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The 'costituita' story

Beware, some people will sell you a dream but deliver a nightmare’—Anonymous


“How can you forget a face like that?“, Rocco asks Cielo.

“Parla italiano”, Cielo mutters.

(Speak Italian)

“Non ricordo ancora”, he says and Rocco shakes his head at him.

(I still can’t remember)

“E non siamo qui per il caffè“, Cielo says in a harsh tone.

(And we are not here for coffee)

“Dammi una pausa, lo desideravo”, Rocco says making a face.

(Give me a break, I was craving it)

“È quel momento del mese?” He asks.

(Is it that time of the month?)

“So why are you here?” Leia asks, entering into the room with a tray in her hand.

‘What a weird girl! Why did she offer coffee to two strangers?’ the thought comes in both guys’ minds.

“That’s something we should talk about in detail”, Cielo answers politely.

‘First time, I am seeing this guy being polite’, Rocco thinks and smiles a little.

“I don’t have much time, Camillo”, Leia says putting the tray on the coffee table.

Leia does remember the name of the guy, sitting in front of him, the guy she met years ago. But she just doesn’t want to show him.

“His name is Cielo and I am Rocco”, Rocco introduces their selves for the first time since they have come here.

“Oh yeah”, She says and sits on the one-seater sofa placed in front of them, “Cielo, right!”

“We are here to talk about your father”, Cielo comes straight to the point.

“Dad?” she says in a questioning manner.

“Yeah, James Relish”, Cielo says.

“What about dad?” she asks, putting one of the strands of her hair behind her ear.

“I have to pay his debt”, Cielo says.

At this, Rocco gets a little surprised but doesn’t show it. He doesn’t know what Cielo is up to!

“Your dad before disappearing did a job for me but never got paid and disappeared, he also promised to me that he’ll permanently start working for me after talking to you. I waited and waited for months but he never contacted me so I sent one of my men here and got the news of his disappearance. I am sure that it’s the work of black cobras.............

“What? What are you talking about?” Leia speaks for the first time since Cielo has started the ‘made up’ story.

“Yes, black cobras! The ones who killed your mother..........

“What?” She yells this time.

“My mother died giving birth to me”, she states.

“Seems like we are not on the same page”, Cielo says.

“Cielo, what are you saying? I...I am confused”, She says with confusion clear on her face.

“Your father is-“, he clears his throat, “-or was a hacker.....

She nods a little.

“From what I have seen and heard, your father and you are not just hackers but are the best ones”, He states it like a fact.

“What are you talking about?” She says with a serious expression but her eyes tell that she knows what he’s talking about.

But that was a smart move, they give her that.

James has always told Leia to never tell anyone about her hacking skills. When he was teaching the secret hacking tricks to her, he said to her, “Leia, daughter, I am playing a dangerous game here by teaching you all of this. But I just want to leave something for you which will protect you. Just promise me you won’t tell anyone about your abilities and promise me, Leia, whenever I die you would go to college but not as my daughter. You will take your degree and join the police force and will help them fully to beat all the bad guys out there. That way you will be saved”

Leia said in reply, “Dad, don’t talk about you dying. Why are you saying this? You are my only family!”

“Everyone has to die one day, Lel,” her dad said.

“I know! But-

“Just promise me, daughter”

“Okay, dad! I will beat the bad guys out there and I will go somewhere I will be saved. But why would I even be in danger?”

“I am just happy that you promised”

And just like that, their conversation ended. And his dad never told her the reason for that promise.

“Leia, Leia, Leia, let’s just not try to hide anything and speak the truth”, Cielo says, “I am a very busy man, and the reason I am telling you all of this because I think you deserve to know the truth”

“It’s a lot.......

“Yeah, I can understand”, Cielo says.

“Why don’t we start from the start, Cielo?” Rocco suggests.

“Yeah, you are right”, he says looking at him.

He turns his face towards Leia and says, “What do you know about the mafia?”

“Mafia?” She nervously mumbles, “I don’t believe in that”

‘It’s going to be a long ride for you, Leia’, Rocco thinks.

“I am sure your dad has mentioned something about that?“, Cielo says, wiggling his eyebrows.

“That “it” might be.....true”, She nervously says.

“It is true”, Rocco says.

“Anyways, now listen to this story I am going to tell you, Leia”, Cielo says.

“Yes?” the poor girl starts chewing her bottom lip.

She is scared of them, one can easily tell.

Well, she should be.

“Once there was a man named Henry knew how to hack. With a lot of hardship, he became one of the best. And because his mother was ill those days, he got involved with some suspicious people. They paid him well but he had some doubts about them. After some days, he came to know that the people he got involved with were not ordinary people; they were the part of a gang. They had big connections even with the mafias. Without making them doubt that he has learned the truth, he escaped...

“You are those people, oh my god! And now you are here to take revenge?” The line just escapes from Leia’s mouth.

