Apollo's Sun [Caprioli #6]

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6 Gods, 6 Women. What would happen when Fate brings them together? ***** Valeria Munez was the daughter of the famous pianist and singer. She was trying so hard to be like her parents until she was meeting someone that was a prodigy in the art of Music. She tried to ask for his help but there was a catch. She did not know if she can take the catch or let go of the chance to study under a prodigy to slip away from her reach. Then, she thinks her freedom was nothing compared to learning the Music from The God of Music himself. Loxias Apollo Caprioli was getting pressure for being the last one of the Caprioli clan to take a bride. His older brothers were pursuing him to settle down. He refused to do so, until he met a woman that has the voice of an angel. He was determined to make her his bride. And when the woman in question was asking him to teach her the art of Music, he could not take the chance of her getting away from him. The catch for learning under him was to marry him. And to Loxias' surprise, she said yes. What happened when the sparks grew more intense but it was ignored by two stubborn people? You pushed them together until they crack. And that was the specialty of Caprioli brothers for their youngest one. Find out the finale of the series in this novella!

Romance / Fantasy
Nikki Larousse
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Chapter 1: The Musician

The stories and legends of Greek Mythology have always been passed down orally and it gave the younger generation after Ancient Greece to learn from it. Even the Romans adapted the Greek myths into their version.

But we all know that Greek Mythology was something to be listened to because there was something that we can learn and teach others about knowledge. The myths were used to explain the creation of the universe that we know, the relationships that might go wrong, and do not be arrogant or you will face the consequences.

Sure, Ancient Greece civilization has ended but the myth lived on.

And who knows, you might encounter the Greek Gods themselves if they ever reincarnated as mortals in this modern era.


I have always been fascinated with the Greek myths since I was in middle school when teachers would tell the stories of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. I don’t know why but Apollo, God of Music was very appealing to me. It resonated with me maybe because I was the daughter of a famous pianist and composer. I kind of wished that he would not be only the myth that people have always been saying.

And I should have known that be careful what you wish for.

My name is Valeria Munez and this is my encounter with Greek myth in the flash.

It was a sunny day when I was arriving at Sicily Island. I was happy to know that my father trusted me enough to come here by myself. Not that I wanted to brag or anything, but I will be due to start my college in one month.

So, I am taking this opportunity to get the best summer ever.

And I was happy to know that I will be exploring Sicily island on my own, it has been at the top of my bucket list ever since I was starting to play music.

I heard that there was a prodigy that was well-known in the world and he was from Sicily island. So, I have decided that I will be meeting this guy or young man and may be asked for some advice from him.

I was giddy about that as I was walking around in the town square right now. It was almost 2 PM and I haven’t had lunch yet. I just checked in my hotel as I was roaming around town to get some food from the local specialties.

I heard their food was delicious.

I was walking around before I saw there was a group of musicians that were playing in the center of the town square. And they drew a lot of attention as well. I was smiling before I realized that I was walking toward the group.

I was staring at them before someone was catching my eyes. His hair was auburn and his complexion was pale. If I did not know any better, he might not be exposing himself in the sun that much but when he turned around, I caught his eyes.

It was electric blue.

I was enticed by him as he was laughing and playing with the older men. He was the youngest among the musician before he was picking up the violin that I did not notice earlier. And then, he started the play.

I never heard anything like it. I was swaying to the music as he was playing with all the emotions that he was showing to us, the listeners. I was looking at his angelic face that was enjoying the music as well. I was taking in his appearance.

His straight, aristocratic nose.

His high cheekbones.

His full, kissable lips.

I should have not to say that but my gaze was drawn to it. I cannot help it.

He was an angelic man and he was handsome in his way. I think a lot of women would lose their minds if he was to ask them out. I laughed inwardly as I was looking at myself. I might not get his attention if I ever wanted to.

I mean, I wore baggy clothes and my unkempt blonde hair.

I sighed as I heard some of the younger women, the same age as me, was looking at him with adoration. See what I mean? He may have his fan club here.

I was listening to the music now, not to the person that was playing the music. I was happy to know that I can relate to the music now. It was Tarantella Napolenata which was Italian Folk Song. It was a different sound when it was played on the violin instead of piano but I loved it.

That young man nailed it.

I was looking at him and his expert hands now. It was playing on their own as he was swayed by the music right now. I was breathing heavily before I was walking toward him. I was drawn to his magnetic pull before someone was yelling something at me.

“Hey! Watch it,” said someone and it was the woman in front of me was turning to look at me before I was snapped back to reality. I was blushing now as I was apologizing to her. Everyone was looking at me before I was locking eyes with the man that was playing before. I blushed harder before I was walking away from the crowd.

I was walking faster than I ever did before as I know that everyone was looking at me. Some were snickering at me. I pulled my backpack even closer before I heard someone was talking in English.

“That’s not very nice. I think I don’t want to play anymore as I have lost the inspiration to do so,” the man said as I was walking away, not stopping to see who was it.

But I know who he was. It was a musician.

I was walking along the town square before I was being held down by the wrist and I was gasping at the touch. Electric was everywhere in my veins before I was turning to see there was someone that was looking intensely at me.

His electric blue eyes were piercing my soul. I gasped as I was releasing the last amount of breath that I have in me.

“Where are you going? I thought you were into my playing?” He asked me before I was looking at my hand. He was looking at his hand as well before he released it. I was taking my wrist into my hand before I was clearing my throat.

“Sorry if your audience was being disturbed by my presence. So, I will bid you a good day then,” I said before I was walking away. But this man was persistent to talk to me again. He chuckled before he asked for my name.

“What’s your name?” He said before I turned to look at him. He was decent enough not to be a serial killer or a stalker. So, I thought it would be nice to make a friend as well.

“Valeria. Valeria Munez,” I said before I was smiling at the stranger. His electric blue eyes were shining before he smiled at me.

“Loxias Caprioli, at your service,” he said as he was bowing at me. I arched my eyebrow at him.

“Loxias? Like the Apollo, the Greek God?”

“Also known to be the famous musician with his lyre,” Loxias said as he was smiling at me. I chuckled at his joke before he continued.

“And Apollo is my middle name, so yeah. I guess you can say that my parents loved to do this stuff to me and my brothers,” he said as I was looking at him.

“Brothers?” I asked him as he was excited to share some personal information with me. We merely met just minutes ago.

“Yeah, they have weird Greek Gods middle name as well. Zeus, Hermes, Ares, Dionysus, and Hephaestus. It was insane. At least I got the easier one,” he said as he was smiling at me. I smiled back. I don’t know but I think this trip will be a game-changer in my life.

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