The Legendary Queen

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Chapter 06: Bahamut Origins I

Author's POV

Edmonton Imperial City

The King together with his Ministers was discussing State Affairs. This was a cabinet meeting. Edmonton is a Kingdom endowed with great magic but they try as much as possible to rule in mundane ways. The King before the current one subdued the overuse use of magic in order to protect the class of those without magic. Edmonton is diverse in culture; there were powerful mages, witches, wizards, great diviners, and astrologers. There were also those without supernatural powers but possess much strength and agility they work in the military as soldiers and also volunteer to hard jobs. There were knights but all knights were of noble birth according to the custom of the land. Apart from Imperial City, the 23 provinces and tribes in Edmonton are ruled over by Governors.

While the meeting was on going, The Minister of Ceremony decided to remind them of the forthcoming event, The Festival of Origins. The Festival of Origins is always preceded by a powerful ritual.

When The Minister of Ceremony raised this issue, the other Ministers looked at him with utter despise. They knew quite well that The Festival of Origins requires a lot of their mystic powers.

"When is it due?" The King of Edmonton asked.

"The sixth day of the coming month" The Minister of Ceremony replied.

"Where should the feast hold this year?" The King asked once more.

"The Mist of Morning Hall, Your Highness" The Prime Minister responded.

"Now we know where the feast shall hold. What about the ritual Your Highness?" The Minister of Justice asked in bewilderment.

"What do you suggest we do? Judging from your long faces at this hour something is wrong" The King inquired looking at the Minister of ceremonies one after the other.

"Your majesty, The Ancestral Shrine is the best if you'd ask me", The Minister of Ceremony said.

"Will outsiders be permitted to attend this event?" Grand Duke pitched in.

"Our Kingdom is grand and it's a rare blessing to flaunt her beauty beyond her horizons to the whole world" Prime Minister.

The King sat on his Dragon Throne with a decent smile beaming on his face.

"Well said Prime Minister, The Minister of Ceremony should make sure the event is without fault"~the King

"I am up to the task, your Majesty"~The Minister of Ceremony.

They discussed less trivial matters before The King of Edmonton dismissed them and they went their various ways.

The King summoned his son, The Crown Prince to talk on the coming festival.

"My son, you're going to be the next king of this great kingdom when I breathe no more, the time you took up some responsibilities as The Crown Prince of Edmonton is nigh. You're going to perform the ancestral ritual" The King said looking right into his eyes.

"Why does father not want to lead it this time around" The young prince pondered

"Foreigners are coming to the kingdom for the Festival. I want to show them the next heir of our kingdom" The King said looking out of his palace window pane then taking a deep breath.

"I am glad to do as you please, Father" the prince reassured.

"That's my boy. I knew I could always trust your competence. You are yet to prove on being the chip off the old block just like I was to my father" The King of Edmonton said with a proud smile.

The Crown Prince is soft at heart and mind unlike his father, The King of Edmonton whose chaos as legend has it, has quaked kingdoms even before he was crowned king. The truth about the prince becoming like his father is yet unknown.


The news of the festival has traveled beyond the borders of Edmonton to the nearby small tribes like the Witch tribe Amelia was born in which is between Edmonton and It's rival Tasmania Kingdom.

Martha, Ellen and Edwin never relaxed after the big revelation. They conducted a series of spells to find the one with the constellation, but even their magic had limits. Martha used her resources as the Chief Witch to look for records of people according to their constellation. After five years of searching they could not get any result.

The pearl of Zeus comes every 500 hundred years, the last one came twenty one years back but they did not find any one born under it. It is not a surprise because this constellation comes with huge energy.

Should they give up hope of finding it? Martha was not ready for that even though Ellen and Edwin were close to that. Thinking about the situation clearly, if they found the person what will they do with him in order to be able to control Amelia. The toughest of all their mysteries was Amelia has been calm, no signs of power acting on her. She is growing like normal children. Adding in height and beauty.

With such turn of event, one will want to relax but having known that big revelation Martha and her helpers cannot. They fear the unseen power lurking around Amelia. They have no estimate of what Amelia can do and how possible to control her.

The sacred hill which has always been quiet entertains a lot of people in recent times owing to the fact that Martha has been worked up and stays in the coven more.

One evening a woman came to the sacred hill to lay complaints to Martha.

"Chief, our village has always been peaceful but recently people have been complaining of the force exerted by the Tasmania Kingdom. There has been cases of mysterious rape, stealing of witch antiques and the most painful missing of children" the woman reported.

Martha looked so disturbed, how could she not notice things like this going on in her land.

"When did these things start?"~ Martha

"It began a week ago"

"Why hasn't any one complained of this to me" Martha asked out loud.