‘Should I excuse myself for the toilet and call the police?’ she thinks and just going to stand up when Cielo says, “No! We are not like that! We are the Anti-mafia Organization, since many years our organization has tried the best to stop all these people from spreading fear. Because law…law doesn’t do anything. Parts of this system are corrupt in the worst way one can expect. So we......

“I am so confused!” Leia says.

“Okay, going back to the story, the sudden disappearance of James was suspicious. His mother has died those days so the gang believed that he needed some alone time.........”

Even if he’s lying, Cielo knows what he’s talking about. Leia’s grandma did die because of cancer.

“........But they were wrong. Your father went to Waco and settled there. He started a new life. He started dating and fell in love with...

‘Perfect opportunity to check him’, Leia thinks and mutters, “Mom”


Leia’s parents didn’t meet like that. She has heard the story enough times. She thinks, ’I should definitely excuse myself to go to the washroom”

While on the other hand, Cielo thinks, ‘Smart! Didn’t expect that’

“Um, wait a second. It was not your mom. I mean it’s your father. It’s not like I memorized his bio-data before coming here. It was someone else but anyways your dad hooked up with your mom once, she got pregnant, they started dating during her fourth...uh the fifth month, then you came into the world. And when you were 1, those people got to know of the truth when your dad never returned. They killed your mom......

“Mom died while giving birth to me”, She says, “Why would dad lie?”

“Maybe your dad wanted to protect you from all of this. He wanted to keep you safe, I think”, this time Rocco answers her.

A tear escapes from her eyes; she hurriedly starts rubbing her eyes.

‘Women!’ Cielo thinks and rolls his eyes inside his head.

“Anyways, your dad came and settled here with you. You know his name was Henry and yours was daisy once. He changed the names and started a new and simple life. But he has always wanted to take revenge. So a few months ago... I think 9 or 10, he got to know of our Organization and he wanted to help us because nowadays we are having problems with black cobras. The boss of black cobras, Sinister, has forgiven his family who is one of the Russian mafia families. They are more powerful now. More people are losing their lives. More destruction is being caused to society. Sinister is the cousin of the boss of the Russian mafia family. He wanted to inherit the seat and because of that they had fights but anyways that’s not your issue”, Cielo finally completes the story.

“Why did they make my dad disappear?” She asks in a small voice, more tears escaping from her eyes.

“It’s actually his own fault. I told him that after our meeting, he should come with me. I could protect him and you. Your life is also in danger, you know. But he said that he had to talk with you first”, Cielo says in a calmed tone.

“Me? I am in danger!” She says, her voice full of fear.

“That’s a high possibility”, Cielo tells her.

“Leia, I....believe me I don’t want to leave you in danger and go back and forget all about you. It’s just that there are some rules for our family. I can’t protect you. It’s not like you are my employ or anything. I try to protect people, that’s the main purpose of my inheritance but I don’t protect strangers personally. I protect people but I protect them in understanding?”

More tears start escaping from her eyes.

“Why did they kill my mom? Why? She didn’t cause them any harm. So why? Why did they make my dad disappear? Why? He didn’t bring them any harm too. Why are they after my life? Why? Two hours ago, I didn’t know anything about any of this...

“Well, Leia”, At the sound of his voice, she closes her mouth and Cielo takes a sigh of relief as he was almost going to tell her to shut up, “They tried to warn your dad before killing your mom that how he should come back and forget about all of this but he didn’t agree. So killing your mom was just a warning. That’s the reason your dad had to escape. He didn’t want you to lose your life, I think”

“But why didn’t dad tell me anything? You could be lying for all I know but I believe you because I don’t know one thing about it. I just know that my dad got disappeared suddenly. I am getting threatening calls during the nights. The police are not helping me. My dad has always warned me about the mafia throughout my life but not in clear words. And that are the reasons I believe you”, She says each word slowly and Cielo controls a yawn.

He thanks himself for that threatening calls and says thanks to his dad for making a lot of connections in police inside his mind.

And he also thanks Rocco for accepting the offer of coffee.

‘One thing I knew about you was that like your father you would never work for the crime. I spend time and money on all of this, Leia. You better agree’, he speaks to her in his mind

“Leia, I...I am actually feeling bad for you. I don’t want to leave a lonely girl in danger”, Cielo says, “You know what? Why don’t you show me how good a hacker you are and maybe I can give you a job”

“What? I don’t want to get in more mess. That’s me putting my life in more danger. What your family is it even legal? I would rather get help from the law”, She says in a sharp tone.

Suddenly his eyes’ color changes. They get darker. He gives her a deadly glare which causes her to shiver.

“Leia, do you know about Omertà?” He asks with a hint of an accent in his voice.


“Omertà is the code of silence. You don’t tell about the mafia to anyone, if you do, you get to face heavy circumstances. Actually, you are right. What we are doing is not legal too! We kill people every day. And because of our link with the mafia, we also have Omertà in our family. Do you want to face those circumstances?”

She shakes her head, her hands and feet are shivering so badly.

She knows that she is in a mess. ‘A mess she can be saved from, only by accepting his offer’, that’s what she thinks.

