The Legendary Queen

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Chapter 05: Fairy Land

Author's POV

It has been a week since the failed ritual. Martha has been feeling gloomy after visiting the chief Priest. The priest had said Amelia could not stay with them much longer if they wanted to contain her powers, she was to be given to the Arch mage who has the role of controlling all evils.

Martha did not like the idea one bit, how could she give our her beloved child she has been taking care of since her day one outside the womb. She wanted to keep Amelia close.

Martha called Ellen and Edwin to have a serious talk one night. They all loved Amelia and regardless of what the priest advised about giving Amelia away, they just could not, they came to an agreement of keeping Amelia. But this was not the only resolution they were determined than ever to find out what Amelia is in order to know how to seal off the proclaimed evil. Ellen was to take a trip to the land of fairies who could give answers to any question in the world. But the fairies were too diabolic and they practiced in-touch magic which required the thing or person inquired about to be present.

Martha wanted to take this trip herself with Amelia but she could not leave her duty post as the Chief Witch. Posts come with responsibilities, Ellen could only take on this trip while being accompanied by Edwin. They planned the trip without Amelia's knowledge. The said girl has been acting strange. She was no longer their bright child who would make meals and stay at the doorstep. She was always reserved inside the room. She acted a little more violent and had a harsh gaze all the time. Martha was in deed sad of the recent turn but she can not feel less guilt that they might have made her like this with the ritual after all every magic had the after effect.

The night before the day of the trip Martha called Amelia to her room.

"Yes auntie" Amelia said as she entered Martha's room looking bored

"Amelia,are you angry with us?" Martha could not help but ask after seeing Amelia's face with the help of the Crab shell Lantern.

"Am not Auntie,why do you ask".

"Amelia my dear,you have been so strange with us these days". Martha said as she brought Amelia who was standing to come seat with her on the bed made of old wood but soft bedding.

"I have been a little tired" Amelia said now feeling bad for how she has acted the past days,she does not know what came over her these days but seeing Martha looking so worried brought back her mind.

Martha hugged her close to her.

"I did not know sweet heart" She said caressing her head which was laying on her shoulder

"I am sorry for making you worry aunt" Amelia said detaching herself from Martha to look into her eyes

"I know you are" Martha said trying to make sure Amelia only looks onto her good side more.

Amelia smiled and Martha pinched her cheeks adorably.

"Ouch" Amelia grabbed Martha's hands before she could pinch her cheeks again.

"Amelia guess what" Martha said now that the mood is bright again could not help but want to act childish with Amelia.

"Auntie is going to marry soon"

Amelia said teasing Martha who was shocked.

"How did you know about marriage you little one" Martha spoke Then she thought maybe it was Ellen's doing.

"Ellen just wait for me". Martha fumed out looking like she could murder Ellen.

Amelia was laughing all through watching her Aunt's expression which ranged from shocked to thinking to angry.

"Aunt relax, don't kill Aunt Ellen, i just read a few books from her Library"

Amelia said now serious because Martha should not be joke with even tho she was acting all lovely.

Martha visibly relaxed but made a note to seal that Library for good.

"Amelia you should not read these things till you are of age" Martha said grabbing Amelia's slender hands the action which pointed out she was still young.

Amelia smiled and said she will listen to Aunt. Amelia was an intelligent one.

"Back to our topic, Amelia you are going on a trip with Ellen and Edwin"

Martha said standing up.

"Aunt when!!!!!" Amelia shouted in excitement

"Hush Amelia,its night" Martha made a point by putting a finger on her mouth then pointing to the window which showed a dark Landscape.

"Sorry Aunt but when"Amelia said now in whispers as Martha is rummaging through her drawer looking for a certain magical object.

"Tomorrow" Martha said absent mindedly still opening her ancient looking drawers some parts were already rusty. This witches might look young but they have existed centuries back which is why their possessions were old looking.

"Aunt you did not tell me on time so i can prepare" Amelia sounded disappointed with all of them but she thought of her behaviour these days and had no one to blame for the surprise.

"I thought you would not like it" Martha made up noticing Amelia was feeling down.

"I always love going out" Amelia said

Martha finally seen what she was looking for a small endless knot with a blue parchment in the middle.

