like it"

"Amelia lets go home"

"Aunt can we wait till it burns out?"

"Then you don't want your wish to come true" Martha lied but Amelia took it seriously and dragged her to go. It was nearing mid night by the time they got home.

Apart from the first night she met Ivan this was another night she was so happy.

Martha went straight to Ellen to continue the preparation for the upcoming ritual.


In the next coming five days before the full moon. Amelia did no longer shut her self in the room but always stayed near the door step.

"She seems to be expecting somebody" Ellen said

"Amelia is always hard to decipher" Martha responded

"I agree with you. This started at your outing to the Flower festival."

"I now regret taking her there now" Martha said frustrated

Martha had told Ellen and Edwin of that day's event and they concluded that she must really like that boy but what baffles them is that they have only met once but is this deeply attached. They decided to bother on it so much, Amelia will soon get over the fact she is not seeing him again because he is the Archmage's son also the next archmage.

Both Ellen and Martha were in deep thoughts. Amelia was really a puzzle left by The Princess to them.

"We have to get ready for the night"

Martha broke their thoughts.

"What should we do about Amelia?"

Ellen asked

"When its time we will make her unconscious."

Once the moon came out in full, Martha entered the room Amelia left open then deed a deep slumber enchantment on Amelia before carrying her to the main coven.

Getting there Ellen and Edwin were already there setting up the last formations. Amelia was laid on the triangle Formation with each of the witches standing at each pointed edge. They started their enchantment and after a few chants. Amelia was levitating in their middle. Black Aura started gathering at her head before floating away, Edwin took out the ring of Eritreus which was for complete sealing, a few chants the ring enlarged with light emotion from it then it started going towards Amelia's body to encircle her but suddenly her Crown birth mark started glowing. The ring was pushed away from Amelia's body but the Witches stretched forth their hands and with great power and increased incantation forced the ring round Amelia's body.

It seemed the ring has entered to seal her and the birth mark stopped glowing but as they were in the last stage of sealing the ring to Amelia's The birth mark shined bright and forced the ring away while pushing the witches metres away. Amelia's body landed forcefully on the ground as her eyes opened widely before she screamed loudly then whispered Ivan before loosing any consciousness left.

The witches were groaning in pain.

"What happened?" Edwin said

"We need back up to be able to lock her." Martha said.

"I will look for stronger enchantments for Amelia." Ellen added

"You two go clean up I will look after Amelia" Martha stood up after trying to regain her energy.

She carried Amelia back to her room then undid the slumber spell but Amelia was not coming conscious.

"She really passed out this time for real" Martha thought to her self then went and brought the healing potion because she looked worn out.

After feeding it to Amelia she said some spells and Amelia finally came back then she opened her eyes weakly and whispered Ivan's name then fell back to a better sleep. Martha covered her up and kissed her forehead.

"Sorry Honey we have to do this, I hope we can seal you and we will live happily. You can also play with your fellow children" Martha said to the peaceful sleeping Amelia.

As she left the room she pondered on Amelia whispering Ivan's name and sleeping soundly.

The witches were too tired after the night so they all went to bed without talking on Amelia's issue till the next morning.

Amelia did not remember anything that happened the other night and the witches bothered not to tell her. She continued her normal days the way they were still waiting by the door step in the evening and leaving the door open at night but the witches were all on wait for the next full moon.

But the next full moon was even a bigger disaster. The whole seven witches that were involved were injured including Martha and Ellen also the Ring of Eritreus was shattered while the Coven was almost burnt down. They never expected it will result out as this, they reinforced brought blood of the animals mentioned in the stronger enchantment Ellen found,made exact potions.

"It was time to meet the priest. Martha whispered" before fainting.


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