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Venice, beach California

The best way to suppose what may come is to remember what is past.’—Jimmyh SavileI


“Cielo Gino Bruno”, He introduces himself while leaning his hand to the old man sitting in front of him.

The old man accepts the handshake and introduces himself, “James Relish”

“Mr. Relish, no need of introducing yourself. I came in this town of clowns only for you”, Cielo speaks up.

“Can I ask the reason, Mr. Bruno?” James questions suspiciously.

James knows better than to despise the young man sitting in front of him. He knows a lot about his family. The young man’s father has always tried to bring James on his side. The side of crime. But James never gave in. He knows that Cielo is here for the same purpose.

“Like you don’t know”, another young man standing behind the chair, on which Cielo is sitting, says.

“Mr. Relish”, Cielo raises one of his eyebrows, “You and me both know why I am here”

“I am sorry, Sir, I think we are not on the same page”, James says.

“Why?” Cielo asks in his deep voice, “My family offers great money”

“But it doesn’t offer peace of conscience”, James sharply replies.

“You know better than to disrespect him, Mr. Relish”, the young man standing behind Cielo speaks up, “He’s the new boss”

“Yeah! I know he is! He is the new boss of Bruno’s empire and new owner of the illegal money”, James says sarcastically.

The young man takes a step ahead but Cielo stops him with a hint of his hand.

“He’s saying the truth, Sean”, Cielo says.

James becomes ready for the same speech he has said to all the dangerous men he has been encountering for many years.

“Mr. Relish, don’t you need a little percentage from my illegal money?” Cielo asks with a sinister smirk.

“I am happy with my current situation”, James replies.

“Why working as a restaurant manager when you can do so more?”

“This town gives me peace. The work I do gives me peace. I have stopped hacking since all the men like you have started bothering me.....

“But why? I’ve heard so much about you. Apparently, you are the best. If you hack from your right hand than your left hand would never know about that. People in the underworld say this about you”, Cielo tries to reason with him.

“I don’t care what they say. Please stop bothering me you all. I even left my hometown because of you people. I don’t want to work for you. This is my final word”, James tells the young man.

“So you won’t?”

“I won’t”

“People in the underworld say more things about you. One interesting thing which I have actually confirmed and it’s the truth”, Cielo says.

“Mr. Bruno...

“You listen to me, James”, Cielo says now in a dangerous tone, “If you will not work for me.... then your daughter will. Apparently, she has the same abilities.....

“Don’t you dare bring her in this”, James says controlling himself from yelling.

“Or else what?”

“Keep her away from your dirty business! She’s an innocent person and she doesn’t know how to deal with your kind of people”, James kind of yells, “I would never let you touch her. She doesn’t know a thing about it......

“That’s a good thing if she doesn’t know anything about the underworld. Manipulating her would be easy”, Cielo says.

“That’s it if you will get to her”, James tells the young, handsome man sitting in front of him in a threatening manner.

A smirk forms on Cielo’s face as he says to Sean, “Disappear him”


He steps out of the building, content with his decision. He actually did his researches before coming here. James’ daughter can actually work like him.

“Boss, your phone has been ringing”, the driver says just after he sits in the car.

‘I forgot it in the car? Not a smart move’, he thinks.

“Rocco, what’s up?” He greets his underboss.

“How did things go?” Rocco asks.

“Four months later, the young girl will start working for us”, He says with a smirk.

“You killed him, didn’t you?” Rocco questions.

“No! Why would I do that?” He questions back.

“Then how did you convince him?” Rocco asks.

“Sean convinced him”, Cielo answers.

“So you made Sean kill him?” Rocco questions once again.

“Yes! That was the only way. He’s such a stubborn.......

“You know how your mother feels about killing innocents?” Rocco mutters.

“Do you think I give a fuck?” Cielo asks in a careless tone.


Cielo just hangs up the phone.


“Sean?” Cielo says, “Report me on the girl”

“Boss, the girl is still not fully composed, she’s still trying to find her father.....

“What the fuck? It’s been 8 months. When will she get over it?” Cielo says with a thud on his office table.

“Sir, she’s a lot better now, I think we can talk to her, it’s a good time for us to take a step like that, she’s both vulnerable and composed right now if we..........“, A mid-aged guy with blond hair starts saying but Cielo interrupts him.

“Get the jet ready, we are landing tomorrow in LA. Ryder, you make all the preparations”

“Who else is going with us?” Sean questions.

“I, you, Mike, Pete, Andy, Chris”, Cielo replies while taking out the cigarette box from the drawer.

“Okay, boss”


“So you are going to LA tomorrow?” Rocco asks after entering into Cielo’s office.

“Close the door”, Cielo says, “Yes”

“That deal I’ve been telling you.....

“I’ve told you various times, Rocco, I don’t trust Vitali”, Cielo takes a smoke from the cigarette.

“He’s offering to give us a 65% profit”, Rocco says, “We can earn billions from that. Think, Cielo”

Once he hears about profit, his mind changes a bit. And anyways he also has to recover the money he lost in one of his recent deals.

The man deceived Cielo the worst way he could. That’s why he’s hanging in the basement right now.

“Bring me the file of that deal”, Cielo says taking another smoke, “Let’s see if I can find anything in myself to trust Vitali”

Rocco walks towards the cabinets, opens one of them, and takes out a red file.

“Here”, He says, handing it to him.

“Mhm”, Cielo says, opening it.

He turns around some pages and decides to give Vitali a chance.

“Arrange a meeting with him”, He says taking the final smoke.

“Sure”, Rocco says, “Should I ask Sean to stay here as I’ll be going with you now?”