"A few wrote reports to you but I guess you did not read it" the woman replied.

Martha was frustrated internally. She has been so worked up about Amelia.

"I will investigate further and put an end to this situation" Martha reassured.

"Thank you Chief. I know something must have been keeping you busy and worked up"

Martha smiled at her. "It is nothing important, I have been looking for something, I mean somebody"

"Who exactly Chief? Maybe I can help find him or her. We all count on you and I will not like any thing bothering you" the woman said concerned.

Martha laughed. How could she find the person they could not find after many years? but there is no harm in telling. "I am looking for a person born under the pearl of Zeus constellation"

"For what reason exactly?" the woman spoke with narrowed eyes.

"To be a companion for my daughter" Martha forged. Honestly she does not know what to do with the person but as long as he is close there might be a chance for Amelia.

A mischievous grin can be seen on the face of the woman. "I can look for him for you" the woman said bearing other thoughts in her head.

"That will be great, and you shall be greatly rewarded" Martha politely said trying not to laugh at the woman because this was almost fictitious.

On the woman's way out she saw Amelia trying to follow the movement of the wind to dance. The woman smiled brighter after seeing Amelia, she was beautiful, slim and had abundant hip length hair. One could mistake her for a goddess.

Two days later, this same woman came back to tell Martha she found the one. At first Martha did not believe but after the woman's well fabricated lies it was enough to convince Martha, after all she was a bit helpless and frustrated but she was an intelligent fellow.

"How come I never found him if he was just from the village? Martha questioned

"It is because he was not born here but in Nunavut. So his papers are not among births" The woman spoke still in her acting stance.

Martha cannot thank the woman enough, after stabilizing the town she was rewarded with 500 gold coins and different kinds of Magical portion including healing portion, love portion and the rest of magical things. Ellen and Edwin were the most relieved. They could get enough rest before bothering on what was the next step.

It turned out the said person was Taylor which made Martha calm down considering how she will allow a stranger new Amelia.

Taylor was made to move into the sacred hill but went every four days to visit his parents.

He already met Amelia five years ago so he did not find it difficult to accept living there. Amelia does not remember him but she has been thought but Martha to be polite so she did not object to him becoming her friend after pitying that he had to leave his parents for her sake.

After this event, Amelia's guardians became happier as they were happy Amelia was getting along well with Taylor. Taylor was also kind and respectful never bothering anyone and taking care of Amelia.

"Amelia" Taylor called out

"Yes how can I help" Amelia said while looking at the carved flower she was holding. She looks at it with a bit of sadness. Taylor could deduct that the object was precious to her seeing the way she treats it.

"Why is that object so special? Taylor asked curiously.

"First, this is my Ivan so don't call it an 'object'. Second, I don't know why it's special" Amelia replied.

The second statement was a lie, she knew why it was so special, how she never forgot the person nor the event but to save long explanations she decided to choose simple words.

"What is Ivan?" Simple minded, Taylor pressed on. After some thinking Amelia could not find how to put Ivan to Taylor so she simply changed topic. "Nothing how are your parents?"

Taylor smiled remembering what he heard the day before while visiting his parents. "They are good, will you like to go out"

"Yes"Amelia said cheerily. She really loved going out but it only came once in a while. Martha was to be blamed.

"But where?" Amelia asked removing her eyes from the carved flower. Taylor finally getting her whole attention.

"There is an upcoming festival in Edmonton, it is called Festival of Origins and will be held in the Ancestral shrine located in the imperial city."

"Edmonton is far and my Auntie will not let me go" Amelia replied

"You don't have to worry I have a plan" Taylor said drawing nearer to Amelia to whisper to her.

After it Amelia laughed but felt it was too much. "Is there no other way?"

"You know there is none"

"So Tomorrow we set out for Edmonton" Amelia happily said.

"Yes so that we can follow the floating mat, so rest early"~ Taylor

That next day as was planned. Taylor made food for both Ellen and Martha adding their own sleeping portion to it which he stole the previous afternoon while they were out. They ate without suspicion and soon enough they were both in sound sleep. These witches were powerful, their portions were the most effective but sadly they fell victim to their own magic.

Amelia kissed their heads and looking deeply at them they deserved to rest, they worked tirelessly and rested only a little. Edwin was not around, he was out to visit his mother. After tucking them in warm blanket they closed the door and left.

"You are so mischievous" Amelia said to Taylor.

"Honestly, we did them a great Favour by allowing them to rest" Taylor answered

"Forced Rest" Amelia joked laughing.

Taylor was a bit shocked. This was the first time Taylor saw Amelia's pure laugh and he was already mesmerised. She looked angelic with snow white teeth in display.

"Taylor, Taylor" Amelia repeatedly called the boy

"Let us go" Taylor said as soon as he came to his mind.