"Here take this Amelia, during the trip if you are in danger that Ellen and Edwin can't save you, press this and think of me it will alert me to come save you okay" Although Martha trusted Ellen and Edwin she still wanted Amelia to have backup. She loved her niece so much.

"Thank you Aunt" Amelia took the knot. Examining it with smiley eyes.

"I will go and prepare"Amelia added standing up.

"Just have enough rest i will do all other things". Martha assures her now sitting on her bed that creaked a little.

"Goodnight Aunt"

"Goodnight my dear"

Amelia went to her room and brought out a little duffle bag made of animal skin. It was a gift From Martha. She put in the knot her Aunt gave her, she decided to bring the little object she carved, a leaf she named after Ivan. She took the inspiration after the Flower Festival. She then put a magical scroll that records things she talks. Amelia went to sleep feeling delightful for the next day.

The next morning Amelia,woke up early, she put on her finest silk dress with a belt tied at the waist part, it was blue her inner linen was blue too. She looked so beautiful that when Martha saw her she could not help but kiss her cheeks, She tied her sandals and took the duffel bag after putting snacks from Martha into it.

Ellen and Edwin were set for the Journey with Edwin carrying a bag too which contained necessary items for the trip. The witches always made it a tradition to carry barrier casting antique for long distance journeys also strength potion and a small poison sachel in case needed.

Amelia's long hair was put in a single braid at the back by Martha, She hugged her tightly. Amelia was too happy to say a word but she told her aunt to take care before looking towards the door ready to go anytime from now.

"Take care of her" Martha said to Ellen and Edwin

"We will protect her with our lives Martha" they both said in unison

They mounted their respective horses. Amelia rode with Ellen as they waved bye at Martha.

The Fairy land was a two day journey from the witch tribe. In these days Ellen and Edwin encountered no harm apart from the magical beasts that roamed the forest part to the fairy land. Amelia was calm during the ride admiring the forest way. She occasionally took her snacks. When they stopped at night Amelia slept in the Embrace of Ellen while Edwin kept watch.

On reaching the fairy land, they were welcomed warmly by the little fairies who stood at the boundary entrance. Entering the land was a little process it self because the fairies outside will have to let you in and lift the magical fog. Every where was illuminated with different colors because it was night time they reached the fairy Land. Edwin,Ellen and Amelia were offered rooms in the high palace. They were high guests. Amelia was in a room with Ellen. Edwin had to sleep in another. Although the fairy land was beautiful it had traces of things to fear like the magical monsters that lurked at night one came too close to the window where Ellen and Amelia lay but Ellen was wise enough to put Magical barriers round the room. So the creature was wadded off. Ellen knew to be careful of these creatures they might seem so sweet but no one knew their true hearts. But they were great seers and could not lie that made them the World's encyclopedia. They had answers far fetched and could see deeply. In the morning, They were offered breakfast but Ellen dodged it saying they urgently needed to see the queen. One should not be so relaxed with these fairies. They were taken to the queen's meeting room which looked like a cave, it had different trees and flowers in background with a lot of flying fairies, Edwin And Ellen knelt in front of the queen dragging Amelia too to pay respects after which they were offered to seat on connected vines which formed soft cushion on the ground. The Fairy queen was indeed tied to nature even her crown was made of flowers and thorns. Ellen spoke up "Thank you, your highness for having us, we came to enquire on little Amelia" she said holding Amelia to her self.

"But you have met the priest" the Queen commented with narrow eyes.

"Yes but there is only an extent a Priest could see and say that is why we came to you my Queen" Edwin replied.

Amelia was just looking around the The Queen's court taking interest in the intricate patterns of the place.

"Give me your hand dear child" the Queen's voice came deep and a little hoarse she too is an old mythical creature.

"Amelia go closer to the Queen"

Ellen said to a lost Amelia before she stood up and entered inside the personal circle of the Queen. Ellen was alert in case anything happened so was Edwin but they had to mask it with a smile as Amelia looked back on them while stretching her to touch the queen's own. Immediately they hands touched there were sparks around the queen and Amelia the vines began to form a basin round them and the Queen's eyes lit up so as Amelia's. It was a blinding light that came with strong wind. Edwin and Ellen had to firmly ground themselves on the floor holding onto the deep rooted vines while the fairies tried staying up flying but they were pushed down by the wind, the only people not affected were Amelia and The Queen who seemed to be in another world.