“Mhm, good! Glad to know you are smart! Now show me your hacking skills like a good girl”, he says in a deadly voice.

“Le...let me.....bring...” she speaks less and stutter more.

“Yeah, go, bring that”, He says and she runs towards her father's room.

“Ero un po ’più educato di quanto dovrei, no?“, As soon as she goes, Cielo asks Rocco.

(I was a little more polite than I should be, weren’t I?)

But instead of answering him, Rocco starts applauding.

“che cosa?“, Cielo asks.


“Che immaginazione, Cielo, che immaginazione”, he says.

(What an imagination, Cielo, what an imagination)

“Sta ’zitto! Parti di questa cosa erano vere! Sono abbastanza intelligente da non raccontarle tutta la falsa storia”, Cielo says in reply.

(Shut up! Parts of this thing were true! I am smart enough to not tell her the whole false story)

“quali parti?“, he asks, taking a lot of interest.

(Which parts?)

“Sua nonna in realtà è morta a causa del cancro e suo padre è stato coinvolto in cobra neri. È così che gli inferi hanno saputo di lui. Quando uno degli uomini di Cobra divenne il nostro uomo, ci parlò di James e la notizia si diffuse. E la parte sulla morte di sua madre non era vera. Questo è solo per renderla più emotiva. E anche la parte della morte di suo padre non era vera, lo sai già. E James ha cambiato il suo nome, ma il nome di Leia era sempre Leia ........

(Her grandma actually died because of cancer and his dad actually got involved with blacks cobras. That’s how the underworld got to know about him. When one of Cobra’s men became our man than he told us about James and the news got spread. And the part about her mother’s death was not true. That’s only to make her more emotional. And the part about her father’s death was also not true, you already know. And James did change his name but Leia’s name has always been Leia........)

“Here it is”, she says entering into the room, her hands still shivering.

“Show us what you can do”, Cielo says, “Hack the system of World Bank and put $8 billion in my bank account right now”


“Do what I am saying, I am sure when James was teaching you, he must have made you do a lot of risky things like that, didn’t he? Because that’s how a person learns”

‘Why did he teach her anyway? There was a lot of risk for her but he did it anyway? Foolish man’, the thought comes into Cielo’s mind but he just let that go.

“He made me put them back. My dad never steals”, She says in a challenging tone, “And he also made me put them in a rich man’s account so there wouldn’t be an issue as our was almost empty”

“Stole”, Cielo corrects her and she winces, “And by the way, I have enough money so don’t worry”

“I am sure he is alive”, she says.

“Work fast”, is Cielo’s reply.


Leia is feeling all kinds of emotions as Cielo is saying something to Rocco in some other language. It sounds like Spanish to her as she recently watched a Spanish movie.

Leia is way too angry with her dad. She wants to scream and cry. Wants to complain to him but unfortunately, she can’t.

“You did it so smoothly”, Cielo says, looking at her.

“And it was quick just like James”, Rocco speaks up this time.

“You met him?” Leia asks in a small voice.

Before Rocco can answer her, Cielo says, “Leia, I liked your work! I can offer you a job”

“You seem like a rich man”, Leia mumbles.

“I am!”

“My cooking is great so can I work as a cook for you?”

Leia doesn’t want to engage herself in anything illegal, she is so anxious right now. She doesn’t know what to tell Cielo.

At this, a little laugh escapes from Rocco’s mouth.

“There are far greater hackers in the world than me and they will happily do work for you. Why don’t you hire them?”

“If you know one, tell me his or her name. And yeah they should be someone who accepts the offer”

“You might have big connections, Cielo........

“Do you want to work for me or not, Leia?”

She sighs. Right now she is at a place where she does not know what she should do.

“How can you tell me to make a decision about my life in two minutes?”

“You accept the offer, you are saved. You don’t and decide to stick to this life of yours, you lose your life. It’s as simple as that”, Rocco answers her.

“Simple? Do you think all of this is simple? Look.....please you have to give me some time to decide. At least give me a day which is also not enough for someone to decide about their life. So please!”

“Leia, I am a busy man, I don’t have minutes to waste and you are asking for a day”

“Just one”

At this, Cielo sighs.

He looks at Rocco and says, “cosa dovremmo fare?”

(What should we do?)

“essere d’accordo”, He replies.


“Fine”, He says and Leia sighs in relief.

“We should be going then”, Cielo says, getting up, “I hope you decide in your favor”

“I hope so too”, she mutters.

Rocco gets up and leans his hand towards her.

She shakes it and gives him a weak smile.

They both start walking towards the door and she starts following them.

Cielo suddenly stops and turns around.

He leans towards Leia and gently holds her chin.

She looks at him with shock.

“This conversation should stay between us”, He says in an accent, “Remember that”

The ways he says this makes a shiver run down her spine.


He puts one of his hands in his pocket, leans a little more, and says in a low voice, “If......anyone other than us gets to know about it then.....”

“Understood”, Leia immediately says, taking a little step back.

He takes out his hand and puts one of the strands of her hair behind her ear and says, “Good”

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