"I hope everything is alright" Amelia questioned

"Yes I was just thinking a while ago"~ Taylor

Amelia let the matter drop all she cares about right now is that there might be a chance to meet him.

As soon as they came down from the hill, Taylor took Amelia to where he heard there will be floating mats for a very fast transportation. Normal journey to Edmonton capital was three days but the magical mat took three hours to get there. So people who were interested in the Festival called the help of a wizard who can manipulate travel.

Taylor and Amelia got on one of the mats with three other young people. They paid five coins for the both of them. Taylor had made all these preparations, he was so interested in the Festival and wanted to see the city of Edmonton.

Living on the sides, you must hear one or two things about the Kingdom ranging from its beauty to their rich magical objects, lavish events and others. Hearing all these for long will fuel the curiosity of man in order to see for himself. Not forgetting their special ability to turn into long winged serpentine creatures known as dragons. Tales of Edmonton is always hot and on the front line.

These tales continues on as the magical mat starts wearing through the sky to Edmonton. Many can not contain their Joy, others could not wait to see Edmonton in its full glory.

As of Amelia she felt a particular type of emotion for Edmonton, it was totally different from what others felt. But her little mind cannot point out what it was, but it felt similar to when you sleep on cold nights knowing you are fully covered in warm blankets and enjoying the cool breeze.

The magical mat was floating through the clouds so there was nothing visible if not the whites.

Edmonton Ancestral Shrine.

The preparation for the Festival was a grand one. The Ancestral shrine had a middle elevated land for carrying out such public rituals and also a large open space that could fit thousands of people to stand. Few metres, directly in front of the elevated middle was another carved elevated ridge, running in an arc form it was a place where the King and his nobles sat. It had different heights and the highest was for the King, decorated with a large dragon seat, the dragon patterns on the top parts are made of pure gold, center was amber red cushion, the arm rest was made with glazed glass as the head of two dragons with mouth wild open, openly it was a design but internally was a secret defense method, the king can manipulate it to spit fire at any one that came in the radius designed without permission.

Two smaller dragon seats were placed a step down from the king's exquisite ones it was for the crown prince and crown princess. It was placed opposite each other the middle was a step leading directly to the king's place.

A step down was for the minister including prime minister and duke. It decorated less exquisitely than the prince's.

The lowest was for the knights, who will defend the important people in this elevation.

There were special seats for the Arch mage, chief priest, chief astrologer, chief witch,general and the oracle also, it is a step before the knights.

The rest were to stand behind a wooden boundary that demarcated the middle elevation.

Seven of the most powerful witches and wizards were to carry out the rituals.

Two days to the event, the strong aura of the ancestral shrine was reduced to allow lower people to come inside but the protective barriers were still on.

The magical mat Amelia came in arrived earlier than others. Landing beside a river, they came down to enter inside the imperial city.

The imperial city was too populated a lot of people came from different part of the world to behold the Festival. A lot of the local indigenes sold masks, beads, candies and all sorts of festive clothes and items on the streets. There were so many carriages conveying governors and the nobles to the Ancestral shrine. Native foods were also sold in the imperial city streets.

Amelia and Taylor went to buy candies. After purchasing one for each person, they walked closely in order not to loose each other. While passing the densely packed street, Amelia admired the different ornaments displayed on the streets.

Edmonton had a lot of beautiful things, Amelia couldn't help but take in the sight before her not long she saw a bracelet that caught her attention.

She diverted to that stand, Taylor not feeling her presence started looking around, there were too many people and he has to step to the other side to allow the carriage of the Mongolian tribe to pass by while the one he was looking for was on the other side.

Amelia not caring for anything took hold of the said bracelet, it had another pair which a hand took hold of. The woman who sold on the stand laughed at the two people in front of her, they seemed not to notice each other but were both holding a lover's pair of bracelet.

She quickly cleared her throat.

"Young miss do you like the bracelet?"

Amelia looked up and replied yes

"You are holding a love bracelet"

"What do you mean?" Amelia asked with confusion still holding unto the bracelet of interest.

"This is called Yin yang bracelet uniting destined lovers ~ the woman was still talking.

The boy beside Amelia started laughing.

"So are we destined lovers" the boy joked.

Amelia finally took notice of the boy, he looked familiar but she can not remember. She smiled at the boy's remark.

"I wonder" Amelia teased back while laughing she felt comfortable with this stranger, as she was about to adjust her self standing in front of the stand the Mongolian carriage containing the governor was moving so fast and almost scratched her but this boy reacted fast enough.

He grabbed her waist and held her to himself while the carriage surged ahead not stopping. People looked at the pair who were still holding each other, they looked like two pieces made for each other.


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