"I wonder what The queen will see" one of the older fairies said

"I have never seen this type of energy" another spoke while holding on to a vine "she must be special" another said trying not to lose her wings.

"You mean deadly"another said pointing them to the Queen who already has blood dripping from her nose. The energy suddenly stopped every thing went back to normal but before Amelia can reach the floor she was caught by Ellen who has rushed to hold her. Amelia was unconscious but she seemed Okay.

"Protect the queen" one guardian Fairy shouted from the sides. The queen waved her hand to them to relax. Ellen and Edwin are not planning to attack her she could sense.

"What happened" Edwin could only ask

"This child of yours hold tremendous powers it was hard to get to see her real form, but i did that was why she had to pass out" Queen said trying to calm her breathing down as if she ran a race but one can see this has drained her.

"I knew she was so powerful" the fairy that commented on Amelia being deadly cried out. The queen left her comment hanging.

"What did you see my queen" Ellen asked cradling Amelia's body the queen cleared her throat and begun "Your little child is the reincarnation of the ancient goddess of witchcraft,crossroads,magic and darkness Trivia, She is also a Dragon from The royal blood of Terror Tyler and special blood of Mongolians". There was a pause, everyone seemed to have received the message too hard. The child of Terror Tyler the current monarch was here in flesh. And the Goddess Trivia decided to come back. This Goddess was a very powerful one but was betrayed by The great Alaric Terror Tyler,Amelia's great grand father, who collaborated with the witches and committed a deadly crime against the goddess cutting of her spiritual roots. They never knew she could come back.

The revelation was too much for Ellen she almost passed out.

Although they always knew Amelia was too special they never thought it could come like this. This was too much than expected.

"There is more to that Dear Ellen this child comes with power she cannot control, the power will in turn control her and what the goddesses seeks is annihilation of everything" The fairies were dumbstruck feeling fright from the mere presence of the child.

"Is there any twinkle of hope" Edwin asked after a long period of silence and lingering fright from thought of what could happen.

"There is young wizard" the queen said drawing a constellation on the ground

"It lies in love" she finished after lightening the drawn constellation making it materialize in the air for a short period of time. The constellation was called The pearl of Zeus , a rare sign coming once in 500 years it was said a child born under this constellation could cut down all evil. It was rare for a child to be born under this sign for it carries great energy and uncertainty and the woman who gave birth under this sign had to sacrifice her own life.

"Redemption for her can only come through a person born under this sign with whom she must be in love with"

Ellen calmed down and her mood quickly lifted up at least there was hope "But it won't end well" The queen finished the prophecy on a grim note

"How do you mean" Ellen interjected immediately

"This is only what i can see and tell the rest is left for the Heavens am i not right" She talked seeming off.

"One last thing my queen where can a person with this star sign be seen" Edwin said thoughtfully.

"That i cannot tell but surely he is around and they will find each other if Edmonton deserved mercy" The queen said giving the gesture of retiring Edwin And Ellen stood up,Amelia was been carried by Ellen, the queen assured them she is fine after seeing their worried face concerning Amelia. They thanked the queen before leaving the queen's fairy court. They set out to leave immediately but on reaching the boundary gate they were stopped by a green male fairy.

"What do you give in exchange"

Edwin has long been expecting the fairies to act up they were too diabolic after all.

He brought out Moon pixie pebble from his bag and handed it over to the green Fairy. He looked surprised but was satisfied with it. It was in deed a rare gem.

The boundary fog was lifted and they stepped out of the magical land. Their horses were waiting outside the land because foreign animals were not allowed in the Fairy land.

The unconscious Amelia began to come to during the horse ride. Ellen tried to ride as smoothly as ever in order to give Amelia sure rest.

They arrived The sacred hill a day later. Martha came back home as soon as she sensed their presence in the Coven. She has been waiting for their arrival.

Amelia was taken to have a better rest in her room after which Ellen told Martha of all that happened in the fairy Land. Martha was sunken but was a little relieved there was hope for Amelia even if they do not know how to go about it.


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