“A boss and underboss should never travel together, Rocco”, Cielo says in a confident tone, “But I doubt someone can bring any harm to us so yes”

A sound of ringing starts coming from his phone.

“And, yeah, your mother has been trying to contact you for two days”, Rocco says walking towards the door.

“But I never said, ‘Dismiss’“, the thought comes into Cielo’s mind.

There is no doubt that Rocco is Cielo’s closest friend. Someone he can share anything with. Rocco is someone who gives him the best advice in both personal and professional lives. He’s someone who has been with him since childhood. But still, Cielo can never allow Rocco to disrespect him. He’s the same with his other friends; Sean and Ryder. Mixing personal and professional lives is not Cielo’s thing.

He treats Rocco the same way he would to anyone who would be his underboss. Rocco is treated as a best friend when they are not in headquarters, not doing their jobs.

“Mother”, Cielo says after picking up the call.

“Where have you been, Cielo, my baby? It’s been a week, we last talked. And you have stopped visiting us too. Is something wrong?” His mother says in her worried tone.


“You will always be my baby”, His mother says, “Unless you are deciding to settle with a woman and being her baby. By the way, how are you dealing with the whole Samantha thing?”

“Mother, never say this line to me again”, He cringes, “And don’t get me started on that Samantha the bitch”

“Anyways, when are you visiting us?” his mother asks.

His mother knows better than to start talking about Samantha as it’s still early to talk to Cielo about her, that’s why she changes the subject. Samantha, who is his ex-girlfriend, and the daughter of the American mafia’s boss, betrayed him when she tried to steal some pretty important information from his office. But Cielo is one of his names. He broke her arms even before she could turn on the computer.

It’s not like Cielo fell in love with her and now can’t get over her. It’s just that they were together for a year. A year is enough to get used to someone. Cielo’s dad indeed set them up. His dad wanted to make relations with the American mafia so they would help them when Russians try to do something dangerous. He even convinced Cielo to propose to her even though Cielo didn’t like her much but unfortunately Umberto Bruno’s all plans went to the vain, the minute Samantha entered into Cielo’s office with bad intentions.

It wasn’t that Cielo did not like Samantha because of a specific reason. Not even because he didn’t want to give up on his lifestyle. Not like that Cielo has a specific playboy lifestyle. His family’s customs don’t allow him to move from one girl to another. Even though he is a rich, independent, handsome, and elegant man but still he dates like normal people. He does one-night hookups too but once in 5 months if he’s not in a relationship.

Cielo actually doesn’t have too must interest in love relationships. Right now his only interest is his duty. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t met the right one. Or maybe it’s because he met the right one but didn’t give her too much attention.

Samantha was a perfect girl to be Cielo’s wife. She knew how to defend herself. She could hold a gun. But she was a rat. Being a rat is a thing that cannot be accepted in Bruno’s family.

“I am just too busy at work, I don’t think we will see each other any soon”, Cielo says to his mother, “Bye”

Before he can cut the call, his mother says, “Stop, don’t hang up on my face, Cielo. Let me talk first”

“What?” He asks and rolls his eyes.

“Spend this weekend with us, your sister is missing you so much, and don’t get me started on me......

“Mother, I have so much work, don’t expect any visit from me for another month”, He tells his mother in a final tone.

He is again going to hang up the phone when his mother says, “Cielo, you don’t even go to your house now? You have started spending nights in the headquarters too?”

“Yes, mother. It’s not like I spend nights on a chair. I have a bedroom here. And all my men live here. It’s a pretty good place”, He explains.

“But Cielo.......

“I have to work, bye”, He says and finally cuts the call.

“Women!” He thinks and shakes his head.


The deal with Vitali got final. Cielo is actually impressed with Rocco, the way he convinced Vitali to agree to some certain conditions of them. And now they are driving to the girl’s house. Rocco is still not sure if they have given her enough time to deal with her grief or not. But after impressing Cielo this much, he doesn’t want to ruin his mood. So he just decides to keep quiet.

“What’s her name again?” Cielo asks Rocco.

He just wants to check if Rocco has read the girl’s file properly, that’s why he’s asking him questions. Cielo does not want the plan to get ruined as they are completely going to play with the girl’s emotions.

“Leia”, Rocco replies.

“Leia Relish! What’s she doing currently?” Cielo questions again.

“Still working as a head chef”, Rocco answers once again.

“Has the police visits ended?”

“Yeah, the detective has closed the file”, Rocco says, “But she’s still not satisfied”

“How she would be anyways? Her father was her only relative”, the thought comes into Rocco’s mind and his heart hurts a bit.

In his childhood, when his mother died of a tumor, his father was his only family left and he got killed, a few years later. He was just 13 then. That’s why he can feel Leia’s pain. He knows how it feels like when there is no blood family left for you.

“I see”, Cielo says looking like he’s deeply thinking about something, “You have actually read her file”

‘I still don’t understand. If he didn’t trust me enough then why did he choose me to be his underboss?’ the thought comes into Rocco's mind.

“Boss, we are here”, Mike says from the front seat.


They don’t want to pressurize the girl so Cielo decides that only he and Rocco should go talk to her.

Right now they are standing outside her door.

They have rung the bell twice but haven’t gotten any response.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps starts coming.

The door opens and the most beautiful girl they both have ever seen comes in the view.

She has really long blond hair reaching down her waist in waves. Her skin is perfectly tanned and she has bright green eyes. Her nose is slim and lips are perfectly thick.

She has a face one can never forget.

She narrows her eyes at Cielo and goes in her thoughts for a minute.

Then she finally speaks up still looking at him, “You?”


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